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    Darren Beattie On FBI Ramp Up Spending Against MAGA

    December 5, 2022


    CDM Staff

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    David Grothus

    Why does no one talk directly about Oath of office violation by Joe Biden.

    18 U.S.C. 1918, oath of office violation.

    He is violating statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding, and Abetting illegal aliens.

    Homeland Security is bussing and flying thousands of illegal aliens to 15 plus states during the night, while every one is sleeping.

    Border agents have been told to not detain illegal aliens.

    11 Governors are violating statute 1324, violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution, and violating their oaths 7 days a week.

    California, Colorado, New York and 8 other states are guilty of breaking the law.

    4000 Sheriff's and Police in 11 states not detaining illegal aliens.

    Black lives matter and Antifa people are directly responsible for killing 25 Americans, injuring 500 plus police officers.

    2500 Americans are directly killed by undetained and not deported illegal aliens every year for last 15 years.

    Congress has a duty to impeach a Derilict President, and they do nothing.

    Biden has sent 100 billion to Ukraine.

    Biden has sent 40,000 American Troops to Poland.

    Biden has sent the Palistine leaders 500 million dollars.

    George Soros has bribed 10 plus D.A.'s to not prosecute criminals, but release them early, to reaffend another day.

    The F.B.I. agents who were directly involved in propagating a fictitious and fraudulent Dossier are guilty of dereliction of duty.

    Democrats who probagated the Fictitious and fraudulent Dossier committed Treason.

    No law which is repugnant to the Constitution is valid but is void.

    Marbury vs Madison 1803.

    We're burning daylight Americans, time to get to work, put some sweat on your brow.

    Time to restore the rule of law, and the Republic.

    I remember Gettysburg, Tarawa, Okinawa, Normandy, Utah and Sword Beaches, Bunker Hill, Valley Forge, Laytee Gulf, Lexington and Concord on the Green, Kathrine Steinle and Molly Tibbits.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

    David Grothus

    It has come to my attention Americans have forgotten to do their civic duty.

    Just for starters!

    The President is violating his oath of office.

    18 U.S.C. 1918.

    He is violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution.

    He is not protecting each state from invasion.

    He is not sending the National Guard to the border in Texas, Arizona and California.

    He is violating statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding and Abetting illegal aliens daily.

    Homeland Security Chief is violating his oath of office, by Transporting illegal aliens in Airplanes into 10 different states at night.

    Americans pay taxes, to the government to represent them in Washington D.C.

    The President, Vice President, 450 Representatives, 100 Senators have a legal duty to enforce known laws against known lawbreakers in the United States.

    Illegal aliens have been killing Americans at 2500 per year for 15 plus years.

    When will each be detained and deported?

    The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the United States.

    Any law which is repugnant to the Constitution is void and not valid.

    Sanctuary Policy is both Unconstitutional and illegal.

    Call your Representative and your Senator to inform them of their legal duty to demand every illegal alien in the United States be detained and deported.

    The common defense requires a defense of the nation.

    Every community demands every illegal alien be detained and deported.

    The President is derelict in his sworn legal duty.

    The Vice President is derelict in her sworn legal duty.

    Representatives and Senators are derelict in their sworn legal duty.

    The Attorney General is derelict in his sworn legal duty.

    11 Governors are committing oath violations today, they are collectively derelict in honoring their oaths and sworn legal duty.

    It is time to restore the Republic.

    Civic order must be maintained and the rule of law enforced against known lawbreakers.

    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson , Abraham Lincoln would agree.

    Our nation requires every law to be enforced against known lawbreakers.

    It is an act of rebellion against every law Abiding American to not enforce known laws against known lawbreakers.

    Indict oath violators today.

    Remove from office today.

    Utilize 100,000 National Guardsmen, 100,000 Army, and 100,000 Marines to detain and deport 10 million illegal aliens today.

    Anything less is an act of Treason against every Law-abiding American.

