GOOGLE Is Down...Is This An Algo Reset Or Strike Against Election Fraud?

December 14, 2020
GOOGLE Went Down Across The Board This Morning...The Question Is Why?

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This morning all Google properties went down, across the board. They have just come back up as of writing this article.

The question is why?

Google never goes down, especially not across all of its systems. However, the entire system goes down 4 days before the DNI report on election foreign interference is to be released. There are no coincidences.

We have no proof of any wrongdoing; however, the timing is epic.

Our cyber investigator George Eliason writes...

Within the last hour Google web properties all went dark. Google has been promising to expunge any discussion of election fraud from its properties starting today.

Is this a reaction to the Anti-Trust suit brought against Google by the US government? The timing couldn’t be worse for Google. Although the mega-company’s properties were back up within an hour it raises questions due to the timing of the DNI report due about election fraud and the Anterim County court proceedings to allow digital evidence to be released publically.

With tensions this high across the country, anomalous glitches in the information system have to be addressed. We’re all waiting for Google to address the issue.

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10 comments on “GOOGLE Is Down...Is This An Algo Reset Or Strike Against Election Fraud?”

  1. The sun rose in the east this morning. Coincidence? I think not. Conspiracy? It must be.
    We have no evidence of anything but thought we should spew conjecture anyway. Rise up people.
    This gets more stupid by the moment.

  2. Google has violated law and the Constitution in a secret censoring process using book copyrights and has been caught taking orders from the State of Arizona to cause that censorship with the victim being THE UNITED STATES 9TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS. What they have done in the election pales to what they did to the court. Hell is on the way. will return the details in numerous inside information reports

  3. Sun rises It's real deal with it clown, demorats going down hard. Bet you're glad you chose to be a libitard loser who cheats to get what they want.

  4. fyi search never went down all the rest did for about 45 minutes... this actually probably means nothing but some poor sap typing the wrong character

  5. is working now. And I'm sure their nefarious plans of censorship haven't this was some kind of "strike against election fraud" it was a laughable failure. The presidential election is still stolen by the Democrats, and the runoffs are still on-schedule to BE stolen by the Democrats. So it was a sad "strike" if that's what it was.

  6. Sun went down in the west this evening. Has that ever happened before? I think the solar system is in on it and had to bring darkness to hide its actions. Morons

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