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    The Globalists In Plain Sight - Dr Andy Wakefield - Protocol 7 5/5/24

    May 5, 2024
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    CDM’s Globalists in Plain Sight Host Christine Dolan interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Director and Executive Producer of the movie, Protocol 7, a film based upon a true story about corporate fraud and vaccinations. 

    Protocol 7 will be released on May 31 in America with foreign release following. The film stars Rachel Whittle, Matthew Marsden, Eric Roberts, and stage actor Harrison Tipping, who makes his film debut in Protocol 7. 

    The upside of COVID-19 is that more individuals are discussing the downside of the PHARMA industry and its revolving door shenanigans and claims that all vaccinations are safe and effective, which is a lie. 

    PROTOCOL 7 exposes the fraud underlying the MMR vaccination and its historical significance for MERCK to own the market and its internal manipulation of data at the cost of children’s health. 

    This is a whistleblower’s story that affects everyone. 

    “This has been going on in the childhood vaccine program for many, many years. This is the way they behave,” Dr. Andrew Wakefield states, as he exposes the Big Pharma corruption that underlies the medical industry. It is a story of who knew what when, and how Merck was exposed. 

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