    Lexington and Concord on the Green was not a Sunday Picnic, but a moment of decision to live as free men and not as slaves.

    I remember Gettysburg, Tarawa, Okinawa, Utah, Gold and Sword Beaches.
    Bunker Hill, Iwo Jima, Saipan.

    I remember Katherine Steinle and Molly Tibbits.


    Grand Jury Time Americans.

    Your liberty is being attacked today.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day


    Excellent piece, I’ve been screaming that Americans were given a roadmap by our founders on what our duties are as Americans. They gave us legal Constitutional remedies in writing that tells us what must be done when our government becomes Tyrannical and corrupt. Nothing is being done.
    Americans have become complacent, know virtually nothing that’s in our founding documents and government propaganda has scared many to the point where they are hiding their beliefs.

    David Grothus

    Contempt for the Law occuring in Washington D.C against January 6th Detainees today.

    January 6th Detainees are having their 6th and 8th Amendment rights violated today.

    No one is bringing indictments against the Judge and Jail workers.

    Why the hell not?

    No one is stepping forward with getting those guys out of jail.

    Contempt of the Law is occuring.

    6th Amendment right violated.

    8th Amendment right violated.

    Section 242 of title 18 is occuring.

    Deprivation of rights under Color of law.

    Time to stand against the government workers who violate their oaths to the Constitution.

    This crime must be stopped today.

    Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

    Begin to step forward, speak out, and call your Representative and Senator to stop, the Judge and Jail workers from continuing to commit Oath violation and commit dereliction of duty, by not releasing the Detainees today.

    Get to work Americans.

    Remember Lexington and Concord on the Green was not a Sunday Picnic.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

    David Grothus

    HOW CAN the WORLD FORGET 13,000 people in Ukraine, in the Donbar region directly killed by the Ukrainian Government under Zelinski.

    The graves are there as evidence.

    Individual citizens under any government who are murdered because they disagree with policy, is an injustice and a crime.

    Biden when he was Vice President under Obama gave 1 Billion American Dollars to Ukraine!


    Trump gave 500 million American dollars to Ukraine!


    Show me where in the Constitution this is legal.

    The Russian government was requested and asked by the people in Donbar region to protect them from the Ukrainian government.

    The former elected leader was kicked out and Zelinski was installed by the United States.

    Did you know there are 50 BioLabs located in Ukraine, controlled by the U.S. Pharmaceutical companies!

    These 50 Biolabs manufactured bio weopons, like anthrax, which violated the Agreement between Russia and NATO.

    There were more than 300 Ukrainian Citizens directly killed because of the Biolab chemical leaks before the Military operation by Russia.

    The Russian Army destroyed Biolabs in Ukraine in the first 3 days of their military operation.

    It was justified to enter Ukraine to destroy the Biolabs and to protect citizens in the Donbar region.

    Now 50,000 Ukrainian Soldiers are dead, plus 10,000 injured and 60,000 Russian soldiers are dead and 10,000 are injured since the
    beginning of the Military Operation.

    Now Putin is identified in the International Community as the bad person, when he was only interested in destroying the Biolabs controlled by the U.S. and protect Ukrainian Citizens who live in the Donbar region.

    The United States Government under Dr. FAUCHI MADE THE CORONA VIRUS MORE DEADLY.


    The U.S. government violated the God given rights of thousands of American citizens by illegally forcing legitamate businesses to be closed, against the owners will.

    This violated the fourth Amendment right of business owners and the rights of millions of Americans to do business with those businesses.

    The President and Congress has no legal authority to delegate their authority to anyone under any circumstance.

    The U.S. government under Dr. Fauchi promoted a poisonous Vaccine filled with Graphine Oxide nano particles which is a known poison to be injected into children and adults in the United States and 20 plus other countries citizens.

    Now 500,000 plus British citizens, 45,000 U.S. citizens, 40,000 Australian citizens , have died directly from the poison found in the vaccine.

