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Liberal Democrats Remind Biden Who His Supporters Really Are

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Presidential nominee Joe Biden tried to appeal to everyday Americans, and what he think his potential voters want to hear. But his most recent controversial comment reveals who his really supporters are: wealthy liberal elites. On Twitter, Park Avenue is trending, and not for the reason you might think.

Joe Biden said on the campaign trail that this election is “Scranton versus Park Avenue.” Well, many of his donors live on Park Avenue, and they haven’t taken this campaign slogan lightly. MSNBC Host Stephanie Ruhle, who is extremely anti-Trump and works on a network that promotes Biden, expressed her anger at the statement on television. Ruhle accused Biden of being “divisive,” and defended herself that while she may not live on Park Avenue, she lives close to it, because she has “worked her butt off.”

American broadcaster Soledad O’Brien, who is also a liberal, also took offense to this statement. On Twitter, she wrote, “Or…both. NYC’s Park Avenue is amazing. No need to knock it. Would be nice to have a President who sees every American as worth fighting for. Thank you.”

While twitter users are quick to point out the hypocrisy over overly privileged individual’s outrage over Biden’s statement, those offended are saying that Biden’s comments are “divisive.”

The Democrats, who say that are against Wall Street, have suddenly changed their tune. David Sirota, who works for The Guardian, was quick to point out the double standard. He wrote on Twitter, “Media: It’s cool that Biden literally told his Wall Street donors “nothing would fundamentally change. Also media: How dare Biden suggest he might try to represent the economic interests of Scranton people more than he represents the economic interests of Park Avenue moguls.”

Why this matters: The outrage over Biden’s comments is a friendly reminder of the real economic status of liberals, who care more about optics than policy. Biden has had a series of statements while campaigning that could lead to serious outrage, but it was the dig at Park Avenue that hit hardest. While Democrats try to paint Republicans as the party for Wall Street and big money, they accidentally expose themselves during moments like this one.

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