• AMERICA IS PREPARING FOR WAR - Cyber Team Evidence And Conclusions

    January 4, 2021

    Cyber teams working with people close to The White House behind the scenes have just released an explanatory report which describes the current situation our republic finds herself in.

    The republic is being stolen and options are dwindling to save her.

    You can read the entire report here - download 'Reclaiming A Superpower' PDF below - Click On Link

    Report Conclusion

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    I'm done fcuking around. If the Biden regime is installed.... I'm going to draw up lists and I'm going to start taking players off the board.

    F CUK TH EM. W AR.

    Scott Jarvis

    I agree with you Bob. With the house arrest we have been under, the stress of isolation, health deuteration from masks. There are MANY who feel the same way. We True Americans have had ALL we are going to take. I feel this will be wide spread action.

    Sick of traitors

    I am not going to have a year like last year. I will not comply to a biden presidency or a fauci pharmaceutical deep state. I will die trying to get whatever dignity i have left and will take someone with me. If this country lets this fraud take place we will see many others like us with nothing to lose and freedom to gain..

    canadian patriot

    Agreed, Canadian patriots all feel like enough is enough. vigilante justice.

    Alej Marcos

    With you all. I was a Marine Corps infantryman in Viet Nam, and I'm full up to the eyebrows. I've viscerally hated Democrats since the traitors in Congress voted to abandon South Viet Nam in favor of, as Jesse Jackson called it, "The peace div-uh-dee-und," to massively increase welfare in this country. This country spit on the deaths of 58,000 young American men and turned its back on the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese who believed that scumbag Lyndon Johnson when he told them "Amurica will never abandon its allies." I have a closet full of 7.62 and 5.56 mm votes with which to express my feelings.

    Donna Swenson

    I will never accept a Biden presidency. The election was an act of treason. I will never accept a corrupt usurper as a President in the United States.


    Agree. Too late to sort it out, too most everyone’s satisfaction. Contingent vote using a different system. Block Chain patent was approved. Tested in Utah. 120 days to get everything set. Vote will be nearly instantaneous. 120 million for Trump. No doubts.


    I agree, if this fraud stands, as far as I'm concerned a foreign power will then control the country (China). All aspects of Guerrilla War should be employed by millions of small patriot cells. What will we have to lose?


    It’s not Election Fraud, it’s TREASON. Many leading us are in bed with China. China is using the USA as a springboard to enslave all of humanity. That’s why they hate Trump. Trump got in their way! ❤️


    Doesn’t Trump have a great poker face? Guess what? New World Order is about to get Trumped! That’s right. Humanity wins! 🙏😇❤️


    Are you ready to die for this Republic? I am.


    See Hal Turner's website at http://www.halturnerradioshow.com


    If they want a war...give them one. Remove governors that are complacent to tyranny. Police chiefs...and any Sheriff that will not stand for our Constitutional Rights. Then go through and remove every Congressman and Senators...then the judges. These will have to be the targets. CIA and FBI will be self evident by their actions. It will be a long road ahead but it is winnable.


    i am ready

    Go for the city grid

    Ready and with you all.

    Michael Day

    Patriotism the Last Refuge of a SCOUNDREL
    My HOME. has an always will be in GOD I TRUST
    And my Sprit of 76 comes from Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence
    And I pledge my Life ,my Fortune and my Sacred Honor to fight the insufferable EVIL of the Poolitical bands who deem they can take my
    REPUBLIC with out a SHOT FIRED
    FEAR GOD and Take your own Part. My fellow Americans
    No better friend than a AMERICAN
    No worse Enemy

    Sister CH

    If you can audit 500,000 ballots in 2 hours, 10 days is plenty of time.

    Die Kuntz Ist Furie Nein Schaven

    When Patriots wipe out the BLM ANtifa Zionist maggots they can gut out feminism too as that's just a Bolshevik Zionist tactic and they've used it for hundreds of years. Western women are nasty whores and race traitors who need to be culled.


    I agree with all of the comments on here. We need to clean our country up.


    B) is unacceptable. A) why would we do that, when our President won with over 85 Million votes! WE SPOKE!

