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    Timeline Of Blame: Cuomo & De Blasio Are Soaked In Blood

    May 16, 2020
    Bill De Blasio. Image: YouTube

    It's easy to overcomplicate the question of who is at fault for COVID-19. The reason we have global organizations full of experts is for moments like the one we currently inhabit, and more to the point, for the moment a member state recognizes that it has a potentially serious problem: to prevent further harm.

    In the case of infectious disease, the world looks to the health-related arm of the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO). Until April 15, when President Trump defunded the WHO, the U.S. was footing the lion's share of the global watchdog's budget, nearly a quarter of annual operating expenses, most of which was spent on lavish travel, not curing diseases.

    Follow the money: the CCP, which has stepped up its WHO funding since the U.S. pullout, was already supplying the second-largest slice of the pie, and has pledged $30 million more since Trump cut funding.

    We will likely never know the exact moment the WHO was made aware of COVID-19, but the soonest they claim to have known was early January. Sources vary, but the first known case of the virus in China was either October or November of 2019.

    After the WHO's claim of no "human-to-human transmission" in mid-January, much of the world heaved a sigh of relief. The problem is, Taiwan had notified the WHO of human-to-human transmission two weeks earlier. On their website, the WHO provides a timeline of the outbreak. They claim to have learned about a "pneumonia-like" disease in early January.

    As late as January 29, the WHO claimed travel restrictions based on unfounded fears of coronavirus spread would "unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade."

    Looking back, China's claim that the U.S. is responsible for the virus isn't as ridiculous as it once seemed. After all, Fauci is an American citizen.

    The WHO's fealty to China has been well established. The organization refuses to recognize Taiwan, a burr under the CCP's saddle, as an independent state. Further, WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus (PhD) praised the Chinese response repeatedly, infuriating health professionals around the world.

    Ghebreyesus is a friend of Bill Gates, and the first non-MD to hold the position. He is portrayed by many as a puppet of Gates and the CCP, he is quick to cry "racism!" at any criticism of his policy decisions.

    In the fog of it all, remember this: China restricted travel to and from infected areas of China such as Wuhan...but they did not restrict international travel during the Lunar New Year, China's busiest international travel season. The auspicious occasion fell on January 25 this year, just as COVID cases were surging in China.

    Idiotic Modeling

    CDMedia has reported on the funding and research ties between Bill Gates and the CCP, and further, between Gates and the WHO. We have also reported on Dr. Anthony Fauci's role in developing COVID-19 through gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Looking back, China's claim that the U.S. is responsible for the virus isn't as ridiculous as it once seemed. After all, Fauci is an American citizen.

    These are almost certainly the key players in setting the stage for the effective outbreak and spread of the disease. Before anyone else became involved, these were the parties responsible for the situation we find ourselves in today.

    American Traitors

    What about when the virus reached American shores? Who seized the reins to assure the spread of COVID-19 domestically?

    The short answer: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio. The longer answer involves several other Democrat governors such as Gretchen Whitmer, mayors like Los Angeleno Eric Garcetti, many local officials across the country, and one British professor, Neil Ferguson.

    Ferguson is the man responsible for the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) "study" that predicted as many as 2.2 million American deaths with no mitigation. As reported yesterday, Ferguson has long history of vastly overestimating public health crises, and his prediction was sadly, awfully flawed.

    The resultant lockdowns in the U.S. exposed a great many states and cities as unprepared to deal with an emergency virus outbreak. In most cases, the stores of ventilators, face masks, and gloves were woefully short, a problem made more dire due to Chinese hoarding of those same supplies just prior to the U.S. outbreak.

    The United States Conference of Mayors reported in March the following shortages:

    Analyses of responses to the survey questions show the following:

    • 91.5% (192) of the cities do not have an adequate supply of face masks for their first responders (including police, fire, and EMTs) and medical personnel.
    • 88.2% (186) do not have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) other than face masks to protect these workers.
    • 92.1% (186) do not have an adequate supply of test kits.
    • 85% (164) do not have an adequate supply of ventilators for use by health facilities in their city or area.
    • 62.4% (131) have not received emergency equipment or supplies from their State.
    • Of those receiving help from their State, 84.6% (66) say it is not adequate to meet their needs.

