• How Coronavirus Was Started And Spread: Globalism's Hail Mary Pass

    March 31, 2020
    Jerry Lewis. Image: YouTube

    Not since 9/11 have I heard so many people expressing disbelief over an "official story." Mass media loyally parrot the "wet market" narrative, that the Chinese coronavirus occurred organically, a byproduct of unhygienic conditions.

    It's just a coincidence that the wet market is a few miles from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It's just happenstance that the virus arrived the moment it became clear the Trump impeachment would fail. Just a fluke that it reached the U.S. the moment Trump had the Chinese Communist Party on its knees through tariffs and trade. Just dumb luck that it arrived once the Hong Kong protests showed no signs of fading away, and news of the movement had begun to spread to the mainland.

    That said, I get it. "Bat soup" origin stories are tempting. The West has long viewed China as a nation lacking an essentially human element. Of course it's overcrowded, and many of its citizens lack basic hygiene. Spitting in the street is as much a part of the culture as chopsticks. Singer Morrissey once referred to the Chinese as "a subspecies" for their treatment of animals.

    It's a place where individual life is undervalued. Indeed, this is the society that fostered the double-hit car accident, where it is legally preferable to finish off an injured pedestrian by driving over him again than to face him in court.

    The reason everyone keeps saying that this feels fishy: because it is. It's fishier than quarantined Madonna singing about fried fish.

    Bill Gates, the CCP, and the WHO

    Bill Gates met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping several times in 2015. That year--2015--is vitally important for a number of reasons. Their meetings allegedly involved "online security." That's what leading scientists refer to as "major bullshit."

    Gates is a businessman nonpareil. Surely he recognized that China was ascendent, the next global hegemon. He moved to secure relations between the two empires. Not as an ambassador of the U.S., but of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that gargantuan globalist philanthropy machine.

    What was on Gates' mind back in 2015? A virus that would kill millions of people. Watch the video below, it's from a TED talk Gates gave that same year. It's a frighteningly accurate picture of the world we live in now.

    What was on Xi Jinping's mind back in 2015? Viruses. That was the year he opened the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Yes, the very same.

    A globalist dream team was born. Gates and the CCP: one hand washes the other. A figure like Gates would be invaluable to China's One Belt, One Road initiative. Huawei's 5G expansion into Europe is a task diplomatically and technologically tailor made for Gates.

    Who could inspire more confidence in a European head of state re: a plan by which China becomes the gatekeeper of all digital communication? How about the man who built Microsoft? Conversely, Gates surely wanted a seat at the One World Government table with Xi, Angela Merkel, and Hillary Clinton, the presumptive president in 2015.

    Enter Donald John Trump.

    Prescription: Redpills

    It's commonplace among Trump supporters to talk about his election as "dodging a bullet" for America. That bullet keeps getting larger and less figurative. First it was the Russiagate soft coup, then the Ukrainegate sham impeachment, now Chinavirus. The dodged bullet looks more like a warhead.

    If you're unfamiliar with the 16 Year Plan, this is as good a place to start as any. CDMedia does not endorse all the views espoused by the 16 Year gang, but at its core, elements of it are unfolding before our eyes. It posits that the long term plan of the Obama-Hillary team (2 terms each = 16 years) was to weaken America's hold on global power in order to create a singular world government.

    It's a bit of conspiracy, sure. But did we see the rise of Islamic nuclear states under Obama? The weakening of our military? Of course. And we heard Clinton's pledges of amnesty for five million illegal aliens from the campaign trail in 2015.

    Regardless of any one interpretation of leftist wish lists, the drive to build a One World Government is real. It's the end goal of globalism. To get there, they will absolutely crash the global economy in an effort to stem the tide of nationalism that the Trump election inspired around the world.

    Brexit was a jarring blow to the Davos crowd. In Europe, Hungary and Poland have embraced national sovereignty. The election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil stands as a repudiation of Venezuela's ugly experiment. Virtually all of Latin America (minus Mexico) has moved toward the Westphalian model and away from the siren's cry of socialism.

    It's worth remembering that Trump's America First policies are at the root of nationalism's surge around the world. The timing was providential, given what forces were aligning in 2015.

    It's Different This Time. Why?

    Back to our current mess, the latest attempt to thwart Trump/nationalism. How did we reach this point? What was the origin of this virus? Why was it unleashed, and why did world leaders react to it so differently than they did to H1N1, SARS, and Ebola?

