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    Trump Is Right, 'Climate Change' Is A Plot By China To Destroy Western Economies

    September 24, 2019
    Trump Is Right, 'Climate Change' Is A Plot By China To Destroy Western Economies
    A coal shipment underway in China
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    Rob Loftis

    We at CD Media believe in looking at the consequences of one's actions versus the words that come out of one's mouth. This is especially true with China regarding so-called 'climate change'.

    China is the world's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide but you wouldn't know it by the platitudes its leaders issue in public.

    Just take a look at Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's comments at the United Nations this week regarding said subject.

    "Climate change is a problem that all countries face. The future of humankind and its destiny depend on our joint efforts in this sphere," Wang said. "It is necessary to ensure the organic compatibility of measures on fighting climate change with efforts undertaken for stimulating economic development," he declared reported Russian state news agency TASS.

    A transition to low carbon technologies is a necessary condition for progress and higher rates of economic growth, the minister noted. "It is necessary to ensure multilateral cooperation on these issues, to adhere to the principle 'together but differently' when distributing responsibility, to help developing countries in strengthening their potential in implementing relevant measures," Wang said.

    Meanwhile, China continues to build coal plants at a record pace, and shows no progress at all in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

    China is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, and its actions both at home and abroad have an enormous impact on global greenhouse gas emissions. Discouragingly, increased fossil-fuel consumption drove an estimated 2.3% increase in Chinese CO2 emissions in 2018, reports Climate Action Tracker.

    Discouragingly, China started construction of 28 GW of new coal-fired power capacity in 2018 after a previous construction ban was lifted, bringing its total coal capacity under construction to 235 GW.

    With current policies, China’s greenhouse gas emissions are projected to rise until at least 2030. Under optimistic renewables growth assumptions, energy-related CO2 emissions could level off over the next few years, but these emissions continue to grow in our upper-bound scenario.

    China’s NDC is not ambitious enough to limit warming to below 2°C, let alone to 1.5°C as required under the Paris Agreement, unless other countries make much deeper reductions at comparably greater effort.

    If you are an intellectually honest person, and that quality seems to be in very short supply these days, then the only conclusion you can come to is that China wants to rest of the world to destroy its economy while China gets a pass and continues to spew CO2. It benefits China greatly for the world to do as it says and not as it does.

    In other words, President Trump is right. So-called 'climate change' is just a Chinese plot to destroy Western economies while becoming dominant themselves.

    It's a hoax.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Connie Frist

    Isn't it ironic that the most polluting country on the planet meddles in our politics on pollution?
    But then again, we have the most gullible people on the planet, they're called DemocRats.

    Leo Smith

    I've been saying for a long time. The Chinese Bought and Paid for the Democrats. Why aren't they on trial for their Treason???


    China has done more to destroy the environment than any other nation in the Earth's history.

    Nick D

    But by all means, let's cripple our own economy for absolutely NO gain.


    I think Tony Heller has been doing a great job with his video refutations of the climate bunko gang and their merry media mental midgets


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