• Sidney Powell's Telegram Channel Becomes Powerful Communication Tool...Is She Signaling Military Involvement In Elections?

    December 20, 2020
    Screenshot Youtube

    Attorney and former prosecutor Sidney Powell has become a very powerful force in American politics in a very short period. Historically, in times of crisis, unlikely leaders rise to the challenge; this is one of those times.

    Powell has developed a very powerful tool for communicating in an 'end around' the corrupt corporate media. The new medium -- the encrypted app Telegram, which is very easy to use and very effective.

    The legacy media has lost all credibility and is dying; a Telegram channel is a new path rising to replace the current censorship and Chicom propaganda we see in the formerly Mainstream Media.

    Powell's channel is growing fast with almost 5,000 subscribers at the writing of this article.

    A review of recent posts paints a very interesting picture.

    First, Powell has pinned to the top of the channel a post by Election Wizard reporting she is being considered by POTUS to be the special prosecutor to investigate election fraud.

    If there is not truth to this story, meaning it's a possibility, then why post it?

    Second, Powell posts two stories on military involvement in domestic politics after the much-reported late-night meeting in The Oval Office on Friday which she attended with Lt Gen Michael Flynn.

    One is an excerpt from a U.S. military joint doctrine publication on civil-military operations stating,...

    "Military government is the supreme authority the military exercises by force or agreement over the lands, property, and IPIs of DOMESTIC [emphasis mine], allied, or enemy territory, When required to achieve national strategic objectives or protect national interests, the US national leadership may decide to intervene militarily. US forces in support of the [US Government] stabilization effort support an election process in order to confirm the legitimacy of the government before all sovereign responsibilities are restored to the new government and US political will is enforced."

    CDMedia is being de-platformed and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here!

    The second is a tweet by President Trump saying reports he will impose martial law on the country are 'fake news'.

    The upshot is this -- these posts seem to paint the picture POTUS has possibly made a decision to move forward with some type of U.S. military involvement in the election process, possibly to hold new elections in disputed states. Powell is inferring POTUS will NOT be imposing martial law, which is temporary military control of the nation's domestic affairs.

    Last, a special prosecutor will likely be named to investigate the massive electoral fraud that occurred up to, during, and after Nov 3rd in the American general election, deliver the results to the American people, and hold those involved accountable. Attorney Rudy Giuliani has been reporting this possibility as well.

    This is what the country desperately needs.

    In addition, White House Deputy Communications Director Dan Scavino posted revealing photos from the Oval Office late last night.

    These are historic times indeed.


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Philly Smith

    I hope my fellow citizens see the horrifically widespread extent of Democrat election cheating and strangle hold on national institutions, like on the Supreme Court. Normal citizens have no hope of justice or rights under the Constitution while these criminals exert their illicit power. If military intervention is the price of reining them in, then so be it.


    We will have a country run by big business, elitist, lefty oligarchs. Small businesses are and will be totally wiped out. They will controll all forms of comunication and censor any and all speech or opinions they don't approve of. It's happening now.


    I want badly for Trump to have is second term. He did win the election, after all. And while the military, on balance, seems to love our president...he does NOT enjoy the support of the neo-con brass. Military leadership have already stated that they see no role for the military in this crisis, and all but promised not to obey Trump's possible declaration of martial law. It just isn't going to happen.


    If the military leaders refuse to obey the President then only a revolution will save our country.

    Al Slagle

    If we don't make a stand with DJT now. We don't deserve to ever see a free election again and we won't get one.
    I'm absolutely for DJT to use any authority within his grasp to correct the wrong that's been perpetrated on this American people.


    We will exhaust ALL avenues of peace - and if that should fail, God Himself will not stop us from sending the traitors to the Great Creator to answer for their crimes. LOCK and LOAD and STAND READY. WE ARE THROUGH with YOU, TRAITORS!

    Alej Marcos

    " Military leadership have already stated that they see no role for the military in this crisis, and all but promised not to obey Trump’s possible declaration of martial law."

    Obama had eight years to cashier loyal senior US Military officers. Apparently he succeeded in eliminated most of them. Why is that maggot allowed to freely still operate in this country?


    Forgot to tell you where to get the App. https://telegram.org/
    GO here and after it is installed look for SidneyPowell1 .

