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    It All Makes Sense Now Doesn't It?

    December 25, 2020
    It All Makes Sense Now Doesn't It?
    President and Mrs. Trump in Beijing, 2017

    Have you wondered as I have over the last decade where all of this ideological garbage is coming from?

    I think we now know (Many have known for a long time but now the evidence is irrefutable).

    With the exposure of Chicom influence, subterfuge, and corruption inside American political, economic, judicial and governmental systems, it is clear that a decades-long hidden agenda has been executed against the United States of America, and in fact the free world.

    Think about it.

    If you wanted to destroy a nation's ability to defend itself, you'd want to destroy its masculinity. 'Toxic masculinity' ring a bell? You'd want to destroy its ability to reproduce - abortion on demand, the more the better. You'd promote homosexuality as normal - no new warriors being born there for sure.

    If you wanted to destroy a nation's culture -- you'd promote radical feminism and destruction of the family unit. You'd try and confuse young children as to their gender, or even which pronoun they should use. You'd destroy a nation's culture of self-reliance. "American self-reliance has hurt our response to the pandemic," said China-mouthpiece Dr. Fauci.

    You'd destroy Christianity - like they do in China.

    You'd promote massive waves of migrants from areas of the world that don't share our values as a nation, a massive drain on resources and destruction of security and culture.

    You'd push fake 'racism' in the military, to destroy unit cohesiveness and combat effectiveness.

    You'd control the media, and social media, to censor views you don't like.

    You'd infiltrate and corrupt the Federal government, the judiciary, Congress, and even local politicians.

    You'd send hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies into our educational system, to send American technology back to Beijing.


    You'd run up the national debt as much as possible, to break the bank, debase the currency, make the nation insolvent.

    You'd create envy between races, classes, even geographic locations - divide and conquer would be the strategy.

    Hell, you might even launch a bioweapon, like a virus, to incapacitate your target and make all this happen faster, lockdowns and all. You'd use it to destroy small business, make Americans dependent on the state, scared to go outside, and used to obeying 'Big Brother'.

    You'd do this with the enablement of the American elite ruling class, which you'd buy off, blackmail, and promise these 'useful idiots' they'd be part of the ruling class in the new 'people's republic'.

    You'd do all this slowly, over decades, until one day in the future, when you thought you were entrenched enough, you'd literally try to steal a presidential election, install a Chicom puppet, and make the United States of America a vassal state to the Chinese Communist Party.

    And, if even that didn't work, you'd go kinetic -- a dirty nuclear device in a big city, an EMP attack to destroy the electric grid. Or, a war in the South China Sea, or another virus.

    It's coming America, unless we get Trump back in his duly-elected rightful place in The White House.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Such as exquisite summation of actual occurrences in our country. As I read it, I was picturing how powerful a well-produced visual presentation of persons, places along with MSM reports to illustrate your narrative would be. Thanks

    It DOES all make sense now

    It all makes sense now that this is the dumbest thing ever and you get more batshit crazy by the moment L Todd Wood. Plus you are a homophobe, a misogynist, a racist, and a fool.


    STFU Dick Wad, he's 100% correct, he isn't afraid of homosexuals, he is for family unit including women which are mothers, he isn't racist to not want the uneducated uncultured running and ruining our country, and he ain't no fool...you are.


    L. Todd Wood has nailed it. 100% on target. Irrefutable. As plain as the nose on your face.

    Justin Kelley

    God Bless America, thank you so much for what you do Mr. Wood.

    We The People will never settle for less again.

    Erik Prince

    This Is The Outcome Of Having America's ENEMY In The White House For 8 Years!
    Barack Hussein Obama!


    The Chinese, through their puppet Marx, introduced to the World to communism. The Chinese then brought their wicked totalitarian ways to take over Russia during the Bolshevik revolution (ask Solzhenitsyn, if you didn't know). The Chinese are behind the Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, etc.....we all know they've been running Hollywood for 100 years. Don't forget the totally controlled media, all owned by Chinese. 120 years ago, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Chinese" spelled out what their plan was....to subvert, just as it has been done.

    Those pesky Chinese. We need to stop them!!


    And youre a terrorist if you think that so... lol


    You make his point. You make a good Chicom useful idiot!!


    @Jack I'd like to read about “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Chinese”. I looked on Google and Duckduck and can't find anything. Can you link something please? Thanks.


    Excellent article. 100% agreed. Explains the exact courses of actions that's been used by 'them'. I've shared and hope this is read a lot


    Excellent article. 100% agreed. Explains the exact courses of actions that's been used by 'them'. I've shared and hope this is read by a lot of people


    @It DOES all make sense now: Thank God there are a lot more of us who took the Red Pill and see the light than idiots like you who only know enough to be dangerous and a sitting idiot. See you on the war path but you'd probably be home get drunk on more Koolaid.