    Carmen Cassady

    Agree 100%



    Tashia Berman

    Join us on Gab.com if you're deplatformed. We have Gab.TV too.


    If option 1 fails tomorrow.
    War it is.
    It's been beyond time to thin the herd.

    Chris Burke

    If Biden is installed in office, you better be prepared to fight because they intend on purging us.

    Marion Maher

    God bless you all! & God speed!
    This has been festering since 20 15. It's now or never


    Liquidate the liberal elites ! All of them !

    Teddy Roosevelt

    I wouldn't never say that the scum should not be removed at any means necessary. They have been begging for it. But recognize the position of a major false flag this presents. If the other side decides to take away all the guns, what better way then to take out a few of their own scumbags, seeing they are all equally worthless, and blame the Patriots. Then they will really move to get all weapons from the True Patriots. If this ever kicks off in any form, that will be the time for all to act or all will be lost.




    The Colonists, backed into a corner by King George, taxed unfairly, poor quality goods dumped upon them and overcharged for them, and no representation for any say in their personal and public affairs exhausted all means of negotiation, pleas and attempts at fair representation. The only answer then was open rebellion and revolution. Today your voice not only no longer matters in the vote it is censored by agents of the left (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc..) and open discrimination against white males is rampant. White females are next followed by Asians, then Mexicans. No gender or race is safe from the leftists. We find ourselves therefore as our foreFATHERS did in 1770 - angry, resentful, tired, and as gentlemen, exhausted of all efforts to peacefully reconcile our position and rights. What comes next is what our Founding Fathers prescribed as if they knew and understood a generation one day may face a similar ordeal. I'll leave the rest to your imagination but we need to rid this country of leftists, politically correct morons, corrupt politicians and clean out our schools of leftists indoctrinators. We need to offer safe passage for Democrats to Mexico and from there, I don't care where they go.

    John Galt

    “Who is John Galt?” That would be me. The fictional Galt, when faced with the tyranny imposed by collectivists (Communists) took matters into his own hands and implemented a solution. First, he disappeared. Subsequently, he convinced others to disappear as well. What I am proposing - what needs to be done - is for those good men sick of doing nothing, thereby allowing evil to prevail, to disappear. All of you men, Bob, Scott, Alej, John, Jim, Chris et al, commenting above can’t possibly believe that you can effectively “fight” this battle from the confines of your homes, the same place where your loved ones reside, do you? More importantly, would you want to? I think not. There is no shame in having been, up to this point, a “keyboard warrior.” I have been one myself, and a little digging on Disqus for my nom de plume will illustrate my admission. However, coinciding with a Biden inauguration on January 20th, I am dropping the assignation “keyboard.” I will disappear.


    "Whoever fires the first shot....loses."
    - Bill Cooper

    robert giovanni

    Phineas, son of Eleazar. Numbers 25:6-13. The one who fires the first shot not only does NOT lose, that one is the only one remembered as a true hero. Phineas received the covenant of "friendship" or "Peace" from Master YHWH for his response to defend the honor of Master YHWH. Considering how many of the true innocent children of Master YHWH will suffer at the hands and needles of those paedophile elite stealing power, and with the knowledge that Y'shua said such as those who hurt His children would be better off with the millstone of a donkey tied around their necks and cast into the depths of the sea... I am officially starting the Phineas Millstone Society. Work out your own personal membership as you are able, and we will meet on the other side... For our children and our souls. Peace.


    If war happens then take down the MSM and big tech first so that nothing can be reported

    Rowdy Rudy

    Did Bill fire the first shot before they shot him down?

    Lila Rajiva

    I was not born here but I love this country. I've been fighting those who have corrupted it for many years. This election cannot be allowed to stand.
    I don't know what peaceful option remains now, but if none do, an uprising is better than submission.

    Lila Rajiva

    I have been advocating disappearing for some time.
    That is the opposite of having a platform and trying to influence people through numbers, visibly.
    It means blending in but subverting in other ways.
    However, announcing the tactic is probably the way to defeat it, right?
    So let everyone decide for themselves what they will do.


    We'll all be seeking asylum in Christian Russia


    What is a "contingent election?"

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