    Let's not forget the 800,000 Americans directly injured because of the vaccine.

    Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna and others are complicit with Medical Fraud, Medical Negligence and Medical Malfeasance.

    It is the United States government who are directly responsible for contributing directly to thousands of individuals in 20 different countries to be lied to regarding the efficacy of a vaccine which has graphine Oxide nano particles as just one of many poisons found in it.

    The Pharmaceutical C.E.O.s, the Doctors involved in hundreds of Hospitals in the United States, the Nurses and those who promoted the deadly concoction are complicit with the crime of Murder by Medical fraud.

    There are Sheriff's, Attorney Generals, District Attorneys, not acknowledging the mountains of incontrovertible evidence with hundreds of individuals directly involved.

    Individuals who are paid to collect evidence and do not are guilty of dereliction of duty.

    Individuals who are derelict in their sworn legal duty are guilty of violating their oaths.

    There are Hundreds of individuals who are an accessory before the fact of the crime of murder.

    Individuals who knowingly propagated a vaccine with a known poison in it, graphine oxide nano particles, is a crime of Medical Fraud, Medical negligence, Medical Malfeasance and lastly, murder.

    To be an accessory after the fact of Medical Fraud and murder by covering up mountains of evidence is also a crime.

    It is called being derelict in their sworn legal duty.

    Where is Sherlock Holmes today?

    It is Elementary Watson, Elementary!

    Where is Joe Friday today?

    Just the facts please.

    It is Grand Jury Time Americans.


    Let there be Truth to enlighten the world filled with darkness and deceit.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

    David Grothus

    Just a little reminder Americans for you to contemplate in 2022.

    George Washington with the assistance of 10,000 plus men defeated the British.

    George Washington was not in a hurry while in the war, he was determined to utilize all of his resources and the God given potential of each of his men to outfox, out maneuver, out strategize the British on all fronts.

    Abraham Lincoln utilized his Generals to overcome his adversaries to win the Civil war.

    General Eisenhower, General Mac Arthur and General Patton looked at their enemies and made plans accordingly.

    Snow, rain, hot sun, sand, mud, swamps, bitter cold wind, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans were not obstacles which prevented each from victory.

    It is acknowledged by leaders to provide leadership not excuses.

    Hardships and trials are the stepping stones and building blocks to success, not impediments.

    Life itself is not easy for any man, it was not meant to be.

    Men fought on 50 plus islands in the South Pacific against an entrenched foe, they were trained, prepared, given the best resources and Intel, and were commanded to do a job, they did not give up or give in, they did just what was required.

    Less than 5 thousand men today are directly causing Hardships for more than 500 million people on 7 continents today.

    Every man regardless of stature, strength or wealth can utilize his God Given potential to bring to light what remains in darkness.

    Make plans for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from today to achieve your personal and professional goals.

    Will your community be a better place to live for the next generation because you lived?

    Be determined to be determined every day of the week.

    When set backs occure, remember your Long term goals, and continue to persevere.

    100 million men can not stop one individual who is determined to be determined.

    Mountains are just bumps in the road in life, they are there for your character development not discouragment.

    Keep your eyes on your goals, not on your obstacles.

    Those obstacles will be removed in God's timing, in God's way.

    I always remember my hope lies not in men but in the God who rules nations.

    Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes may cause set backs, yes, but remember God who made the heavens and the earth watches over everything he created.

    Trust in God at all times.

    Study and read his word found in the bible, your reward will be long life and prosperity.

    Persistence, fortitude, perseverance, and commitment turns boys into men and girls into women.

    At the end of my rainbow lies a whole bunch of hard work, which will be worth more than a pot of gold, for it will be the instrument and method which God will build my character.

    Gather your wits about you, and persevere.

    There is no better reward in life than a life of overcoming obstacles one by one.

    Remember Lexington and Concord on the Green was not a Sunday Picnic!

    What ever you choose to do, be excellent in doing it.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

    David Grothus

    Contemplation is needed today more than anything else.