    Derek K Storck

    I think you made one mistake in your analysis & that is Joe Biden was a move of desperation...I think the Chicoms misunderestimated Trumps ability to turn out the vote in 2016 & that Hillary was their man...& before her Barack & before him Bush Clinton Bush...I think you are 100% correct they worked their way in ever since Nixon but when Trump started holding them to account the Chinese think diferently about business than we do & when the DemoKKKrats make deals with China...CHINA views that as a deal made with America...not just a political party & Trump comes in & the DemoKKKrats & some GOP realize they just wrote checks their asses can't cash...& that is why this form of treason is so dangerous & why the only dettturent is capital punishment


    I hate to say this but, "Didn't you see this coming?" I was 13 when JKF was killed, 19, I was in Viet Nam. I knew something was wrong then. The American people let this happen. Forget history at your peril! You do know the NAZI party was Left-Wing, inspired by Franco.

    Gina Cutrera

    Similar to Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

    Voxi Pop


    Adam Schiff Arrest Rumor LAX/
    Bill Barr and Dominion Are Secret Santas/
    Unwrapping More and More Voter Fraud Proof/
    The Vatican’s Occult Nativity/
    Rare Christmas Star


    Rev: Same here with Kennedy and Nam at 19.
    I was thought about Communism before Nam.
    In Nam an officer thought us about the communist treachery from Washington.
    Thank you for your service.


    I've been screaming this from the rooftop for years. It started when the outsourced my career overseas or H1-B visas. Also the terror attacks knock-out game violence, the gruesome atrocities, the flooding with illegal aliens, the homosexualization, obamacare, the indoctrination in schools, the list goes on and on.

    Lefty mocks the rainbow promise to not destroy the world with floods or a hail of fire and brimstone. Instead of that the world is being destroyed with plagues and tyranny and war and child sacrifice (abortion) at the altar of cultural Marxism.

    It is written that when a society becomes sodomized it starts falling apart to the degree of the sin. Beastiality is consider the worst form and such a society would collapse.

    When the gay marriage law was rammed up America's @ss by activist judge and corrupted punk John Roberts, the nation took a nose dive. They were quick to go after the Boy Scouts and the school children whom are state property supbect to gruesome transsexual surgery and experimentation.

    America is being tested and there's some heavy dues to pay.


    The most important thing many do not know is that "political correctness" was a concept conceived by Mao.




    The ccp has not considered the consequences of destroying the USA. There will be no one to buy their products. There will be wide hunger in their homeland. What will they do with the unemployed slaves , What will they do when America is as closed and devious as they, What happens when America sends a virus to China, 100 times more potent than the China virus, What will happen when there is no coal or oil being produced? And then there is the colapse of the three gorge dam. Hell will look like a kindly place!


    Lin Wood is 100% correct. Get out of here you CCP leftist twat and go to your basement. Once radicate the CCP Elitist traitors will make sure to ship your as to China. Then you will understand what a real homophobe racist country is. In two days you will be screaming help me USA and will never answer that traitor call. We are fucking done with the radical left, it is the midnight hour and you lose traitor.


    Just more "anything you can think of is true" apophenia from conservative conspiratards.
    Nothing in this rambling barely coherent post is worth thinking about you daydreaming morons.

    "It makes sense if you think about it" = "it seems plausible to me with little to no information on the matter, so my gut feeling tells me it MUST be true!"

    absolutely pathetic


    Wood does a fair assessment of China's role in our current mess but it does not go far enough. China aligned with the globalist who since 1954 have targeted this country. The Chinese have been willing partners since the late 1990's but the real insidious enemy has been the Bilderbergs, CFR, Tri Lateral Commission. These are the Henry Kissingers, Soros, Maurice Strong (who spent the last 2p years of his life coaching China how to build their economy at the demise of America, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc. They destroyed our education system, promoted aberrant lifestyles, destroyed the family unit, bribed, blackmailed political reprsentatives, bought presidents..Bushes, Clinton's, Obama etc. JFK warned us about them in a speech in 1963 before he was killed. The Chinese are just their willing thugs.


    Seems people have it backwards.
    CCP last resort to save itself is to directly attack USA if Trump wins.
    CCP needs USA intact for infiltration and control with Biden, et al., and so cements hold.


    Hey Joe....leave your batshit crazy ideas about Israel out of intelligent dialogue.

    Hey Tom

    Hey Tom....where is this intelligent dialogue you speak of?


    It is all the same devil, communism, power, control, tyranny....

    John. Bancroft

    it makes a lot of sense


    And just who is responsible for spreading it to China also? Joe Biden gives you a hint:



    If there was such a plan, it wouldn't/couldn't be running any better than it already is.

    Jay Berg

    As Louie Gohmert pointed out last week subbing for Hannity on his radio show, the only thing Orwell got wrong in “1984” was the year. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    Michael Day

    L Todd Wood Theodore Roosevelt wrote of this moment in 1916 in a book called
    FEAR GOD and Take Your Own Part
    This plan to overthrow, Destroy ,and rewrite The Republic of the USA ‘S history was planed and is now totally on the time line of the so-called enemy with in who are articulated in our first American prayer our American mission Statement
    The Declaration of Independence
    In the first Paragraph and now the proof is quite simple to see WE FUNDED THIS THRU the FEDERAL RESERVE installed in the dead of the night by both POOLITICAL BANDS and the SOUL-lution is Dissolve them before THEY dissolve us .
    The ol rough rider called it CHINAFY in his book an soon the lights Go out an the contest begins .

