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Robert Kennedy Jr Gives A Voice To Dissidents Popular Publishers Won’t Touch

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WITH a fair degree of regularity I get asked for book publishing advice. What publishers can I recommend who’d be interested in the further thoughts and expertise of our army of talented writers? I am always stuck for a reply.  

If you are a ‘name’, you might get lucky with HarperCollins or Constable, as have Douglas Murray or Andrew Doyle. But what about new writers? I have long given up on Biteback as a platform for dissent. The question is has any mainstream British publisher made it its mission to take up the modern-day dissident’s cause, as a counter to wokedom and to the official narrative? Not to my knowledge. 

This is not thankfully any longer the case in the US, however. An email landed on my laptop yesterday from Children’s Health Defense – this the inspired counter-official narrative website and paper of American Lawyer, Robert Kennedy Junior – announcing its new publishing enterprise with Skyhorse Publishing

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