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    Why Our Foreign And Domestic Enemies Want Trump Gone

    November 29, 2020
    Why Our Foreign And Domestic Enemies Want Trump Gone

    It's obvious why the Chinese Communist Party wants Trump gone. He's stopped the 100 Year Marathon of Chinese subterfuge to undermine America and make her a vassal state. He has also threatened the underpinnings of the mercantilist Chinese economy, a house of cards that depends on the American dumping ground for cheaply made, sub-par Chinese Goods.

    President Xi cannot let Trump stay in power or he loses the 'mandate from heaven', or the divine justification for Xi's totalitarian state. At the end of the day, Chinese elites have made a bargain with the devil -- give the CCP political control and legitimacy in exchange for wealth and overseas access. This is what keeps the CCP in power...lose it and Xi is relegated to the trash bin of history.

    And, Xi is very afraid of losing it - hence the attempted coordinated action against Trump.

    The Iranian connection to the coup attempt is obvious. Tehran's grip on power is dying due to Trump geopolitical pressure. POTUS completely reversed the Obama collusion with the murderous mullahs, the pathway to getting the regime the bomb. Trump has applied severe economic pressure as well, snuffing out the billions in graft every year the mullahs commit against the helpless Iranian people. Regime change is also in the administration's playbook. The mullahs know it is only a matter of time.

    The curious entry into this discussion is the Russian Federation. We have not heard much about Russian involvement against Trump during the last few years; the Kremlin prefers to remain in the shadows. However, no one has been tougher against Russia's activities overseas that Donald J. Trump. From the launching of missiles in Syria, the killing of hundreds of Russian mercenaries by America Special Operations air power in the Levant, the shutting down of the Nord Stream II pipeline carrying Russian gas into Germany, sanctions, and on and on and on. Although the Kremlin would preferred not to be dealing with such a tough American leader, a Biden Administration will for sure return to the Russia! Russia! Russia! narrative of the Mueller fake investigation.

    We at CDMedia have always tried to explain the Russian enigma as best we could. On one hand Putin would prefer a leader that is open to working together in some areas, as Trump surely is, but Putin does not want such a tough negotiator sitting across the geopolitical table.

    Yesterday, Lt General Thomas McInerney declared in an interview he had proof of Russian involvement in the coup from the servers acquired via the U.S. military in Germany. This is the first we have heard of this and will be looking out for more details and will report as we come across.

    As far as our domestic enemies are concerned, they are literally fighting for their corrupt lives. If Trump is inaugurated, they go to prison, hundreds, maybe thousands of them. They know this. Hence, the coordination with the Chicoms, the Iranians, etc. As we have said many times on these pages, the Obama administration was the most corrupt in history, literally treasonous, selling us out to Islamic extremists, Chinese communists, and the communist movement in general. They cannot let Trump exist, or they die metaphorically, as they should.

    One thing is for sure, there is much going on that we the public do not know. CDMedia will try our best to bring the truth as we see it.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Great that I found a news media that reports truth.


    This is a war that has many elements to it that needs to be really fleshed out. IMO, Trump will be re-elected when the fraud is brought before the SCOTUS and the evidence is ;aid out. There will be the obvious split with Roberts siding with the communists. No surprise.

    Once Trump has won and been inaugurated he will, IMO, set the dogs loose to go after the perpetrators of this coup attempt. So questions arise that need answers.

    IMO the biggest questions that need answers are finding out which globalists funded this coup attempt. Which politicals, regardless of political affiliation, knew and worked with the coup plotters and bring them to justice. When the evidence from the severs is examined and shows the bad actor nations involved then hammer them harder with every sanction to available to apply to their leadership.

    Its a war and shots fired should be responded to with dull force. Its a multifaceted war with a biological first shot from China followed up by a cyber/psyop by enemies within the wire being supported by enemies outside the wire. Ferret out the enemies within then go after the enemies outside the wire. Enemies left within just run sabotage ops, they need to be taken out first, piglosi, shumer, shift for brains. flaccid fauci, rinos all and the zombies that helped execute the fraud, ie poll workers who committed the physical crimes.

    Time to roll up the sleeves Mr Trump, appoint the some real cleaners and clean house top to bottom. Start by firing Haspel, Wray and Barr, then appoint real patriot warriors and set'm loose. git'r done....


