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    Mr. President, Do You Want To Go Down In History As The Man Who Gave America To Communist China?

    December 31, 2020

    If you don't act, your supporters will be persecuted...We need leadership

    Fight Now Or Be A Slave

    There is no hiding it anymore -- America is under attack by communist China, and other nefarious second-tier thug nations like Iran, and Venezuela.

    They conspired with our corrupt elite to commit massive election fraud in favor of Joe Biden on Nov 3rd.

    Our media, many parts of our governmental apparatus, and Silicon Valley are all colluding and corrupt -- bringing enormous censorship, and coercive power against the future of America and the freedoms and rights the Constitution guarantees.

    This plan has been a long time in the execution -- we are now in the late stages of its enactment. Every step along the way has been choreographed to our demise as a free people.

    Mr. President -- you are the only thing standing in the way of this looming disaster.

    You may be tired. You and your family may be fatigued of being attacked 24/7. However, your supporters believe in you and your agenda and they are now in direct line of fire. They will be persecuted if Biden is allowed to become an illegal president. Livelihood will be destroyed, many will be attacked as you have been by a corrupt Department of Justice. Heck, they're even crowing about it now in public.


    You ran for president, Sir -- unfortunately for you, the burden is on your shoulders.

    If you do not act forcefully to save the republic -- the world will enter a thousand years of darkness. There is no where else to go to be free humans.

    There will be no 2022, much less a 2024. The criminals will see to that.

    This was not an election; it is a communist takeover of the free world.

    We need your leadership Mr. President, desperately. The time to act is now.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Well, what are you asking him to do?


    trump is clueless rudderless ninveh tool of God. USSA and Trump squandered Ninva moment. Its up to regional people of truth to overthrow state governments, arrest and execute neochekists and run clean subnations.

    james jesus angleton

    Why does the idiot hire bolsheviks and nazis that blatantly try to annihilate him and his family ? FBI CIA DOJ all his hires all his lethal enemies. A putz.


    the second and third commenters are ignorant--it's the nicest thing I can say.
    The President and his family have endured unprecedented viciousness for 4 years.
    I think it has finally broken him.
    Maybe his heart is no longer in it.
    He knows that he and his family are going to be persecuted and he won't have the protection of the presidency anymore.
    Trumps election was a Black Swan Event to the Deep State, DEMs, and RINOs.
    They must make sure he is emasculated politically and made an example of to future Trump wannabees.
    I thought at the beginning he would be a great man or a tragic figure of Shakespearian proportions..
    I don't think Trump has anything to lose---he should employ the military ⚔ in some capacity if he can pursuade the mostly Deep State Generals.
    The military will split up into competing factions.
    The world is holding its breath.
    Civilization depends upon one man.
    Please save us President Trump.


    Trump, declare the insurrection. Activate the "insurrection Act". Arrest every democrat and every RINO in US congress. Arrest Bernie Sanders. Arrest the additional betrayers of the US Republic. Hold military trials for treason. Send the guilty to Gitmo, because they dont deserve to live in the US.

    Voxi Pop


    CELEBRATE! Ukraine Seals Bidens Fates/
    US Shuts Out China 5G Globally/
    1 Real Poll: Trump Beats Obama&Biden/
    Pelosi Under Fire/ Flu Vanished/
    ROARING 2020s: Pandemic Billionaires/
    Speakeasies Spring Up/
    Trump's Jan6 Wild Party!/
    We’ll Meet Again

    Voxi Pop

    Et Tu, Pence? - Let's Take a Look/
    Pence Tries To Duck Jan 6/
    Lin Wood Says Cancel Your Political Career

    Mark Lemmon

    Yea, if Trump hands power over to the Marxist, history will not view him kindly and civil war will start up...


    "If Trump hands power over to the Marxist" history (if there is one) won't view him at all.


    He can still use the insurrection act and start putting these criminal traitors in front of military tribunals for starters. He MUST act, as commander of our armed forces to stop this domestic enemy. That's his sworn duty he took a sacred oath to uphold. The US citizen has done everything that they can do to this point. The next step is armed rebellion and revolutionary war where the tree of liberty gets refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants....I'd rather just avoid revolutionary war and have Trump use the US military to stop this enemy instead. That's what Trump can do. It's still not too late, but we're approaching too late very quickly.

    Eileen Kuch

    I hear you, Cy, loud and clear. Trump has the authority to use the Insurrection Act - signed in 1807 by Thomas Jefferson to quell the insurrection created by Aaron Burr. He certainly MUST act, as Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces to stop this domestic enemy. I agree. That's his sworn duty, he took a sacred oath to uphold. The US citizenry has done everything they can do at this point. The next step is armed rebellion and revolutionary war where the Tree of Liberty gets refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. That's the only other choice, if Trump doesn't do his duty. I, too, would rather avoid revolutionary war and have Trump use the US military to stop this enemy instead .. That's what Trump can actually do. It still isn't too late, but we're certainly approaching too late very quickly.

    mondo cane

    Trump is slightly fatigued, but he's far from down. I just watched his rally in Georgia and he's the same upbeat guy as he's always been. You don't get to be a billionaire in New York City real estate by allowing your opponents to wear you down. Politics like being a billionaire in New York City is bare knuckle fighting, and Trump has proven he's up to it. In fact, he's proven it several times.

