• Fight Now Or Be A Slave

    December 11, 2020

    President Trump Should Declare Insurrection And Impose Martial Law Until We Can Investigate And Hold Traitors Accountable, Then Have New Election

    Fight Now Or Be A Slave
    Execution of Chinese Dissident

    "A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."
    John Stuart Mill


    Hillary Clinton was so surprised! 'But we had Dominion!' she thought. 'I was going to be president!'

    Doesn't it all make so much sense now?

    Obama was brought in to begin the work of destroying America; Hillary was to finish the job.

    But then came Trump, and the Chinese-funded 'resistance' began. And, oh what a 'resistance' it has been. The corporate media, DOJ, FBI, parts of DOD, Silicon Valley all have been involved all the way through the 'election'.

    Much of our Federal government is compromised, as our investigative reporter George Eliason so artfully said, "Their hands are caught in Fang Fang's cookie jar".

    CDMedia is being de-platformed and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here! 

    There is a simple truth all patriotic Americans must face -- we fight now or we will live as slaves to the Chinese Communist Party.

    Never in my life did I think I would ever write those words, but I just did.

    It's not a cliche -- every veteran alive today swore an oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies...they are in our midst, among us, destroying our republic. It is up to our generation now.

    We cannot accept this 'election'. This is a blatant lie.

    They are coming for your guns next. They will systematically put us in camps, those wiling to fight for freedom that is. China has much experience doing this.

    If we don't fight now, we will live as slaves. There will not be 'another day'.

    The fight is...NOW! The conspiracy theorists were right all along.

    Hold the line!

    Go to a rally! Get in your state legislator's face - make them have a backbone. They are scared little traitorous children. Organize a group of patriots for communication purposes. Resist these diabolical lockdowns meant to enslave your family.


    Buy a gun, or two, or three while you still can.

    Prepare for the worst.

    And fight like Hell!

    It's here folks. We must face reality. Expect to be demonized. Expect to be persecuted. Expect to be targeted. But, fight anyway.

    President Trump must invoke the Insurrection Act and declare the election illegal. We must investigate and hold the traitors accountable. Then we can hold a new election. President Trump was born for this moment. He does not want to go down in history as the man who lost America to communists.

    There will be those who choose to cooperate with the Chicoms, in exchange for luxury and safety, just as the Tories of old did in 1774.

    I choose to fight for freedom. There are millions like me.

    Patriots rise!



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    rickey ricardo

    In response to Paul Duffany: You are exactly right. Unforunately, Trump was a real estate developer, an executive, a marketer and a reality TV show producer. He neither understood what needed to be done, nor had the stones to actually do it. An exceptionally competent and a good man, to all appearances truly a decent human being, he lacked any real understanding of power. Unforunately, Trump simply lacked the type of historic "Stretch" as well as the ability to grow into what needed to be done. All of history's great men were the better part monster in service to power, which is the harshest of masters. Trump proved to be soft and weak where hard and strong are required.

    It has come down to whether the President intends to do his duty, whatever is necessary to defend & protect the constitution as per his oath of office. We both know he won't.

    Far too long now, the American people have confused Trump's willingness to stand up for America & her people with him actually fighting, which he has never done. He has advocated for us & worked like hell on our behalf, confronted the media & the establishment, tweeted to communicate while they allowed it. He even held rallies & performed whirlwind tours with super human endurance and energy.

    But he has never fought, not ever, not once, not the CIA, NSA, DHS, DOD, FBI, DOJ, FISA Courts, Silicone Valley's big tech, Wall Street. Truth be told, The President hasn't struck a single blow, not a lick. He adopted a hands-off policy deferring to Barr & Durham, refused to fire Sessions, refused to act as his own Attorney General, refused to appoint special prosecutors.

    Trump has always played by the rules & against all odds & as he thought best, as he saw ans undersood reality. We all see where that has taken us and him. This fraud is blatant, so outrageous one hardly knows where to begin, which it appears is of no import since no one seems willing, or able to do anything about it.

    The question now is does Trump finally then have the stones as well as the wherewithal to do his duty to protect & defend the constitution? Will he fight? Has he a contingency plan? Does he know, if the military will follow, do their duty? Can he isolate the Joint Chiefs, the DOD? Is he prepared to meet violence in the street, innate mass arrests of big tech titans & their employees, Wall Street's board rooms, the media broadcasters, take control of network and cable broadcasting stations? Is there one person in America who thinks he will do any of these things?

    Trump has managed to awaken & unite a vast majority of America's people, his supporters. Will he find the personal commitment, courage & dedication to mobilize & utilize them? Or will America be forever lost?

    What is the President waiting for? The only realistic course of action is an executive assumption of emergency powers, a declaration of martial law under national emergency due to an attempted coup replete with foreign interference.

