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    Uncovering The Obscure Power Of Chinese Authoritarianism: 1 Million Chinese Uighurs In “Re-education Camps”, Organs Harvested While Alive

    October 12, 2019
    Uncovering The Obscure Power Of Chinese Authoritarianism: 1 Million Chinese Uighurs In “Re-education Camps”
    Demonstration against Chinese tyranny in front of the Munich Cathedral, Germany

    Organ Harvesting. Brainwashing. Massacring. There’s an ethnic cleansing crusade in China, and you might not even know about it. 

    Many Americans understand the issues that President Donald Trump is rightfully addressing in the ongoing U.S. China trade war: intellectual property theft ravaging between $225 and $600 billion from the US economy annually; currency manipulation that crushes America’s manufacturing and export sectors; government-subsidized products that unfairly and artificially price Chinese goods below international competitors in world markets, leading to the astonishing annual China-U.S. trade deficit of $323 billion.  

    Yet another offense that China is orchestrating is little known to Americans; it may be the most egregious of all: the internment of hundreds of thousands of Uighurs. 

    The Uighurs are predominantly located in the northwestern part of China, known as the Xinjiang Province. They are a Muslim, Turkic-speaking population of 10 million. Their size, strength and religious beliefs have created ethnic tension with China’s Han Chinese citizens, who account for 91 percent of the country’s population. 

    After the Chinese government ethnically diluted the region by forcing large populations of Han Chinese into Uighur communities, protests turned into violent demonstrations. Orchestrated killings ensued, and in 2009, a riot in the capital of Xinjiang resulted in approximately 200 deaths, with hundreds more injured. 

    Public pressure was put on the Chinese government to take proper measures to curb extremism. Unfortunately, they used their authoritarian powers to stomp on the rights of the Uighurs and throw them into “re-education” camps, which are, in truth, nothing more than modern-day concentration camps. Many Uighurs in the Xinjiang region don’t even make it to the camps. They simply go missing.

    Chinese authorities tout their camps as Mandarin-teaching, socially-beneficial facilities, but corroborated reports show otherwise: forced prisoners tortured through waterboarding, brainwashed by propaganda, and stripped of their most basic religious and human rights. In some cases, breathing prisoners’ organs are harvested. Others are mercilessly assassinated. International human rights leaders are calling China’s actions crimes against humanity.

    This practice started years ago, but a drone video surfaced this week of hundreds of Uighurs sitting blindfolded, hands tied to their back, like little puppets as Chinese authorities stand proudly. 

    China’s internment of upwards of 1 million minorities is just another testament to their rampant, growing authoritarianism. President Xi’s regime’s increasing disregard for human liberty flies in the face of the post-Enlightenment belief — and democracy’s greatest principle — that all men are created equal.

    This comes at a time when President Xi is expanding his internal power, most notably his re-writing of China’s constitution to extend his presidential term until the end of his life. Xi has also ominously presided over the dystopian placement of roughly 176 million cameras in the country that classify each and every person according to their loyalty and value to the Chinese government. 

    But Xi isn’t content to buttress his powers domestically. He has clear and unrestrained hegemonial dreams that go well beyond China’s borders. Xi’s One Belt, One Road initiative, in which China is lending money at usurious rates to developing countries for massive infrastructure projects, is increasing China’s influence throughout Africa, Asia and Central and South America. 

    President Xi — or Dictator Xi, really — is now the most powerful and unchecked leader since Mao Zedong. His oppressive rule is causing China to do a “Great leap” backward. But unlike Mao, Xi presides over an economically and militarily daunting China. The world cannot afford to ignore him.

    Trump is now trying to clean up Obama’s failed foreign policy of allowing Bashar Al Assad to cross his imaginary “red line” in Syria, complacency in a communist North Korea with nuclear weapons, idly watching the Russians annex Crimea, and so forth. Trump’s tariffs on the Chinese economy are a way to push back on China’s military and economic transgressions — as well as its human rights abuses against the Uighurs. 

    These threatening escalations in China’s power - projected to surpass the United States’ economy for many decades to come, by the way - begs a question that the United States has been asking itself for decades: should Nixon have opened up China to US markets beginning in 1972, or should he have kept the tiger in its cage?

    Editor's Note

    CD Media's staff was recently in Munich, Germany meeting sources. While viewing a demonstration at the Munich Cathedral against organ harvesting from political prisoners in China, an obvious Chinese security agent came up to our staff and tried to dismiss the demonstration as propaganda, engaging our staff in conversation. The point being, China has agents everywhere. Beware of China's ambitions.

    Uncovering The Obscure Power Of Chinese Authoritarianism: 1 Million Chinese Uighurs In “Re-education Camps”
    Demonstration against Chinese tyranny in front of the Munich Cathedral, Germany
    Uncovering The Obscure Power Of Chinese Authoritarianism: 1 Million Chinese Uighurs In “Re-education Camps”
    Demonstration against Chinese tyranny in front of the Munich Cathedral, Germany
    Demonstration against Chinese tyranny in front of the Munich Cathedral, Germany
    Demonstration against Chinese tyranny in front of the Munich Cathedral, Germany


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Actually, our predicament is not Nixon's fault. It is Clinton's fault as he made China a "most favored nation" that put it on the fast track to manufacturing dominance. This was just as China was waning w/ a GDP of 2.0%, and actually probably much lower as that was the official Chinese gov number. I remember how treacherous that was and how super pissed off I was that more Republicans (and Democrats) did not speak out.

    […] Founding Fathers incorporated the 2nd Amendment into the US Constitution, with all such totalitarian government’s which dominate and abuse their people to no end deserving to fall. So we’ll be taking a look within this ANP story at all of the ruckus now […]


    Welcome to the glass house that we've built, where atrocities such as the one's depicted in this article can continue unabated and unpunished because we, the one super power that can DO SOMETHING about it has blood on its own hands, How many humans did the Chinese murder today? Does it come anywhere near in comparison to the number of developing human beings we allowed to be murdered in what is supposed to be the safest place on the planet, the womb? And all of this while justifying the slaughter by playing clever word games? And don't even get me started on what we do to our fellow human with weaponized drones (killing people can be rather distasteful, so do it by remote control) while calling the slaughter "making the world safe for democracy". How's that democracy of your own workin' for ya these daze?

    People who live in glass houses should undress in the basement, lest they expose the doo doo on their own diapers. But by all means, continue to scream out your self righteous, self satisfying, hypocritical and cloyingly sanctimonious indignation for all the world to see; maybe it'll get you extra caramel on your latte. And worry not, your participation trophies are as good as in-the-mail, that gigantic turd should arrive any day now.


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