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It’s Morning In America

It's Morning In America
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If you haven’t notice, the Bolsheviks are nervous. You heard it here on CD Media first — the tipping point against the communist agitators in our midst has finally arrived. It’s morning in America.

Donald Trump will not be impeached, will be re-elected, and will continue to change America for the better.

Brexit is a done deal.

The American economy is roaring, China is fading into a morass of virus-infected zombies.

Minorities are coming to Trump in droves. This has nothing to do with the color of your skin, and everything to do with your children’s future.

And what caught my eye this morning was Jeff Zuckerberg’s speech in Utah where he pissed off George Soros, saying Facebook will now stand for free speech (on the back of a miserable earnings fail because people are leaving his product in droves).

Mark Zuckerberg has declared that Facebook is ‘going to stand up for free expression’ in spite of the fact it will ‘piss off a lot of people’, reported The Daily Mail.

The controversial CEO, 35, made the claim during a fiery appearance at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Utah on Friday. 

Zuckerberg told the audience that Facebook had previously tried to resist moves that would be branded as ‘too offensive’ – but says he now believes he is being asked to partake in ‘excessive censorship’. 

‘Increasingly we’re getting called to censor a lot of different kinds of content that makes me really uncomfortable,’ he claimed. 

The commies are scared. Zuckerberg sees his monopoly slipping away.

Now its time to pour the gas on the freedom fire, my fellow Americans.

We have won the battle, but we have to finish the war. They seditious hoard will be back with another grand plan to ruin our beautiful country.

America beat the communists in the Cold War, but they went underground, infecting our education, our children’s minds, our media.

They all have to be rooted out, before they strike again, which they surely will.

McCarthy was not wrong; he was early.

Storm into that school board meeting and confront the Marxists. Confront your daughter, or your son, on their ridiculous SJW ideology. Get active in church. Support independent media. Get off Google. Be smart about privacy. Educate your children as to what has been happening, talk about the evils of communism.

We have to save the country for the next generation, for they have to be strong when their fight comes as well.

I have come to believe we are fighting nothing less than evil itself. This time, as CD Media’s own Baruch Pletner has so artfully described, America’s freedom antibodies were stronger in the end.

It’s time to reunite the country. Hold the door open for your liberal friend. Say hello and smile to a communist, or to someone who doesn’t look like you, who just wants to work hard and feed his or her family.

We are all Americans. No hyphenations allowed.

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John P Smith February 2, 2020 at 9:09 pm

Talking to kids about Communism is only part of what they need to be told. What is equally as important is to know about the Frankfurt School in Germany and how they conceived the methods being used to implement communism have been made a major tool of the Democrat Party to turn the USA into a socialist country and ultimately into One World Government. To get to OWG the Left in the US has to overturn the Constitution and Bill of Rights and that is what they wake up every day and go out to accomplish using the concepts developed at the Frankfurt School involving “a long walk through the institutions” which has been going on since the 1960’s. Just do a google for “The Frankfort School? and initially look for the articles by Ancerson. Then follow up with other articles that explain what has been going in the the USA for the past fifty years. EDUCATE YOURSELF & THEN YOUR CHILDREN!


2fred February 3, 2020 at 2:33 pm

Solid sentiments, Todd, including compassion – though it appears we have inept leadership in the DOJ.

Nothing would sway public sentiment more towards lawful living, peaceful coexistence, and faith in our system than a few appropriate prosecutions… failure to do so may tear our system apart.

Rudy Giuliani’s “Common Sense” Podcast: Surprisingly Good February 4, 2020 at 1:28 am

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