    The courts can't & won't save the President. The best possible court outcome was for the Supreme Court to declare the election invalid due to rampant illegality & send it to Congress where the GOP will almost certainly betray the President & the republic, still again. A blind man can see that much. Realistically, there are only two options:

    1) Cede the republic to Biden/Sanders Democrats/Soros & alt left Progressives/Wall Street titans & Silicone Valley's Big Tech Masters of the Universe/China supremacy/dominance. Or:

    2) Take charge. Issue a decree of martial law as per executive orders # 13848 and 13849 dated 2018, a national state of emergency due to an international plot & attempted coup to take over America.

    The nation would prefer Trump in a third world general's uniform, with a mustache & a riding crop under his arm over Biden & this globalist partnership with China. The President has the support of a large majority of the American people, if only he will act, if only he will mobilize them.

    Rip this class of ruling elites right out of their offices for detention under suspicion of treason. Temporarily suspend, all civil liberties under martial law. Seize control of all media outlets, network & cable broadcasting. Consolidate complete control over all communications & then address the nation.

    I say again: there are only two possible options. It's either President Trump, or Biden. The people want Trump. Stop the steal of our election, the republic & our choice for President. So why doesn't Trump act? Well truth be told; he just isn't that guy.

    @rickey has lost it

    @rickey - that little manifesto is, well...EXTRA
    From you direct and profane threats against other commenters to your stated belief that trump is “an exceptionally competent and a good man, to all appearances truly a decent human being” it is clear that you have clearly lost all contact with reality. This truth is fully cemented when you state “Trump has managed to awaken & unite a vast majority of America’s people, his supporters.” Sounds like this is going to be breaking news to you Rickey so brace for it - your boy lost the popular vote not once, but twice. By a lot!
    Perhaps you simply don’t know the definition of the term “majority”. No worries though - a quick Google search should help you out.

    Patriot Pat

    You know, as much as you all cry cry cry about Roberts. The truth to the matter is, we don't need ANY... Ill say it again A N Y... conservative judges, republican judges, democrat judges, et al. We need Judges who will leave the politics OUT of it, and interpret the law for the law, as the constitution states, and NOT taking cues and marching orders from their perspective parties.

    THAT is exactly what is causing this whole eff kn mess, Liberal Judges, Conservative Judges, .. instead of constitutional judges.


    Ricky R.,

    I completely agree with every word of your post. Unfortunately there are many of us on our side of the aisle, who have forgotten how to fight. The left figured out long ago that Trump is a paper tiger and if you hold out long enough, Trump will cave. If anyone's hoping that Trump will declare Martial Law, stop holding your breath. Trump isn't up for the game.

    Daniel Roberts

    Trump cannot use the Insurrection Act to declare the election as illegal. There's a trap in place for that, and Trump knows it. Let me explain it out for you.

    Constitutionally, on Jan 20th, 2021 the Office of the President is vacated for whomever is supposed to be sworn in. That isn't argued against. However, if the vote is declared illegal, and it carries out in arguments and/or real civil war style fighting that will not be resolved by Jan 20th, with no President Elect, the High Office of the President is then passed down the line of succession to the Speaker of the House. That would be Nancy Pelosi.

    Now do you understand? Do you want a President Nancy Pelosi? No? Then find another way that doesn't include the Insurrection Act.

    Actually, I think this is the Democrat's original plot. Why else would the Democrat Socialists so boldly cheat the election where the illegal votes are so easily identified? All they need to do is buy time and hope the President does something to carry the fight beyond Jan 20th.


    My wife just purchased her first gun. It's a revolver but she is ready to reload and fire.
    It's on!

    Dale Casto

    Bob. Consider this a thumbs up.


    Many are coming to the realization that civil war and taking the minority, largely unarmed left is the only option. Their leaders will be executed, mostly when found on the battlefield. Succession in not an option, our enemies would give the Chinese a base of operation on our soil. We either take them all now in a brutal civil war or we lose this country and our freedom.


    What the hell is wrong with you morons?


    You ask, "what is he (Trump) waiting for?" Well obviously he is waiting to see if somebody - anybody - has his back. "How many soldiers does the Pope have?" is the operative question here; where is any evidence that all the written bravado will manifest itself in organized militias? Trump is in great personal peril already and if he calls for a military solution to this Deep State coup attempt he needs to be able to point to a million mustered patriots who know what the hell they are doing.

    Kevin in CT

    @rickey ricardo, the paid for trolls are active here for a reason. Better to ignore and prepare for what they do not see what's clearly coming their way. Should DJT be robbed of his 2nd term then we all know what needs to be done.

    Denise Leavitt

    Thank you for your bravery.


    it can be expected that anyone w/o military experience, under 40 , due to socialist education, soy and software games...will half be talkin outta their ass, so stand back a bit ,,, and recognize it for what it is - they should be put on kitchen detail, nothing else.

    jerome snaper

    The hand of islam is behind the democats and biden. The infection of obama is spreading and will soon kill America and place it under sharia. The Moslem Community Patrol cars will replace the elected sheriffs and your children will be slaves to islam!

    Responding to @Jerome

    Racist much @Jerome?
    Pathetic, fear mothering fools.

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