    There needs to be a serious reflection on every Word found in the Preamble, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution by every American.

    Our nation is adrift in the wind and waves of deceit, treachery and
    treason by both elected and appointed people in the highest offices.

    There are Defense Contractors bribing members of Congress today. Just like they did before the Korean, Vietnam and Iraq Unconstitutional Conflicts.

    There are Pharmaceutical companies C.E.O's giving millions of dollars to members of Congress, judges and lawyers.

    Our nation is in an Undeclared War today, in Ukraine without a Congressional vote, and without a tangible objective.

    The President today has been violating his oath of office, violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution and violating statute 1324.

    Individuals who have a sworn legal duty to enforce known laws against known lawbreakers are deliberately choosing to not enforce the law.

    The act of dereliction of duty by Governors, Police, Sheriff's, Representatives, Senators and the President have directly caused the deaths of thousands of Americans.

    When their duty to uphold the Constitution is undermined by bribery, Individuals violate their oaths.

    18 U.S.C. 1918. Is oath of office violation.

    It is illegal to permit illegal aliens to not be detained and deported.

    It is a violation of Statute 1324.

    When 100,000 Americans have been directly killed and 800,000 injured by a vaccine filled with a known poison graphine Oxide it is the duty of the Attorney General to investigate and bring indictments against known lawbreakers.

    When he does not, he becomes an accomplice to the un indicted crimes taking place.

    There is a mountain of incontrovertible evidence to prove medical fraud, medical negligence and medical malfeasance against hundreds of both Pharmaceutical companies C.E.O's, Hospitals, Doctors and Nurses who have violated their Hypocritic Oath who Consciously Committed Murder by forethought.

    A commitment to the Truth will bring Justice back to America.

    Americans must be against unconstitutional and Undeclared wars being perpetrated by those in Washington D.C today.

    Americans must stand against lawbreakers in office who are violating their oaths, and violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution and violating statute 1324 daily.

    They are accessories after the fact of the crime of trespassing by every illegal alien not detained and not deported.

    When Homeland Security Chief Mayorkus has knowingly released 300,000 illegal aliens into the nation, he violates his oath of office.

    It is long over due for Americans to bring rope to Washington D.C.

    Every Illegal Sanctuary Governor is committing Treason today.

    Every Democrat Representative and Senator who is not against illegal Sanctuary Policy is committing Treason.

    When American Taxes are given to Foreign countries by an elected person, that person commits an oath violation.

    When the law is not enforced by Governors against known lawbreakers, illegal aliens, he becomes an oath violator.

    Individuals must be indicted for the individual crimes each have committed.

    The Penalty for treason is death.

    To not indict known lawbreakers is to be complicit with their crimes.

    The F.B.I agents who took part in an investigation based upon a Fraudulent Dossier each violated their oaths.

    To not have each indicted is dereliction of duty by the Attorney General, and dereliction of duty by every Representative and Senator.

    The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the United States.

    No law which is repugnant to the Constitution is valid but is void.

    Marbury vs Madison 1803.

    Foreign enemies invading our nation are to be repelled with force of arms, by a Militia.

    Every illegal alien in the United States is to be detained and deported by the National Guard, Militia, Army, Marines, Police, Sheriff's in each state.

    To knowingly fail to remove every illegal alien from every state, is an act of insurrection and rebellion and dereliction of duty by every Representative, Senator, Governor, President, Police and Sheriff's.

    Dereliction of duty must be met with indictments.

    Nuremberg Trials in 2022 are needed in the United States.

    In 1945, the Doctors who took part in chemical experiments on the Jews were guilty, were executed.

    Today, both the C.E.O.s of Pharmaceutical companies, Doctors and Nurses who knowingly took part in injecting a known poison into people are guilty of committing murder for their direct involvement.

    It is impossible to dismiss or overlook so much incontrovertible evidence of murder with foreknowledge.




    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

    David Grothus


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