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How A Currency Reset Will Unfold

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Over the past two weeks, we’ve dug into the past, present and future of currency resets. First John Butler gave his take. And, given he literally written the book on currency resets, it was a crucial one for you to be aware of. But I introduced my own understanding this week. And so, today, it’s time to complete the investigation with a detailed analysis of how I expect the next currency reset to unfold.

John’s view was for a return to the gold standard, in some form. I expect the financial establishment to have at least a few more tricks up their sleeve. The historical pattern of this is unmistakable. Each time a global financial order reaches the end of its tether and stops functioning, world leaders go into a currency conclave, as they called it in 1922.

Sometimes they also suspend normal functioning of the existing system, as during the world wars and in 1971. Or the system has already broken down, as in 1987. But it’s the meeting to determine the rules of the new system which really matters – that’s the reset…

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