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    "Canadian Epstein" Had His Prostitute Girlfriend Rape His Teen Sons

    August 17, 2020
    Peter Nygard. Image: YouTube

    Meet Peter Nygard, Finnish-Canadian fashion mogul. He is a self-described hedonist and anti-aging advocate with a long list of sexual assault accusers. Worth nearly $1 billion, he also owns an island estate known for debauched "pamper parties" with underage girls.

    The 79 year-old is the former CEO of Nygard International, Canada's largest maker of women's apparel. He was forced to step down as chairman after the FBI raided his New York City headquarters in February after ten women filed a lawsuit alleging that Nygard plied girls as young as 14 with alcohol and drugs before raping them. He is also accused of maintaining a sex trafficking ring.

    Sound familiar?

    The Epstein parallels don't end with a penchant for pedophilia. Nygard is friends with the disgraced Prince Andrew--not to mention Robert DeNiro and Oprah--all of whom have visited his estate in the Bahamas, on tony Lyford Cay.

    Pedos sure love Mayan architecture. Nygard Cay. Screencap: YouTube

    The latest accusation against Nygard comes from his own family, which is itself veiled in mystery. Nygard is believed to have eight to ten children from four to eight women, and as many as five wives. Today, two of his sons filed suit against their father for enlisting his girlfriend, a professional sex worker, to rape them when they were 15 and 14 year-old virgins, respectively. The elder son was raped in 2004, the younger in 2018. Allegedly, it was Nygard's hope that the encounters would "make a man" out of each son.


    The sons, named only as John Does in the suit, have hired the same legal firm as Nygard's ten female accusers. The amount they are seeking in damages is unspecified. As the NY Post reports, the older brother came forward after learning that his younger brother had experienced the same assault that he had fourteen years prior.

    In the lawsuit, the older of the two sons alleges that he was raped by the woman when he was 15 years old at his father’s Bahamas residence in 2004.

    He said there was “shame” and “very little understanding” at the time of the sexual assault.

    “It’s one of those things that when you look back at it, I see the pattern of it — that it happened with my younger brother — that’s when it struck me,” he told CBC News.

    A Side of Bacon

    One man who is likely celebrating the lurid demise of Nygard: recently retired hedge fund tycoon Louis Bacon. Bacon owns the property abutting Nygard's, and their legal battles are the stuff of legend.

    Bacon, a billionaire who started the wildly successful Moore Capital Management with a small inheritance from his mother, is a conservationist at heart. He funds and sits on the board of Save the Bays, a nonprofit with a mission to preserve the Bahamas.

    Save the Bays accused Nygard of illegally enlarging his property by dredging in 2013, setting off a series of ridiculous capers involving hacking, cocaine, and the KKK.

    In one 2015 suit, Nygard accused Bacon of floating $50,000 worth of cocaine in the waters just off shore only to have it wash up in Bacon’s own backyard. Bacon followed up with a defamation suit accusing Nygard of masterminding a “malicious” smear campaign that linked him to the Ku Klux Klan.

    The bickering has been so prolific that it produced court actions from New York to London to Los Angeles, where a former Nygard employee was accused of stealing video footage for Bacon’s benefit.

    The men have each denied the other’s claims.

    The litigation took its most recent turn on Nov. 15, [2019] when the Bahamas Supreme Court sentenced Nygard, [then] 76, to 90 days in prison and fined him $150,000 over his alleged theft of confidential e-mails from a Bacon-sponsored environmental group.


    It looks increasingly likely that Bacon will be rid of his neighbor for a long time, perhaps forever.



    Court Anderson

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    Nobody N. Particular

    Why hasn't he been castrated yet? This man needs death by exsanguination by having his member cut off.


    The poor, poor boys. I am sure they were just traumatized, devastated, to be forced to have sex with a woman at age 15.
    At least they scent an easy way to get money now. Hey, if it works for females, why not males too? Everyone would be appalled if it had been a 15 year old girl instead, so LEGALLY, they got rights!


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