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    Pelosi, Schumer And The Swamp Are Worried Trump Will Release The Truth

    January 7, 2021

    The Swamp Creatures Are Nervous

    Screenshot CNBC

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    Democrat and Republican politicians who have their hands deep in the swamp cookie jar are nervous President Trump will release information, or even take action against the fraudulent election conspiracy in the waning days of his first term.

    There is now a concerted push to remove the president from office, with only 13 days left in The White House.


    The push to remove him via the 25th Amendment makes no sense, unless you are worried about the truth coming out regarding your crimes against the nation becoming public.

    Pelosi and Schumer are definitely very worried. You can tell by the hyper nature of their shrill calls to remove the president from office.

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    Bob Smith

    Trump supporter here. I saw Pelosi speak today. She didn't appear particularly worried, just in her politician mode. Although what she was saying did sound bizarre (which is the norm from her).

    There are other reasons to try to 25th amendment him. Perhaps to lend some legitimacy to their attempt to paint him and his supporters as seditionists , or to preemptively discourage a 2024 run by him, or to stock up on ammo for any political future his children might have. Lastly, remember that their ilk do not give a rat's behind about the constitution. They regularly play fast and loose with the law with no real consequences. So why wouldn't they keep doing that?


    If they impeach him in both houses he can’t run again in 2024, or ever.

    Replying to @Grace

    Sounds about perfect GraceW


    The only problem with their assertion that Trump & his followers are Traitors and seditionists is that HE IS THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT & was elected to oversee our government! It is THAT government that THEY are seditiously trying to overthrow! WE THE PEOPLE elected him, whether they like it or not! They know he is not part of their criminal cult & he will be able to dish the dirt on them to the American people! They have underhandedly stolen from & sold out the American people! They have been the epitome of “ conflict of interest” for decades and its coming to an end! THEY are guilty of Treason and Sedition! The American people now see them for what they are! GOP cowards are no better...they failed their constituents by certifying fraud to cover their asses with the Dems! Big mistake!


    Invoke the insurrection act, declassify EVERYTHING! and let, we the people of the USA and the world , see the extent of the crime, corruption and deceit. At the same time start the arrests and military tribunals. This has to be a better road map than an otherwise coming CW2.

    Sandra Young

    I hope he uses it. Can he still do 4 more years, even thoughhe concede? Because president Trump wants 4 more years now not 2024


    President Trump never conceeded. He merely said there will be a peacful transition if power. He's been saying that for months. I don't believe he's done yet.

    Solange Jenkinson

    democrat party members rigged the election, VP and GOP betrayed Mr. President Trump and 74,000,000M of Americans. America and the world may won have a 2nd. chance, because the damage will be immense. CCP is at step door. The truth and honesty must prevail.


    Too late for that now, nearly everyone on DC has turned their back on him. If it had happened back in December things might be different, but it's over now - only the hard, long, and painful road is left to us. That may at some point include using the "ammo box", at it's the only one left to us now... but the commies are coming for that too, probably very soon. 2020 was an awful year, 2021 and what follows are going to be far worse.


    I cannot wait until I hear the good news that Nasty Pelosi and Chuck U. Schumer have gone to their special place in hell followed closely by that vile, vicious, hate-filled, foul-mouthed lying, cheating, crooked, Hillary Clinton and her rapist husband.

    Sam S

    I hope they do impeach him. It would be wonderful to see him address the senate and America and the whole world would have to hear it.

    Long Nguyen

    Hoping for what? Trump seems to throw all people who supported him under the bus already.

    Eileen Kuch

    NotaSheep, I wholeheartedly agree with you, you told the TRUTH.


    wrong the republicans did that to him after all he's done for them. I walked away from them too.


    my reply was for Long Nguyen


    NotaSheep is 100% correct. One thing about Trump, he never gives up and he always gets revenge. What we're about to see exposed will shock the world. . .urban areas must be locked down or they'll quickly turn to barbarism & chaos. Stay safe folks.


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