    The West Coast recorded the first case of COVID-19 in the country--a man from Washington state who had visited Wuhan--and the first dense concentration of cases. New York City didn't become the U.S. epicenter until March 23rd, but it became the global epicenter a mere four days later, on March 27.

    That kind of rapid spread is largely attributable to the odd couple of NY state politics, Gov. Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio. The two are guilty of different but complimentary crimes. First, De Blasio. His Health Commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, stated on February 5, "I want to remind everyone to enjoy the [Chinese Lunar New Year] parade and not change any plans due to misinformation spreading about coronavirus." [emphasis added]

    Embattled NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot

    That oddly specific command didn't raise eyebrows at the time, but Barbot became famous in the metro area recently for refusing face masks for NYPD officers.

    These words should by now be imprinted on every decent New Yorker’s soul: “I don’t give two rats’ asses about your cops.”

    Dr. Oxiris Barbot, the health commissioner, spat this ugly statement in a brief phone chat with NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan in late March. She unleashed the vicious rant after Monahan urgently requested 500,000 face masks to help shield his troops from coronavirus, as well as to help prevent members of the public from catching it, sources told The Post exclusively.

    But the phrase she hissed next shakes me to the core.

    “I need them for others,” she said. 

    --NY Post

    Unsurprisingly, NYC police unions are calling for Barbot's resignation. 41 officers have since died from coronavirus, one wonders what the number would be if Barbot, a De Blasio surrogate, had protected first responders.

    De Blasio has never supported the vaunted NYPD. In a metaphorical middle finger to the city he nominally represents, De Blasio and his wife Chirlane (caretaker of a missing $850 million in mental health funds) recently took a stroll in a Brooklyn park, traveling unnecessarily during lockdown, despite living in Gracie Mansion, located in literally the most famous city park in the country.

    De Blasio's hires have an abysmal track record, with debacles at every level, but it is the mayor himself who encouraged "life as usual" in the largest city in the U.S. In some cases, it was as though he was winking at his handlers and sneering at his many detractors. On March 2, De Blasio tweeted, "go see 'The Traitor'".

    To too many New Yorkers, it felt like "the traitor" was the man to whom they had unwisely granted a second term in 2017. The smugness continued, the blasé attitude, the casual approach, the bad science.

    As late as a March 11 press conference, the mayor said that health people should still dine out, noting “the virus does not transmit through food and drink,” and adding, “If you’re not sick, then you should be going about your life.”

    Such advice has not aged well, especially since Mr. de Blasio has since accused President Trump of being slow to react. On March 18, he accused the president of “taking actions that are far, far behind the curve.”

    --Washington Times

    In that same press conference, De Blasio said something downright creepy. "Ebola makes, if I could be so cold, coronavirus look like a walk in the park.”

    "If I could be so cold"? Who speaks that way? Two weeks later, New York was #1 in something: the global epicenter of the virus.

    More chilling than any of De Blasio's "errors" was the decision, along with controversial, anti-white schools chancellor Richard Carranza, to keep the New York Public School System open until March 16.

    One after another, sick Brooklyn Technical High School teachers called union chapter leader Nate Bonheimer last week, to tell him they’d tested positive for COVID-19. By Friday, five of them had shared the devastating news. But after being notified about each one, the city Department of Education still ordered the 6,000-student school’s 350 staffers to show up for work last week, saying the building had been cleaned.

    ...The city failed to follow a March 9 directive by the state Education Department that “requires an initial 24-hour closure, in order to begin an investigation to determine the contacts that the individual may have had within the school environment.”

    Around the city, teachers and administrators are outraged that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza resisted a drum beat to close the public schools in the name of safety. Some renamed the coronavirus  “Carranzavirus.”