    Show me

    Barr tried to derail this by saying John Durham had been secretly appointed as special prosecutor to investigate election fraud back in October.
    I'm not sure he was appointed to do anything, because he hasn't been seen recently, and certainly no reports, no indication he had accepted such an assignment.
    If Barr was involved, likely it was a decoy appointment to prevent a real investigation, since observers in Washington, such as Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch reported some time ago there wasn't any information at all that there was any investigation going on, such as people, not necessarily saying they were summoned but that no one was going anywhere or doing anything that would indicated any kind of investigation at all.
    I think Powell could take on Big Corruption and at least they would know they've been investigated, while now, it looks more like there've been some phone calls to have things taken care of.
    There are two kinds of prosecutors, those that actually prosecute someone, and those that avoid prosecuting someone.

    Lee McBride

    The military will likely not even be necessary. With the exception (perhaps) of some logistical support in order to quell the Leftwing violence after President Trump is re-elected.

    Trey Tex

    When military brass disobeyed COMMANDER IN CHIEF President Lincoln during the beginning & right thru to the end of the first American Civil War he immediately FIRED THEM & REPLACED THEM. President Trump has the support of the body of the Military & the body of the American People. Fringe groups with big, loud megaphones purchased with blood money that create an illusion of power does not an army make.

    John Doe

    It doesn't require a lot of military officers, just the RIGHT military officers. GOD BLESS AMERICA and KEEP HER FREE!

    Jersey Prophet

    Where'd you get that notion the military will disobey an order from their Commander in Chief - CNN? You do realize that that is treasonous insubordination. A grievous wrong has been committed. You may cheer the wrong, but that doesn't make it right, and it will be redressed, hopefully not requiring the military, but if legislative or judicial means have been neutered, a limited military action is mandated and is fully within established law.

    Richard Wyatt

    All military swore an oath:

    I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    The End!

    Benjamin F Rickert

    I think you left out parts or the oath. Such as the section where it states I will obey all lawful commands given to me by my superiors. Not the exact wording but the intent is the same.


    CDmedia: The Treehouse was de-platformed... is up on a new one... I'm not well-versed in computers, but can you not seek out that same platform?

    rickey ricardo

    All the media will immediaely scream bloody murder and the riots will commence in all the Democratic cities. The courts will suddenly come alive, entertaining law suits, petitions and injunctions of all type and manner. Any and all military officers who refuse to comply with a lawful order should be confined to barracks, or placed under house arrest. There is no reason for any of these things to come as a surprise, or to catch anyone in the Administration off guard, or unprepared.

    Riots will be and should be crushed and immediaely brought under controlled. Media oulets can be shut down with three, or four major, government supervised and sponosored information broadcasts each day with an hour for questions from the press to be answereed by a PIO. There is absolutely no reason to allow 24/7 propaganda broadscasts by nerwork and cable outlets during a time of national crisis. Inflamatory news papers can be shut down for the duration. Neo con brass who appear to think some interagency concensus out ranks the chain of military command should be charged and tried according to the seriousness of the offense.

    In the end, Congress can scream bloody murder. Left leaning public opinion can be as outraged as they dare. There will be other, free and fair elections properly conducted and they are welcome to participate. They should not be allowed to intimidate, or Mau Mau the American people into submission under a tyranical form of governement. They will not and neither will the globalists interests they have been paid and elected to represent be allowed to take over the American government through para, or quasi legal means. Trump must show the will and determination to save our electoral integrity and the republic.

    The President must not allow teasonous misconduct to go unpunished. Assets must be confiscated. Individuals held accountable criminally. New elections properly supervised and conducted under strict accordance with all legal requirements, if it is deemed necessary. Free, fair and open elections conducted legally wih tansparency at every stage of the procedings. Transparent legal proceeding, perhaps televised for all charged with crimes. The country will support any and all of this. It is up to the president to do it right and not to equivocate, or wobble. They have been caught out and now they must be punished and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. America is not to be triffled with. Every branch of our government must be brought under control. The executive branch is where to begin.

    Long Nguyen

    You should never believe that all military generals are loyal to Trump. They can be and very well be a traitor if the stake for them in a new regime high enough. Right now I believe that Trump is skeptical that he might be successful at invoking the Insurrection Act. If the US military disobeys Trump's order, the only force he could and trust is the Patriotic militias groups, but the question is will that be strong enough to overcome the resistance from the other side with tremendous support from the deep state money! It requires a lot of gut to make a call and I believe Trump is struggling with that.


    Yes, Speak with CTH regarding deplatforming. They were deplatformed as well and found a good source to help out and keep them secure. I hope you can stay active. It is good to see truth presented.

    doreen harris

    Brazil had no problem dealing with communist thugs they disappeared them

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