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    Red Flag: Fauci Forces Remdesivir Approval As AAPS Confirms HCQ Cures 91%

    April 30, 2020
    Dr. Anthony Fauci. Image: YouTube

    HCQ Works, Says Group of US Doctors. Fauci Pushes His Pet Drug

    Those who doubted Dr. Anthony Fauci's fidelity to the cause of stopping COVID-19 are sadly shaking their heads again. The FDA has moved to likely grant emergency approval to Remdesivir, a drug designed to fight Ebola, but never approved.

    Yesterday, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a nonpartisan professional association of doctors founded in 1943, wrote in a letter to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey that the time to use hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is now, not later.

    Waiting for fixed randomized controlled trials during a pandemic when time is of the essence, a Bayesian approach to the assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic probabilities is wise and efficient and will save time, money and lives if the physicians are given a chance to retain their autonomy and practice medicine to the best of their abilities,' the group writes. 

    The Bayesian method, referred to multiple times throughout their letter is a statistical approach in which probabilities are assessed on a rolling basis, and a reasonable expectation is inferred based on the data at-hand. 

    In other words, the group says doctors shouldn't wait for a large body of data to draw conclusions about whether or not hydroxychloroquine works and is safe, but assume that it is based on databases like theirs, which it says is regularly updated. 

    --Daily Mail

    The AAPS recommendation took into account the bad science of studies such as the flawed, observational VA Hospital study CDMedia reported on this week. They roundly concluded that HCQ is currently the best method for treatment.

    If you missed the bombshell endorsement, it's likely due to Fauci's decision to rush his drug of choice, the $1,000-per-dose Remdesivir, through testing. Stocks soared yesterday on news that the drug, produced by Gilead Sciences, Inc. will be approved, perhaps as soon as today.

    “It is a very important proof of concept, because what it has proved is that a drug can block this virus,” Dr. Fauci said. “This is very optimistic.”

    The trial enrolled 1,063 patients who were given remdesivir or a placebo, according to N.I.A.I.D. The time to recovery averaged 11 days among those who received the drug, compared with 15 days for those who received the placebo.

    Dr. Fauci cautioned that the results of the study still needed to be properly peer reviewed, but he expressed optimism that remdesivir could become “the standard of care” for patients with Covid-19.

    --New York Times

    So, an expensive drug that has never been approved to treat any illness is getting hyper-tracked, while an inexpensive, well-known drug, one that has been shown in multiple studies to be effective at treating coronavirus, remains underutilized.

    As CDMedia has reported over and over, the success rate of HCQ treatment--when combined with azithromycin and zinc and administered at early onset--is routinely above 90%. Remdesivir has achieved success rates of 50%. And that's based on NIAID and in-house testing.

    Fauci the Flunky, FDA Kickbacks

    What is plainly observed: what Fauci says, the FDA approves. Since 1984, Fauci has headed the NIAID, not the FDA, which approves US drugs, but his influence is vast. The FDA claimed to need clinical testing of HCQ before ultimately approving it for "off-label" use. No such barrier exists for Remdesivir. The trial that touts the drug's 50% effective rate comes from Fauci's NIAID and Gilead, the very company that produces it.

    Further, FDA advisory committees which approve drugs can receive kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies that produce the drugs.

    This is more than a case of inside baseball and payola, however. Rising Twitter star Lauren Brown has begun to uncover troubling evidence that Fauci may well be at the root of the virus itself. It turns out that Fauci's NIAID has been paying the Wuhan Institute of Virology to test the transmission of viruses from bats to humans.

    Follow the thread, it's damning.


    To briefly summarize the long and detailed thread: for seven years, Fauci's NIAID has been funding coronavirus research in Wuhan. Some of the research--known as "gain of function,"--is exceptionally dangerous, as it involves taking an organically occurring virus and passing it through live animals to produce a mutation. This process is repeated until it produces a mutation with infectious properties significant enough to cause a pandemic-level event.

    The gain of function research was suspended, to Fauci's chagrin, then restarted, at Fauci's urging (see thread above).

    All of which makes Fauci's remarks, captured in the video below in early 2017, all the more frightening. Fauci stated that a "surprise outbreak" would occur during the Trump administration, and, “There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases."

    Based on Fauci's gushing "love letters" to Hillary Clinton, we know where he stands politically. He delivered the chilling remarks just days before Trump's inauguration.

    He had just seen his dear friend Clinton defeated weeks before.

    It appears that Fauci is complicit in the manufacture of COVID-19. He was prescient about an outbreak of such a virus. Is he complicit in its release and/or spread? We will continue to explore the possibility.

