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    PILOTS: United Airlines Hung Us Out to Dry Over Vaccine Mandate

    February 25, 2023

    Episode 4 - Aircrew Safety - Wings For Liberty And Justice - JJ Curtis And Paul Rozell

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    Image Jacob Aviation

    United Airlines treated some of its employees who applied for religious exemptions harshly, says former and current United Airlines employees.

    Starting in August 2021, United Airlines executives made the decision to mandate covid “vaccinations.” They told their employees they could apply for exemptions. In some cases it was an easy process of acceptance. In other cases, it was not so easy.

    And, in some cases, where the religious exemptions were granted, the employees were put on unpaid leave. Translated that means that they were not fired so they could not apply for unemployment. They could not go to a competing airlines. They lost their benefits during the unpaid leave. In short, they were financially incapacitated and in limbo position.

    Paul Rozell, a father of a large family, is former Ramp Service Employee of United Airlines. He was on vacation when the mandated vaccination policy was announced. Upon return, a fellow colleague told Rozell to not bother applying because they were not going to be accepted, but Rozell did anyway.

    In the end, after a roller-coaster ride, Rozell’s religious exemption was denied. He appealed and was again crushed by his own union upon appeal.

    United Airlines claimed Rozell missed the deadline. He was hung out to dry by the company. In December 2021, Rozell was terminated after 27 1/2 years of dedicated service for being unvaccinated.

    Today, Rozell makes $40,000 less than his paycheck at United Airlines. He is one of 20 plaintiffs in the United Airlines lawsuit. If you can help him, below is his go fund me link.

    Here is my go fund me link

    Jamie “JJ” Curtis is a 14-Year Air Force combat veteran with combat and combat support experience. He flew the F-15 and KC-135.

    Curtis has been a 17-year Continental/United Airlines Captain with worldwide and international experience flying the B-737 and B-787. He has been an Instructor on B-787.

    Curtis received his religious exemption in the fall of 2021, and was put on indefinite and unpaid leave from fall 2021 until March 28, 2022. He went back to work with United Airlines after being “invited back,” says Curtis.

    Curtis is also one of the 20 plaintiffs suing United Airlines so no one is ever treated the way these employees were treated.

    Below are their links:

    TWITTER: @WingsforLiberty

    RUMBLE: wingsforlibertyandjustice

    TRUTH: wingsforlibertyandjustice


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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    I'll bet in a year or two when more pilots start dying from the Vaccines (i.e. cardiac arrests and strokes) especially in mid-flight, UNVAXXed pilots and unvaxxed flight personnel will be worth their weight in gold, by being highly sought after and paid for being unvaxxed....


    What are the consequences of going over to the Dark Side ?!?! I have not flown since 2018 and do not intend to unless absolutely necessary. If United Airlines 'goes under'; THEY DID IT TO THEMSELVES !


    I have enormous empathy for folks who were forced to take the poke by employers, BUT you airline pilots could have stopped it in an instant, but your "union" didn't have the balls to stand up and say NO. Now you want to blame your company.

    Ann M. Sparks

    If fired, make sure you keep all correspondence regarding the “vaccine mandate,” and their requirement to be injected to keep your job.

    These mandates are clearly illegal. All those who participate in forcing people to be injected by COERCION, are committing crimes against humanity.

    Dr David Martin explains it well, and it’s clear that there has been absolutely NO “INFORMED CONSENT,” for any of these injections, because the information has not been supplied.

    The injections are BIOWARFARE, and are not intended for wellness. They have been being planned for decades. The evidence is clear, and every “vaccinated pilot,” is compromised, whether civilian or military.

    Keep the FAITH! God has a good plan in this. He will provide.

    Ann M. Sparks

    NOTE: United Airlines Envoy 3556 November 19, 2022, out of O’Hare Airport International — Pilot died on takeoff, before even hitting 4000 ft altitude.
    Copilot turned plane around and landed. They didn’t even call paramedics, because the pilot was DRT (dead right there).

    They aren’t even questioning the Vaxx status, but moving on like this isn’t a big deal. It’s Mass Formation Psychosis, that these situations aren’t even being questioned. The Vaxx is mass genocide, and those who refuse must stand firm.

    Some scientists have reported that all the Vaxx injected will die, given time.


    Ann M. Sparks

    FAA BREAKS ITS OWN RULES — the C19 injection is NOT FDA APPROVED. All pilots must avoid medications not FDA Approved for at least one year.

    ALSO, on a cardiac EKG, normal PR Interval is 0.12-0.20 seconds. In January 2023, FAA changed the allowed PR Interval to be up to 0.30 seconds, which is 1st DEGREE HEART BLOCK, as “acceptable” parameters to approve a pilot’s physical to be fit for service.

    This is ABSURD, what is being allowed. The FAA is obviously CAPTURED as well as knowingly putting people’s lives in danger. Flights are going down, and it’s as though they are blind to the cause. It’s clearly evil, and I pray for JUSTICE to come from all of this corruption and murder of innocent people.


    My boycott list is getting too long.
    What use is a union that screws the members?

    Gloria McCleoud

    Good Day To You Investigator Journalist Mrs. Christine Dolan My Name Is Gloria McCleoud Who Was Also placed On Suspended Pay &
    Then Terminated Because Of United Airlines Deniyng My Religious Belief Letter I Myself Was Employed With Continental Airlines From Oct 02, 1999 Until United Airlines Merged With Continental Airlines I Was Working @ United Airlines @ Newark Liberty International Airport / EWR as A Ramp Agent Along With My Fellow Coworker Nr. Paul Rozell I've Been Employed As Well With Thr Company As A Ramp Employer RSE- Ramp Service Employer For 22 yrs.of Service With No Infractions , Attendance Issues, Incidents Or Accidents Or Suspension I Enjoyed Working With Paul Rozell As Well Who Is A Very Hard Working Employee & Is Very Responsible & Reliable Coworker To Work With. I'm Also Enduring Sleepless Nights & Extreme Anxiety Attacks . I Would Love To Speak With You To Elaborate A Little More Detailed Of What I Have Endured & Experiencing Because Of This Ongoing Injustice Thru United Airlines & The IAM - UNION For United Ramp Terminated Employees Would You Please Be So Kind To Foward A Contact # Where I Could Speak With You It Would Be Greatly Appreciated . I'm Single & Enduring This Solely Which Leaves Me Feeling Alone As Well Ad BETRAYED, Me & Paul Rozell & One Of My Fellow Coworkers Keep In Touch With Each Other For Moral Support I Thank You In Advance For Your Response Sincerely Gloria McCleoud May God Bless Guide & Keep You Have A Blessed Day Purposely


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