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Mr. President, Stop Underestimating These People

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America will make it through the Chinese coronavirus crisis, but with much damage to our economy, thousands of deaths, and the possible loss of credibility of our financial system as the Fed expands its balance sheet towards $10 trillion and the sovereign debt of the United States approaches $30 trillion.

The people behind this crisis are not finished, as they still have not achieved their goal of removing President Trump from office and preventing his re-election.

They will keep trying.

What scares me is what they will try next.

We have written in-depth that the timing of this virus outbreak is simply too convenient, coming on the heels of the failed Russia hoax, the sham impeachment, and right before the 2020 American presidential election.

I don’t know if those behind the crisis are the Deep State afraid of going to jail as their crimes are exposed in the second Trump term, a tyrannical communist China bent on world domination, globalist corporations yearning to be free of any patriotic ties to America, or globalist elites who think they know better than you how to run your life, or all of the above, but it doesn’t matter, their motivation is criminal and vicious.

I also find it hard to believe that the IGs across the Executive Branch are only now being fired, at the end of the first Trump term. Why is that? Ronald Reagan fired them all immediately.

If there is one glaring fault of the Trump administration, it is keeping globalist, disloyal, Obama holdover Deep State actors around far too long, only removing them from the halls of power AFTER they have done much damage to Trump, and to America.

This cannot go on.

Stop underestimating them Mr. President. Even the so-called experts during this virus pandemic have let you down, as their precious modeling has only given the corrupt media a chance to drive the narrative for the criminals inside our government and in other positions of power, as they work towards achieving their nefarious goals.

They are already planning the next phase of the anti-Trump campaign. What will it be? Another medical scare, a coup, a nuclear event?

Stop underestimating them Mr. President. Yes, you are a war-time leader, but the virus is not your main problem. It is only a tactic of America’s enemies.

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1 comment

pc_PHAGE April 10, 2020 at 10:07 pm

The deep state criminals may be getting desperate.
Would they get tired of plotting and try for a head shot.?
The Prez is under attack from all sides.
He has to tread carefully.
McConnell may be his biggest enemy.
IMO, He is the one tying the Presidents hands.
McConnell & Ryan could have cleaned up the whole mess but it suited their
purposes to have Trump hobbled.
The RINO leadership in the House are “Ryanettes”.
Scalise kept quiet when the GOP owned the house but now the little POS[chiff] is all gung-ho
now that he has no power to act on his words.
All through the Obama years GOP held votes and when they got into power—NOTHING.


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