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    BREAKING: Deposition Shows Seth Rich Communicating With Wikileaks And Requesting Payment...FBI Memory-Holed Data

    December 31, 2020
    BREAKING:  Deposition Shows Seth Rich Communicating With Wikileaks And Requesting Payment...FBI Memory Holed Data

    A deposition by Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Sy Hersh has been released in which he confirms the FBI had information former DNC staffer Seth Rich was communicating with Wikileaks and requesting payment.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been authorized to release the transcript of a July 15, 2020 deposition of Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Sy Hersh, wherein Mr. Hersh is forced to admit that he did speak with a senior intelligence official about an FBI report about Mr. Rich and Wikileaks. That contradicts much of what Mr. Hersh has said publicly since early 2017 (more on that below), writes Ty Clevenger on Lawflog.com.


    As my regular readers know, Mr. Rich was murdered in Washington, D.C. on July 10, 2016, and shortly thereafter Wikileaks published thousands of DNC emails that were very embarrassing to then-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. On August 9, 2016, Mr. Assange intimated that the DNC emails were obtained from Mr. Rich, not Russian hackers.

    If you doubt my source, recall that three weeks ago — after three years of denials — the FBI was finally forced to admit that it had thousands of records about Mr. Rich, as well as his laptop. Meanwhile, virtually no one in official Washington has lifted a finger to help.

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    So this proves that Hersh protected the FBI who didn't want the Seth Rich story unraveling.
    He's just another Tribe member, i.e. the Deep State. If this doesn't make your blood run cold,
    nothing will.


    The FBI is useless and corrupt. Make the US Marshal Service the lead law enforcement agency.

    John Acord

    In the majority of federal criminal cases the real crook in the courtroom is the FBI agent who is presenting fabricated evidence against he accused.

    Paul Allen

    Yes the FBI is corrupt - but why do you think the Marshalls Service will be cleaner? As each Government service becomes exposed so is its corruption. My deepest concern is the Secret Service - the protectors of the President. God save our President!


    I thought the lap top was taken by the killer. Does this mean the FBI found the killer and got the laptop from him, or did they do the killing themselves? The FBI should be abolished because it had demonstrated that it is corrupt to the core. It is a criminal organization that covers up more crimes than it solves.

    Lahkweeshah Uvitirah Yahkwaanzah Smith

    Does Donna Brazile still look over her shoulder and close all the curtains at night, in fear of being rubbed out by her people?


    So, Russia did NOT hack the DNC. Next question is what Clinton agent killed Seth Rich.

    Jury Nullification

    And to think Seth Rich's parents have sued and collected on the lie that Seth was not involved. Even Hannity got scared enough to stop talking about it. Good thing FOX never tells him what to say.


    nothing was stolen from seth

    Show me

    How many people knew this?
    How many people are involved?

    John Doe

    The FBI is corrupt and works against America. I only Trump had appointed someone to head the FBI that was on his side and our side rather than a deep state crook.


    The FBI will get away with this, too. That's why it keeps happening.


    JoeDiGenova should be Director of FBI.


    ARKANCIDE is real

    fagbastard hoover

    everyone knows fuckbi is a weakass gestapo and needs to be hung like nazis in nuremberg.


    ...and the parents???


    But, but, but, no way, the Russians hacked and somehow impossible downloaded everything over the internet. You just say that’s impossible cuz you’re Racist!

    The Guru

    Why do we need the FBI since they protect the guilty and lie!

    jerry snaper

    Some 20 years ago i had an interview with the FBI regarding a case of treason / spying that I had knowledge of. The interview was all of 10 minutes and totally dismissed when i answered that my first contact with the traitor was a business deal.. A total waste of government.

    Robert Polans

    We don't need the fbi, cia, nsa, irs or any of the alphabet agencies. Bureaucrats say we do and idiot sheeple say "yeah."

    Christian Miranda

    Kash Patel will be FBI director.

    Debra butler

    It doesn’t shock me

    Peggy Kandies

    I gathered information and thought there was a connection with Seth Rich and Tom Clancy with Seth giving Clancy information and he would write a book with truth but as fiction with different names.. I research a lot and the death of Rich is suspicious.

    Ricardo Pacetti

    They haven't found Vince Fosters killer either so why would anyone think that Seth Rich's killer will be caught.

    Justana Mercian

    Seth Rich's MS-13 killers WERE CAUGHT and murdered down in Myrtle Beach the very next day...THEN a day after that the ol' shoot out at the Navy Shipyard caught the killers of the MS-13 idiots...remember???


    @Dan Schultz.
    Not necessarily. Wikileaks has long said it will not reveal confidential sources. Most journalists will not reveal confidential sources. What is interesting however, (other than the FBI stood back and fronted the Meuller probe knowing about Rich) is that unlike other Wikileaks leakers, Rich requested cash.


    Hersh is a dirtbag. "I could care less about Seth Rich."
    Total dirtbag.
    He could have ended this whole fiasco four years ago

    Voxi Pop

    Must Watch Documentary On How the Election Fraud Unrolled Starting Nov 3.
    Summarizes the Key Fraud Evidence, Great For Sharing

    Karl Kunker

    The body count (now of republican straight shooters) continues to rise. Lock her up before there are too few Republican state legislature members left to vote Wednesday Morning Jan. 6th.


    Please know that just like Julian Assange, Sy HERSH was protecting his SOURCE in the FBI, not the agency itself. HERSH had been working on a story about the Seth Rich case when during an informal phone conversation with Ed Butowsky, he admitted he had a source in the FBI who told him the agency had the Seth Rich laptop. Butowsky surreptitiously recorded that conversation which went viral. Hersh clammed up, probably because he had exposed his source (he may also have been threatened). Hersh's commendable body of work hinges on the trust he has gained from key 'insiders.'

    A bit of background:


    Philip Haney ring a bell. It was a hit.


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