    Mary Blair

    The Bible tells us that the Dragon called Lucifer was the fallen angel that rebelled. At the Tower of Babel when GODS people tried to reach the heavens to reach GOD, GOD moved his people around the World and made them speak different languages, at that time Lucifer now know as satan choose China as his hub to create his master plan to destroy GODS people. GOD knows his moves and GOD WINS. The Red dragon of China that is satan will bow on his knee and beg for forgiveness. The Book of Esther tells us the end of our journey, the Gallows Haman built for Mordecai will BOOMERANG and will hang the traders of Haman GOD is in control we must show him GLORY and THANKS for intervening and GIVING US MORE TIME to save SOULS for the KINGDOM


    Sooner or later God will cut 'em down...evil wicked creatures.


    It took Trump to expose it all...and in desperation the Democrats knowing they never had a change in a straight up election had to cheat to get their frickin Puppet in

    Len M.

    My God have mercy on us all.......

    D MacKAY

    It makes no sense to the TDS Leftist anti-Constitutionalist's - you can see them declare their useful idiot bias in their comments. Many seem to be men raised by single parent feminists. No family structure so there was no one who told them while they were growing up "Best be thought a fool than to open your mouth an remove all doubt"! Ironically the left looks to recruit the those Useful idiot fools who make the recruiting job so easy by self identifying themselves.

    Long Nguyen

    For a thousand years, Chinese people are the true believer in bribery, and with an ambition to defeat the US and control the world, the CCP has been working on numerous pathways for years to sneak into every organization in the US. Although there are many warnings from officials and experts in national security organizations, however, corrupted responsible organizations and congress turn blind eyes to let it happened. It is not too late if we can keep Trump and arrest all those on China payroll and traitors!


    He basically wrote down the communist manifesto. Most people are to stupid to actually read it. At least he gets you people to think about it even though this guy basically copy pasted it with a few word changes.


    Thank you for the fantastic assessment of where our nation is at this point in time.

    Whether or not people have been awake for decades or they are just waking up now, 10's of millions are now preparing in case Trump isn't our nations president in a few weeks.

    There's a reason for the ammo shortage and guns flying off the shelves.


    Patrick healy

    Great summary. It is not just an American "thing". Most countries have suffered, and especially "my" Catholic church with the installation of the Chicom/Soros puppet pope.
    You forgot where it all started though with the communist Maurice Strong inventing the Global Warming scam at the Club of Rome back in the seventies.


    The air will be thinner for Trump if he doesn't hit the table soon ...
    Freedom costs, power cannot be obtained from the judiciary.
    The man was a submissive awkward boxing doll for 4 years everyone was allowed to
    hit it without fear of consequences. They showed him off like one
    School boys and now let him jump through hoops ... no more
    nice that, he has the entire power of the "JSOC" he only needs one hit
    mark and the rest is Hilary ehh History.
    Look at Prince Mohammed ibne Salman, he only needs a consulate
    as a slaughterhouse and in the afternoon 3pm tea-time at Macron ... that's how it works.
    They are butcher-mass murderer-terrorist-traitor-cannibals (Hannibal Lecter is
    an auxiliary student) among the top 300 families,Capital crimes and high treason requirement

    to get entry to the Club it is and contact, you can not come with general attorney lawyers,

    they whistle the same song. They don't even think about to commit crime.

    Tad Pole

    A great article...exactly as I'd put if I had the writing skills...!


    Good article! It is what I have thought over the years but didn't write down as you have. Thank you.

    Keith Smith

    Let me make this real easy for you. Yeah, it's been coming for decades, no, it wasn't missed. A few people did see it coming. One off the top of my head was the late great Paul Harvey as heard here:


    Kevin M.

    The US is not dumb or blind enough to let this happen unaware, our government is deeply complicit in seeking Chinese money and influence. The world elites have sought the downfall of the US since its founding. Trump goes along with it because he knows they are calling all the shots, and he cannot go off their script or his life will be forfeit. He's no dummy and he has made his bargain. If Trump were serious, he would have nationalized the news media and utilized the military four years ago. The Deep State always plays both sides, so Fox is controlled opposition, and Trump is controlled opposition. It's all a setup to crash the economy, discredit conservatives and Christians, bring Obama back into power and finally run America into the ground. Our economy is being bailed out by endless government debt, and inflating our currency to death, to maintain an outrageous standard of living with no factories or farms. The Democrats will eventually gain the total power they seek, sell every industry to China, and make us fully dependent on Russian oil. In ten years from now China and Russia will have the leverage to take full military possession of their new vassal state. America as an autonomous republic has run its course, and will fail from inner insolvency as all republics in history have done. We can't blame the flies if the carcass is rotten.


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