• LIVESTREAM REPLAY: NO DOUBT IT'S A BIOWEAPON, NOT A VACCINE - The Globalists In Plain Sight! With Sasha Latypova, Katherine Watt

    January 8, 2023

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    The Globalists IN PLAIN SIGHT Host Christine Dolan interviews Sasha Latypova, a global PHARMA regulation expert, and Katherine Watt, a US paralegal, on the laws that allowed US PHARMA covid shots, or covid countermeasure bioweapons, to be distributed to the global market. 

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    How does our Constitution protect us from all this malfeasance? They deliberately did this to we the people. This is so wrong.

    Amy Williams

    The laws have been amended over the last decade so that the Criminals in the Pandemic could not be held accountable(Civil Law)- However, Katherine Watts, brilliantly provides a sensible SOLUTION by labeling the vaccines as “Bioweapons”- thereby making the Pandemic methods used, “Criminal” and subjecting all culprits to criminal law. Pray she gets an opportunity to pursue this viable path!


    Why are we even calling them gene "therapies"? therapy, be definition, implies that there is treatment or healing. We need to stick with bioweapons - that is clear and truthful.

    Paul Castle

    Two good posts here today !

    Paul Castle

    I believe you are right and the way the deep state has handled everything post infecting everyone you would think they learrned every dirty trick from Hollywood films . The big red warning from the vaccine makers was announcing that they can't guarantee the safety of the "vaccine " which we now know to be true . It's a bio weapon alright , they have really made no secret about all of it .

    Karen B

    Did Trump know??? What about Gates??


    Where are the Wolverines ?!?!

    Paula S Daly

    I bet President Trump didn't know any of this, except the military would move them to the states. I can tell you for a fact our congressman doesn't know any of this. This is all inside the DOD, NIH, Gate's, WHO... people working behind the curtains. Maybe some that have been in congress for decades may know some of this, maybe. Congress doesn't even write our laws or regulations, their staffers and outside interests do. I've asked our state senators, AG to look into all of this. They say it's a federal issue, and the only thing we can do is not mandate them, which they did. But we all should be sending this interview to our congressmen, especially people like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie, Chip Roy and Senator Ron Johnson.


    I love these articles but in all honesty my 50 year old eyes find it a difficult to navigate with the ads.

    Need a little overhaul in the mobile layout. Don’t want people to miss your timely information.



    According to US federal law, when lying is used to obtain a certain outcome it nullifies anyone’s immunity from being prosecuted, and that’s a fact..


    The issue for me is that government officials, along with main stream media, and private enterprises, took it upon themselves to suppress, censor and stop critical data from the made available, not only to the public, but to providers as well.. anyone really paying attention and doing their homework knows that the criminal acts committed against all of us could never be exempt.. I don’t care how high the position is..
    Joe Biden went on national TV stating that he intended to impose penalties on companies who employed 100 people or more to require their employees to be vaccinated… then, we witnessed private companies comply with his mandate, even though he has no authority to make any such mandate on anyone let alone!
    Then we witnessed private businesses in the medical industry enforce his absolutely psychotic mandate by forcing employees to take the vaccine or lose their job.
    The exemption is understandable when you are operating honestly, and with the authority given by the people through the people we elect to represent us in a manner that is not made up of a bunch of lies and information suppressing.. so win you’re speaking out against these monsters please remember no one is exempt when they lie or keep information needed to make the best decision possible for someone to protect themselves from a disease.. in order to get somebody to comply with a request..


    Excuse typos


    The unfortunate thing about this is Sasha admitting to wanting to work on a project that EVEN Pfizer admitted would leave them open to liability. We can go so far with whistleblowers and then please remember Christine - Sasha worked for these people. Also why is the redacted video still on YouTube...

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