    Everyone's playing the blame game these days. Most theories are utter rubbish, especially those that pin it on Trump. In three years, he had built an economy that was, in his own words, the envy of the world. In an election year, the economy was Trump's trump card. He wanted this virus about as much as a kiss from Rosie O'Donnell.

    The competing theories at this time:

    • Bat soup. Awfully convenient for the CCP, and amazing how quickly this became the narrative.
    • Someone at the WIV contracted or otherwise accidentally spread it (aka "Wuhan Flu on the bottom of my shoe"). It's possible, and would explain the short distance between the lab and market.
    • The Shincheonji cult spread it. The initial outbreak was most concentrated among one population: members of the nominally Christian cult, Shincheonji. Read more here.
    • Intentional spread by the CCP. For reasons discussed below.

    The news of a virus outbreak in China came right before its busiest travel season, the Lunar New Year. Concerned global citizens turned an eye to the World Health Organization (WHO). What did they hear? The soothing platitudes of one Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General.

    Why was global reaction to the outbreak muted? Because the WHO said "no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission". Was it a simple error, a mistake made in the fog of fear?

    Or was it intentionally misleading, the first shot fired in an asymmetric, biological war?

    I'll Mishandle You

    When you hear people say, "Trump mishandled COVID response," tell them this: Jan. 14 the WHO said no person-to-person. Just two weeks later, at the end of January, he banned travel to and from China anyway. Predictably, he was labeled a xenophobe, and ridiculed by Democrats who were telling people to carry on as usual.

    Bill de Blasio is a seething globalist foot soldier following his embarrassing presidential bid flameout. He is hated by Republicans and Democrats, so it's no surprise he'd be willing to sacrifice the very people who elected him. Not only did he tell New Yorkers to go about their daily lives during three separate press conferences, most recently two weeks ago, he also kept public schools open after he knew of teachers testing positive for the virus.

    These are the actions of a psychopath. This is further proof that public schools are a device, a dear tool of the far left. It's not merely liberal indoctrination about identity and sexuality. It's a powerful platform in times of crisis. It can be used to move the agenda on a number of issues. That's why they cling to a broken system rather than allow the competition of charter schools.

    From autistic teen Greta Thunberg to David Hogg to the photo of Alan Kurdi, the drowned Syrian child on the shore in Turkey (also 2015), the left is shameless in its use of children as props to sway public sentiment toward the goals of globalism.

    Recall the camp uncovered in New Mexico where children were being trained to commit school shootings. Children are fodder for leftists.

    Coordinated "Leadership"

    Stories of inaction like de Blasio's abound around the world. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau allowed flights from hotspots Iran and China to land in Canada as recently as March 16th. That was the same day that Angela Merkel finally relented, closing Germany's borders to non-citizens. Sweden, for its part, is testing the "it's just a flu, bro" approach. The prime minister, Stefan Löfven, has refused to impose any lockdown measures.

    So, the most globalist-inclined countries around the world maintained open borders until the public howls reached a crescendo. On the same day?

    If you read nothing else in this article, read the Twitter thread below by the lovely, brave, and wise beyond her years "L." If you're on Twitter, I highly suggest you follow her @SomeBitchIKnow. She's a rising star with real world bona fides.

    Click the thread above--must read for the rest of this to make sense.

    The WHO-han Flu

    Pretty amazing stuff, no? It's telling that Gates wants everyone in the world to have traceable vaccines, for one. Was the presentation of "A World At Risk" one month before the outbreak a dumbshow, a synopsis peek at what his partnership with Xi was planning to roll out? I'd love to see a guest list, and see if they profited individually as a result of attending.

    Bill Gates has given over $2 billion to the WHO since he began contributing in the '90s. China is responsible for 30% of the WHO budget. It's not a "world" health agency. It's a pay-to-play tool shared by the few who can afford it. Of Gates, Politico writes, "He is treated liked a head of state, not only at the WHO, but also at the G20."

    He is a head of state. Worth over $100 billion, Gates is his own country.

    While it's true that the U.S. is still the biggest contributor, covering half of the WHO budget, Trump proposed halving that amount in February. In other words, the U.S. was on its way out as the top WHO donor as the coronavirus was breaking out.

    What a brave new world if one of the richest men on the planet has teamed up with Chinese communists. They proceed to take over the World Health Organization, seating their guy, the first non-MD to hold the position (Dr. Ghebreyesus has a PhD). A virus occurs naturally, or is released, and Chinese Lunar New Year accelerates global transmission.