    He's fighting a phony and corrupt election which the media says he lost. He didn't, but now he must set about to prove it. That will be very hard work due to the unmitigated corruption by the Democrat party, and maybe some of our delightful Republican phonies, and by Supreme Court CJ John Roberts who will not agree to take the case because John Roberts is a feckless man of whom we're ashamed .

    This crap from the Democrats is wearing thin with all of us. Look at what these wretches have done to our republic. We won't forget and we won't forgive. If there was any real justice, the Biden family, the Democrat party and their enablers would be indicted and convicted under the RICO act as a criminal conspiracy.

    a prayer Project

    I am praying for these evil people in our country who are trying to rob us of our votes. I am actually praying that God will show them Mercy by speaking to them and giving them ears to hear His voice and a heart to believe everything He says to them. I am praying He gives them the gift of faith. Pure Grace from God to those I would rather curse in my flesh. I am looking for others to join in this very specific way to change these peoples lives. God can speak to people in endless ways, I am leaving that part up to Him, if it's with His audible voice or music or his living word the bible or through a person. That is all up to God but we must ask him to do it as we are asking today. Not someday but definitely today. Ask for him to speak to them right then, as your praying. Including time was a request I got from God years ago. Join me and do it now...


    "If you do not act forcefully to save the republic — the world will enter a thousand years of darkness. There is no where else to go to be free humans.

    There will be no 2022, much less a 2024. The criminals will see to that.

    This was not an election; it is a communist takeover of the free world.

    We need your leadership Mr. President, desperately. The time to act is now." TOTALLY AGREE....I Like Trump but he has allowed himself to be sidetracked ..

    Gen Flynn & Sidney Powell,and Patrick Byrne tried to convince him but he blamed it on his advisors rather then fire them..He told Byrne, "Look how they treat me..I've had to put up with this for a while.".my own Paraphrase. .... I've heard that it still possible according to Mike Lindell but i think Trump has lost the will to fight on..................
    The Communist will destroy America even more than they already have. But I believe it not a 1000 years of darkness, but the Revelation 13 Chapter that is coming alive..Davos &China are pulling the strings now..Global Government Antichrist system,that what Covid was really for...................

    Keith Smith

    WE are the last line of defense in the nation. WE are the original standing army. The CITIZEN MILITIA!!

    Every American

    Trump didn't fail America. America failed Trump. He was fighting almost alone against the machine while America slept, trusted the plan - ala Q-bots, or waited for the Calvary to ride over the hill. And now we see that even the majority of elected Republican Congressmen and Senators were in on it, save a handful that tried to do the right thing on January 6th.

    At this point there is absolutely nothing that Trump can or will do. Why would he? The deep state has him cornered and the clock has nearly run out. The left orchestrated an insidious but very effective campaign to destroy America and it worked. The right, as it always does, did nothing. There is no 'insurrection act' waiting to be enacted. There are no 45,000 seal indictments waiting to be sprung on the left (more Q bullshit). There is no military support for anything Trump might do other than one last flight aboard Marine-One to take him from the White House to wherever he wants to go on the morning of January 20th. Trump's best choice is to grab his money and head to Israel and ask for political asylum. They love him there.

    Americans will get what they deserves. Annihilation. You and your kids and grandkids will be executed or enslaved. There will be a third option.....convert to Communism and give up everything you have, everything you are, Comrade Citizen. You'll gladly accept that option as the easy way out. That's what Americans do best.

    Your choice now is fight and likely die on your feet or accept quiet extermination like the gutless sheep that you likely are. The Calvary ain't coming.

    I'd suggest you buy weapons and food while you still can. You're going to need it.


    Trump opened this can of worms and he couldve ended this take over. Don't give me shit, that's it's on US now, when we can't even buy ammo ! He started something he never shouldve. At least we could vote 4years ago. Now we will never be able too!


    If Clinton won do you think you would be having this conversation?


    Wrong question. Here's the right question. American people, will you do whatever is necessary to be free, or will you meekly submit on your knees and become slaves? It's up to the people. Don't listen to the trolls who want people to criticize President Trump. Fortunately, true Americans understand that government is by consent of the governed, and ultimately all power rests with the people. It's our choice to be free or to be slaves. By the way, the reason it's hard to buy ammo is because so many patriots are stockpiling. But guns and ammo are still available, online and in stores. Sorry it takes a bit more effort these days to shop, but stop whining about it and try harder.


    To all the whiners, hand-wringers, and defeatists. Wise up. If you want to be free, then take responsibility for standing up for freedom. There is no way the Biden regime can subjugate 75+ million Americans by force. Praying is all well and good, but God helps those who help themselves.


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