    “You say equity and excellence, but every other school district closed before you did. You had these kids like petri dishes spreading this to their families,” an administrator fumed. Some DOE employees believe de Blasio and Carranza deliberately kept the lid on the COVID-19 cases popping up, putting kids and families at risk.

    “The blood is on their hands,” one said

    DOE staffers think the two city leaders tried to cover up the cases because they wanted to keep the 1.1-million-student system running despite increasing pressure to shut it down. Finally, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo about to do it, the mayor relented and closed the schools for students on March 16.

    --NY Post

    If Chris Cuomo Is Fredo, Does That Make Andrew a Mafia Boss?

    For a brief moment, Gov. Cuomo looked like he might be a candidate to step in for the increasingly confused and embattled Joe Biden. That is, until he joined a cadre of Democrat governors who ordered nursing homes to take in recently COVID-positive seniors.

    In what may go down as the most obvious example of intention to spread the virus for political purposes, Cuomo joined ranks with fellow Democrat governors Phil Murphy of New Jersey and Gavin Newsom of California to force nursing homes to accept the admittance of patients who have had the virus, even if they are still exhibiting signs of infection.

    Image via Twitter

    The resultant death tolls are staggering. Nursing homes account for roughly a third of all COVID deaths. This was a known risk factor early in the course of the breakout, and yet Cuomo only reversed his edict three days ago. Too late. The fire was set and allowed to burn.

    In California, autopsies detected coronavirus in two individuals who had died at home, pushing back Santa Clara County’s first known cases to February, almost a month earlier than previously reported. On April 30, the CDC made recommendations specifically for coronavirus testing during postmortem exams.

    In New York, a tally of nursing- and adult-care home deaths jumped to 5,215 as of Wednesday with both confirmed and presumed cases being counted. That’s up from a total of 3,653 deaths the state had reported as of April 28. New Jersey on April 30 reported 458 deaths, its biggest daily tally, which added earlier fatalities newly ruled as virus-related. Officials said the new figure included nursing-home residents, but they didn’t know how many.

    Both states are conducting broad inquiries amid reports of improperly stored bodies, scarce personal protective-equipment and poor communication with families and officials.

    --Bloomberg News

    And then we received news of transgender Health Secretary Richard "Rachel" Levine. This person decided that his mother was in danger in Pennsylvania, where former COVID+ patients are allowed to live in nursing homes, 65% of the state's total death toll occurred in senior care facilities.

    So Levine moved his mother out of her nursing home after ordering facilities like hers to accept coronavirus patients.

    Nice move, Dick. Richard "Rachel" Levine.

    Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.
    These are "public health officials" appointed by Democratic governors.
    These people are steering the COVID response in several states.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    […] Timeline Of Blame: Cuomo & De Blasio Are Soaked In Blood […]


    Stupid is as stupid does. Elections have consequences and you got screwed royally. Remember that in November but sadly the sheep won't. So, I don't feel sorry for them.


    There won't be consequences for Cuomo the Knuckle-Dragger! Are you kidding? There are still more than enough Gimmes in NYC who have been bribed with "entitlements" (to include driver licenses for illegals...which they use to register to vote) to keep him being reelected into infinity. NYS is a permanent hostage to this Leftist clown.

    Oliver Clozoff

    There's an excellent case to be made against Cuomo for criminally negligent homicide for sending patients with active cases of COVID-19 into nursing homes except for one troubling detail. He included body bags with the patients, which means he knew his action would result in numerous deaths. That changes it from criminally negligent homicide to premeditated mass murder,

    […] Timeline Of Blame: Cuomo & De Blasio Are Soaked In Blood […]

    Marshall Gill

    Oliver Clozoff, I don't really think that is an exaggeration. He knew that it would cause people to die but thought that he could lay the blame on Trump. From all appearances, it is working with a lot of the population.

    […] Timeline Of Blame: Cuomo & De Blasio Are Soaked In Blood […]


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