    So why the use of a less lethal virus, if this is in fact intentional? Two reasons come to mind. The goal wasn't destruction, just a reset. Disrupting Hong Kong protests, wounding Trump's gangbusters economy and hopefully damaging his chances at reelection.

    It would also act as a dry run: how effectively could a more lethal virus be spread if the goal were to change to population reduction? After all, it's a central tenet of the Green New Deal. Not just population stabilization, but reduction. Now any interested actors have their modeling, and it was provided to them for free.

    But...we already have an effective treatment

    In the meantime, advocates for chloroquine (and its derivative, hydroxychloroquine) are being muzzled by the media. A drastic reduction in deaths simply isn't palatable to rabid Trump haters. Also, people need to be good and scared so they're sure to go get the eventual vaccine.

    Who will sell that vaccine? Very likely Moderna, a biotech funded by, you guessed it, the Gates Foundation. They have been studying coronaviruses for some time now. You could say they have a head start. They also work on HIV drugs like the kinds that have been found to be effective in treating COVID-19. One of the four drugs being fast-tracked by the WHO just happens to be made by...Moderna.

    It looks an awful lot like same folks who may have infected the world are now seeking to profit from the cure.

    Hope lives on, however. Even CNN printed a bit of truth on the subject. In what is otherwise a hit piece on chloroquine (title: "Trump says this drug has 'tremendous promise,' but Fauci's not spending money on it"), one Elizabeth Cohen writes:

    Hydroxychloroquine, on the other hand, is an inexpensive generic drug made by several companies, so no one company stands to make much money off it.

    "There are financial drivers in this system," said Dr. Kevin Tracey, president of the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell. "I think that's just the reality, frankly."


    Of course, that nugget is buried near the end of the piece (but not quite the very end), the least-read section of any article. The same place you are in this piece. It's not burying the lede, it's more like hiding an Easter egg.

    When CNN or other mainstream outlets start to slip little bits of truth into the mix, it's cover-your-ass journalism. They have to provide bits of truth so they have something to reference when their prevailing narrative withers in the light of truth. It's cowardly, yet effective. See, we reported that pharmaceutical money was keeping the life-saving drug out of suffering hands! It's right here in our archives!

    Miscalculation: Globalism's Failings Laid Bare

    The irony of this Hail Mary Virus? It has exposed the fault of globalized supply chains, where the manufacture of crucial supplies and medicine takes place behind the borders of a corrupt communist state.

    It has potentially revealed an unholy alliance between Bill Gates and the evil empire that is the CCP. It may have exposed the enormity of the attempted power grab by technocrats, and the danger of putting more power into fewer hands. It has shown any bad actors to thin the herd. It has displayed the coldhearted "logic" of the Green New Deal.The very system our would-be overlords espouse is fundamentally flawed.

    They tossed the Hail Mary, the pass has fallen incomplete. It's halftime in the Corona Bowl, and so far, no one is winning.


    Court Anderson

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    I used to be a regular reader of CDM, but this is article is just Wuhan bat shit crazy.
    If CDW thinks this type of content is "Honest" and "In Depth" they're out of their mind.
    Quit your job, become a fiction writer, you'd be better off.
    I, on the other hand, will go find more "honest" and "in depth" reporting from the guy down the street waving "The End Id Near" sign....
    You lost this reader, permanently.


    like the rest of the pudding heads
    don does not support his statements with links or facts or photos
    typical troll
    0 credibility
    as they say in the bronx ...
    good riddance to bad rubbish

    there is some "good reporting" here
    mix this with the info from george webb and it begins to come together


    Hard hitting and scary.
    You are a pu$$y cuz you don't have the balls to say Red-Chinese-WHOhan Virus !!


    @pcPHAGE - you mean, like your Red-Chinese-MAGA-Hat? Yeah, flip it over, made in China.

    Peter Gain

    This whole post is like reading a rant from a paranoid schizophrenic. You know, like that dude at the corner, with the 40oz in a brown paper bag? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he wrote this.

    Be A Man

    And can we just take one second to recognize that in the middle of one of the worst viral outbreaks America has ever seen, with 185,000 Americans infected, 4,000 Americans dead with months of death left to come, congress had to literally pass a law specifying that the President of the United States, himself, specifically, was not legally allowed to use the aid funds to enrich himself?

