• Analysis Of 'The Brunson Case' Scheduled Before SCOTUS - The Most Consequential Election Fraud Case?

    December 7, 2022


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Inspiring! It seems Biblical…at the very least it is hugely satisfying! Thank you for the very interesting details. I have forwarded to everyone I know who is intelligent enough to grasp the very American nature of this story!

    Rob Cunningham

    Thank you, Jane! Grateful for all your support and nice comments! This story indeed has biblical fingerprints and a sense of power far greater than “coincidence.”


    This is just another attempt to hold our govt accountable, that unfortunately will just fizzle out. No one in our govt has the conviction or hutzpah to hold other accountable. They will rationalize their decision saying that even if they did see a violation of the constitution, the repercussions would be too drastic to allow for a ruling to remove 390+ ppl from our govt. Additionally, it will require our law enforcement side to also abide by their oath. We don’t have enough US Marshall’s to even escort all these Congress ppl from office. Not gonna happen.

    Rob Cunningham

    Cynic, the government is the cancer, their Central Bank financiers the cancer makers. Follow the money, all the way to the privately owned, morally bankrupt, Rothschild/Rockefeller fiat-money system that reigns hell on earth. Nations will soon be able to reject the Central Bankers, reclaim their sovereign authority to produce & regulate sound currencies, and freely interoperate with one another without any third-party intermediaries stealing our wealth and enslaving us with debt. The global war we’re all witnessing is for “all the marbles” - and we vastly outnumber them. Keep the faith.


    So what are the REAL chances this goes somewhere?

    Rob Cunningham

    This case is a “loaded gun” that gives the Supreme Court massive power to defend itself in the event this lame duck Congress attempts to expand & pack the court with radicals, codify a “federal right to abortion” that supersedes state’s rights, or some other level of insanity. At a minimum, this suit should neutralize stupidity. On the other hand, any SC Justice who refuses to vote in support of the plaintiff’s extremely mild civil relief, given hard evidence that an Act of War against our nation was discovered & then ignored by politicians who swore a binding oath to defend our nation - will forever live with a tarnished legacy of disgrace and contempt of their binding, sworn oaths. Time will tell.


    I appreciate your optimism Rob. Another interesting thing to note is that it is scheduled to be heard around the 2 year marker of the fraudulent term. It is my opinion that because it will be past the 2 year marker when the remedy will be initiated, that will not count as a term for POTUS Trump. Meaning he will be able to be POTUS for 10 years, as opposed to the typical 8. Glorious!!!

    Rob Cunningham

    Amen, JP!!!


    John roberts simply dont care about the Constitution and as a deep establishment type, i dont see him allowing a decision based on what makes us a republic. Alito will make the correct vote but payoffs, establishment or fear of life will be the true decider. I hate to admit it but I fear i will witness the cabals take over of this great nation.
    God be with us.

    Sharon D

    God Bless the Brunson brothers for breathing new hope into our lives. Many of us do care what happens, but our voices never get heard.

    Mysterious Raul

    Biden is president because God wanted Biden to be president.

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