    Opposition (artificial based on a false speech Putin = communism) and supposed collusion (with DJ Trump) were both fomented by the Globalists. You have to follow the right trail and not get lost. The first essential question to ask about this planetary coup d'état is who is a Globalist? and who is not.
    Galvany's eagerness to congratulate Biden and Putin's caveat is more than telling. Putin is in the camp of the patriots. Trump is fighting for the people, but in foreign policy he and many other patriots may have been fooled. Need we remind you to what extent the CIA (very influential in biased intelligence) + part of the FBI is playing its own part in favor of the Globalists. Misinformation and emotional and irrational thinking are their favorite weapons.
    Almost all the European leaders who are members of the Brussels buraucracy are totalitarian communists and act against their respective peoples, under the leadership of the same entity which both keeps us under the yoke and which fomented the "coup" US.
    I don't think Putin is playing this card.

    Friendships to the American people. (Sorry for my poor English).
    I am a French anti-globalist patriot.

    White Eagle

    Its always been 'Russia, Russia, Russia'... they have been a convient scape goat and distraction from the Democratic corruption in the Ukraine, in fact for a while interfering with it and the Fascist militias trying to mass murder the ethnic Russians in Western Ukraine. Don't think the Russians would want Biden as president over Trump. That doesn't mean that they would NOT try and hack into our intelligence servers, as we might theirs as well. And all our sanctions efficiently pushed them into making trade and other agreements with China too. Russia warned the US when, in their survailance, they saw message traffic that was indicative of a political assassination about to go down. Obama, according to the article, ignored it. Seth Richards was then murdered. Putin stated that if the sanctions, including the illegal throwing of diplomats out of their embesy , continued, he would let the world know who was responsible for 911, and he ended up doing so, in his own way ("We were not the ones who...' and proceeded to mention the placement of small nuclear charges). Israel is spoiling for us to attack Iran, and to use US citizens for cannon fodder in another war. Don't forget the 7 nations in 5 years bit. Or the attack on the USS Liberty. They are the ally we cant turn our back on, for more than one reason. And as for Iran, we can trust an Islamic run nation, but look at what we did to Libya and Gadaffi? He disavowed terrorism, scrapped his own nuclear program, Obama shook hands with him, and we /NATO/France murdered both him and his country. Iran is NOT going to trust us, or give up their own nuclear program. Too bad there was not protest or blocking of the construction of their nuclear reactor by France and Russia both when it was first being planned and started out. Or that all the commies in our own government and Europe didn't aid the Shah in his last years denying him both medical help and refuge. Or that we aided the Taliban in Afghanistan over the Northern Alliance, leading them on until they didn't agree with allowing a pipeline though their country. Its a big , tangled web we need to untangle, and hopefully there will be no more manipulation ofPresident Trump into making a strike against either Iran or Syria over another false flag, We need to clean our own house FIRST.

    White Eagle

    Note...don't see a way to edit, but ... CAN'T not can, trust an Islamic ruled Nation. But at the same time, it seems we must never totally trust any nation, government, or Politian, but question and confirm everything. The level of corruption and deception is mind boggling.


    White Eagle.
    The DEMs strategy should be called "OPERATION GASLIGHT"


    There might be another important reason if Trump falls.
    AG Barr stabbed Trump in the back by refusing to look into election irregularities anymore than superficially and dismissed Trump's claims.
    The reasons may be similar to those that brought down the USSR---Nuclear Weapons in the context of a civil war.
    When Boris Yeltsin stood on that tank he set the stage for a civil war.
    Gorbachev knew the possible consequences.
    Civil Wars can be the most vicious and hateful of wars, and it would be inevitable, with a country awash in nuclear weapons, that they would be used.
    Command and control would be paralyzed and the possibility of an irrational launch at the USA would be high.
    The top leadership must have decided that the threat of self-destruction was greater than the threat of the USA.
    And so we have a similar situation today in America.
    The Democrats have instilled a hysteria in their Black Mask Militia and in the country at large.
    They threaten chaos in which insanity will rule and self-destruction would be horrific if the dogs of war were unleashed.
    I think some of the GOP leadership, like Gorbachev, have decided that defeat is better than destruction.
    Of course these RINOs are the epitome of cowardly corruption, so we will never know if they could have stared down the commie DEMs.

    Show me

    Reply to Brian. I have no illusions that the Supreme Court can or even want to pull a Trump victory out of the hat.
    They are behind closed doors with no accountability to anyone.


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