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    "Is UAL Focused On Flying Safety Or Something Else?"

    February 28, 2023
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    Episode 5 - Aircrew Safety - Wings For Liberty And Justice - John Morris And Aimee Doll

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    CDM.Press' American Conversations' host Christine Dolan continues with the network's interview series with the 20 United Airlines' employees - now plaintiffs who are suing United Airlines. They allege that their rights were violated by United Airlines, its CEO Scott Kirby and its board of directors over their mandated covid policies.

    John Morris has had a passion for flying. He started flying at 16 years of age. He has been at United Airlines for over 38 years and has been a Captain since 1991. He has also served as a volunteer paramedic for eight years before covid. Morris applied for religious exemption in 2021 because of United's mandated covid shots. His exemption was granted. When he was placed on "unpaid leave" by United with no benefits, he obtained his CDL-A license and drove trucks to put food on the table. He has been married for 43 years and has four adult children. He returned to United in April 2022 and is back in the Captain's seat.

    Flight Attendant Aimee Doll has worked for United for 38 years. In 2021, her religious exemption for the covid shot was granted. She also was placed on involuntary leave without pay with no benefits, no access to 401(K), and lost 17 days of vacation. She returned to work in March 2022 after the company invited her and some of her co-plaintiffs back to work.

    Although Doll had had seniority for international flights in the past that seniority vanished in a flash because of United's covid policies. United had 29 countries on its schedule and if crew members were unvaccinated, they were not allowed to sign up for most of the international flights. Doll was only allowed to fly to four international destinations even though United's passengers included unvaccinated passengers.

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    Doll contracted covid in September 2021 and United refused to acknowledge her natural immunity.

    As a female flight attendant, the rules dictate that the women must wear their hair a specific way when serving food and required to wear heels. United's policies now allow cross-dressers with make-up as flight attendants. Recently, United employees posted a picture on LINKEDIN announcing their partnership with Virgin Australia for their first international PRIDE flight from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia helmed by a full LGBTQ+ crew.

    United Airlines employees are now asking the question, "Is UAL focused on flying safety or something else?"

    United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby's picture dressed up as a woman has been posted on social media.

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    haven't flown on Useless Airlines in decades and don't intend to. Welcome to the woke board of directors era. They all graduated in the last decade or so and thus got five or six years of wokeism poured into their heads.


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