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Court Releases Information On Bill Clinton’s Alleged Trips To Pedo Island…Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz Also Implicated…Bureau Did Nothing For Years On Child Rape Claims

CD Media Staff
Court Releases Information On Bill Clinton's Alleged Trips To Pedo Island, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz Also Implicated...Bureau Did Nothing For Years On Child Rape Claims....

What To Make Of Wayfair? Ask Ellen, Hanks, Chrissy Teigen…Or Ghislaine

CD Media Staff
In the crime no one wants to admit is real, the latest piece of the global child trafficking puzzle is Wayfair. What, if anything, should...

Ed Buck, Tru-Day-O, Blasey-Ford, NYT, Nadler Exposed = Fresh “Presidential Harassment” For Trump

Court Anderson
Overall, it has been a very good week for conservatives. Another mega-donor leftist pedophile busted, new holes in Blasey-Ford’s already tattered Kavanaugh story, disgrace for...

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