    If so, this story begins to take on a fable-like quality: a village is sickened, and they turn to their best doctor for help. The doctor just so happens to have a cure in development, but it's expensive. The desperate townspeople pay up, only to discover the medicine doesn't help, and worse, the doctor made them ill. By then, they are too weak and scared to fight him, and he has their money. Call it "The Fable of the Faithless Physician."

    Let's hope that isn't the case. Let's hope that the NIAID's strong interest in coronavirus in bats, animal-to-human virus transmission, producing pandemic-quality strains through gain-of-function research, and their proximity to the WHO and Bill Gates Foundation, who are so dearly invested in global population control--let's hope that's all in the interest of protection, not control.

    Not to mention that the research Fauci paid for was done in CCP-controlled China. Why?

    Until now, Fauci was only circumstantially suspect. Now, his insistence on approving the potentially very profitable Remdesivir (while slow-tracking/disparaging HCQ) may turn out to be the thread that, pulled too far, undoes the garment.



    Court Anderson

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    why was the letter written to Gov Doug Ducey?


    Because he has mandated that the combination only be used in clinical trials. In other words, a front line doctor treating a coronavirus patient is prohibited from using the combination.

    little guy

    why hasn't Steven Hann, appointed in November, step up? is it too soon since his appointment and he doesn't see what's going on?

    little guy

    sorry... "Hahn" no Hann

    Nanky Jane

    Nevada, Arizona and up until last week, Utah were blocking the use. Outcry in Utah so the Governor purchased $800K worth of hydroxcholorquine doses. Then the cry was, he paid way too much. Just glad Utah can use it.


    Fauci gave the Wuhan virus lab millions of dollars under the Obama administration. Obama had directed him not to. So he gives millions to a lab that causes a pandemic. Then he is in charge of this country's response to it and then pushes a $1,000 dose drug.
    He needs to be fired immediately and thoroughly investigated. Trump has let this go on too long.

    This is criminal!


    At what point in the video does Fauci refer to the surprise outbreak? Great story, thanks!


    if ya read the report, remdesivir works best on late stage covid....HCQ works best if administered early on.
    so we have another bullet in our arsonal.
    doctors and the medical community need to be educated on all options and available treatments.


    Follow the money.. Fauci or someone he knows will make money off of the drug he is pushing


    I thought fauci looked like a little weasel. Investigate the vermin.


    Weasels are awesome little creatures. If you must use an animal reference to describe Fauci, please use VIPER!
    He is poison to all he touches and sadly, has bitten our President and many in the White House and our flailing country, all because he has MD after his name....
    He hasn't practiced medicine or examined patients in over 30 years. He's a deep state hack in bed with every creepy crawley demorat on Capital Hill!!! And we the people have allowed our rights and freedoms, which are guaranteed by our Constitution, to be stripped right out from underneath us without a shot being fired....


    3:30 fAUCI BUSTED


    How is this corrupticommie still in any position of authority at CDC? How many screw ups does he GET??


    Globalists like Birx and Fauci don't want to approve HCQ for the very reason of its effectiveness. If the virus is gone...so is the lockdown...and the power...and the "new normal" of tyranny. Trump needs to wake up and stop worshipping these clowns. So far they've been absolutely wrong about everything!


    Yes, ban a drug that is effective at 50 cents a dose and use one at $1,000 per dose. It's the American way!
    I took Chloraquine as an anti-malarial drug for two years with no side effects.
    For heaven's sake, fire Faucci and prosecute him for selling his office. He is the very worst kind of Swamp Creature of which DC is full of.

    […] Red Flag: Fauci Forces Remdesivir Approval As AAPS Confirms HCQ Cures 91% […]

    michael savell

    We haven't got Fauci in the UK but we are using the same considerations.Oxford uni is supposed to be testing a new vaccine but,even if it works,nobody knows how much it will cost .The british army took Paludrine back in the 50,s and,as a serving soldier I never saw anyone with averse effects.Hydrochloroquine is a tarted up Paludrine which is good for infection of this nature.The drug opens the gateway to the receptors which then get filled by the zinc which keeps the virus out.It must be given early in small doses so that those with respiratory and heart problems etc.are protected.If it had been given to everyone early we would have had no lockdown,not so many people would have died and we would not be facing a famine,but the politicians decided to reject it.Could it possibly be because they had missed the boat and it was unobtainable. I tried to buy some in January only to find that some nameless country had cleared the shelves.

    Rodney L Short

    Hemp makes good rope, just sayin....

    Paul Causey

    The AAPS is a quack organization that declares that it is “evil” and “immoral” for physicians to participate in Medicare and Medicaid. It has previously said that electronic medical records are a form of minda control that was formerly employed by the East German Stasi. On its website it also a ran a story in 2008 that Presidential candidate Barack Obama may be hypnotizing voters.


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