    I mean just think about what history will make of this. He's so fucking atrocious that Congress had to legislate, into law, that he is not allowed to pilfer aid money for his own shitty hotels.

    No thinking human being would allow Trump to run a cash register at a lemonade stand, never mind the purse strings of a $500 billion slush fund.

    Why? I'll count the reasons until I get tired, because they're nearly infinite:

    Trump ran on being the best and richest business person ever. How about HE uses the billions of dollars he has and continually brags about having to pay his workers salaries for a few months?

    He has a very well documented lifetime history of tax fraud and tax schemes: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html

    He has a very well documented history of insurance fraud and claiming damage to his properties that doesn't exist to make millions in profit: https://apnews.com/1fefeef4a4e84fa4af6441f4b6d221f0/Trump-took-$17-million-in-insurance-for-damage-few-remember

    The Trump family has stolen money from a children's charity to enrich themselves: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2019/12/23/best-stories-of-the-decade-how-donald-trump-shifted-kids-cancer-charity-money-into-his-business/#5178dedb4779

    Trump has continuously violated the emoluments clause of the constitution and comitted egregious raids of taxpayer dollars, spending the equivalent of 300 years of Presidential salary on golf alone, most of it at his own properties:

    If Trump had fulfilled his constitutional duty in divesting from control of his business, as every other President has done before him, and had not conducted himself in an appallingly corrupt manner for three years, this mandate would not have been necessary.

    And the coup-de-grace: he got impeached last year for withholding aid money made up of taxpayer funds from a US ally to bully them into investigating and digging up dirt on his likely 2020 political opponent. On what he claims was a 'perfect' phone call. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/16/trump-administration-broke-law-in-withholding-ukraine-aid.html

    So, needless to say, there has almost certainly never been anyone in the history of the world more in need of laws to prevent him from stealing money from people in need to enrich himself.

    A fact that even Republican Senators under the clawed control of Mitch McConnell were forced to concede when they agreed to pass this provision.

    As always, Trump is the master of his own disaster, and there's no reason to enable him to use a crisis to funnel potentially billions of dollars into his pocket with zero oversight.

    Bootstraps, eh, Republicans?

    After all, what does it say about capitalism if the best and most brilliant businessman, master of 4d chess, has to raid billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to keep his hotels running after barely a few weeks of no revenue?


    Meh.... More grasping at straws. The world is suffering from an unprecedented virus and all this author can do to find salve is moan like an even more deranged Alex Jones. I don't why I bothered to read this tabloid crap.

    John Acord

    I see the CCP trolls are out in mass to critique this analysis without citing any supporting facts whatsoever, only the usual ad hominem bile combined with vitriol scavenged from CCP propaganda. The reporting is brilliant and well researched and I will see that tit is distributed to my own readers, associates and friends and encourage them to send it along to their contacts. The word has to get out that the entire CCP Virus (I adopt the terms encouraged by my Chinese friends at the Epoch Times) was created by the CCP, and a deliberately executed hit on any nation, people and economy the CCP intends to destroy. It is also a call to action. How, long can we of the West allow this purely evil regime to exist? It must be annihilated or they will do it again.


    Cheap shot Liberal---that hurt my feelings.
    Of course there is the antibiotics that only come from China and a bunch of other stuff
    that you can't get from anywhere else.
    This is plan A of the Globalists.---are they your boys?
    Plan B is the WHOhan Flu ? As intimated above.
    Is RED-CHINESE racist Mr. Lib? Sounds like you disapprove.
    Check me out on GAB = @pc_PHAGE.
    I'll kick your a$$ at 20 paces.


    I want to reply to liberator, but my replyt got displaced!!!
    HTF do you put a reply next to the comment?
    Friggen crap---no directions.

    Commonsense with a high IQ

    Regarding the comments from those above: Oh, the putrid stench of Liberal desperation!

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the programmed liberal masses.

    […] CDMedia has reported on the funding and research ties between Bill Gates and the CCP, and further, between Gates and the WHO. We have also reported on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in developing COVID-19 through gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Looking back, China’s claim that the U.S. is responsible for the virus isn’t as ridiculous as it once seemed. After all, Fauci is an American citizen. […]

    […] CDMedia has reported on the funding and research ties between Bill Gates and the CCP, and further, between Gates and the WHO. We have also reported on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in developing COVID-19 through gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Looking back, China’s claim that the U.S. is responsible for the virus isn’t as ridiculous as it once seemed. After all, Fauci is an American citizen. […]

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