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    GA State Election Board Drinks Dominion Kool-Aid...Fatally Flawed Hand Count Audit Did NOT Prove Voting System Accurate...Here’s Why

    February 24, 2021
    GA State Election Board Drinks Dominion Kool-Aid...Fatally Flawed Hand Count Audit Did NOT Prove Voting System Accurate...Here’s Why
    Image by Chris Favero

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    Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger invited Dominion CEO John Poulos to speak at the State Election Board (SEB) meeting today in an effort to justify the performance of their expensive, unverifiable voting system that accumulates votes hidden in QR codes voters cannot read. Ironically, Poulos said his company was a victim of “disinformation” while being quick to falsely claim that his Ballot Marking Device (BMD) system produces a “voter verified paper ballot”. If any of our readers know a voter who can verify the content of QR codes produced by the Dominion BMDs please let us know. Testimony in the Curling v. Raffensperger case against Georgia’s Dominion voting system indicates Dominion QR data is encoded but not encrypted. That means it is hackable by outside sources but the voter cannot interpret it even with a QR code reader. It is the worst of both worlds.

    Mr. Poulos repeated the common talking point that “nearly 5 million paper ballots were counted three times in the state of Georgia”. That claim is cleverly misleading because:

    • The original Georgia count was derived by accumulating hidden votes in the QR codes on the ballots produced by the BMDs;
    • The machine recount simply rescanned the same QR codes and reprinted the previous unverifiable results;
    • The hand count audit was too horribly flawed to verify the count of any voting system as we will explain.

    Poulos continually claimed his Democracy Suite 5.5 system was proven to be accurate in the November 3rd election by the hand count audit that the state conducted for all ballots 10 days later. This might have been true had the hand count audit not been compromised with three fatal flaws in key Georgia counties. A sworn affidavit from VoterGA’s election integrity expert, Garland Favorito, who served as an audit monitor, recount monitor, State Farm Arena observer, Fulton tabulation observer and monitor coordinator, explains how the SOS and key counties subverted an otherwise beneficial audit:

    • Counties were not required to have a member of each party or campaign present to verify the hand counts for each batch of ballots at each table;
    • Key counties like Fulton and DeKalb did not allow monitoring of the data entry upload point for the hand count tally sheets so there is no guarantee that the results written on the sheets were actually entered into the “ARLO” recording system;
    • The SOS made counties enter their audit data into the SOS “ARLO” system and most did not retain their own county audit results thus breaking the chain of custody for the audit data, making audit results vulnerable to manipulation and forcing the counties to rely on the SOS system to tell them what their audit results are.

    Despite the fatal flaws, Poulos told the board: “To say that there is an abundance of evidence supporting the fact there was an accurate tally of ballots is an understatement”. But it gets worse. The published SOS batch data indicates the voting system reported hundreds of thousands of votes for which there are no batch tally sheets for the summary results published on the SOS Risk Limiting Audit page. 

    • In Cobb County alone, the Dominion system recorded over 250,000 Presidential votes that have no supporting batch tally sheets according to the SOS published audit results
    • In Fulton County, the Dominion system recorded nearly 200,000 Presidential votes that have no supporting batch tally sheets
    • Statewide, the system recorded nearly 400,000 duplicate Presidential votes from ballots that appear to be scanned multiple times because the system has no way to prevent double scanning

    Any of these discrepancies is enough to reverse the outcome of the Presidential race that was decided by 11,779 votes. Despite major discrepancies such as these that place into question roughly 1 million of the nearly 5 million Georgia votes cast, Secretary Raffensperger elected to certify the Dominion results!

    On matters of security, Mr. Polous suggested that board members ask Georgia county election officials.

    He explained that back end county election management systems are “air gapped”, while the board seemed clueless to recognize how wireless connectivity that makes the system vulnerable to foreign and domestic interference is also “air gapped”.  When asked about whether the Dominion system could receive a remote update, Mr. Poulos cleverly answered that the precinct machines are not connected to the internet but he avoided informing the board of whether or not the county election management systems were delivered with wireless connectivity. 

    Of course, informed members of the public had no opportunity to educate the board members since Secretary Raffensperger became the first Secretary in over 15 years to eliminate public comments from SEB meetings.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Rick Morrow

    You guys are doing some great reporting.


    Could you please advise if there have been any subsequent developments since 3 January in relation to the issues raised in my following article:

    Please respond to my email address.

    Stephen Havard

    The election fraud can easily be seen by looking at the repeated ratios of Trump to Biden votes that appear after each update of the vote count on the election day. This could only be achieved by a computer manipulating the result through out the day.


    I attended this meeting via webinar yesterday. This article represents exactly what took place today. There were several questions asked trying to inquire about the internet and QR concerns. (At that point we were able to use the “chat” function.). The questions were ignored.. Later, the “chat” function was turned off. It was apparent that the GA SEC had no intention of addressing our concerns. The voters of Georgia have been completely disenfranchised.


    Thank you Rick for the kind words...

    Elaine Hightower

    I’d like to share this article but the ridiculous and unexplained photo guarantees that I won’t. You defeat your own purpose.

    Elaine Hightower

    Otherwise excellent reporting... thank you.


    Let us 'splain' it for you...Jim Jones killed hundreds of his cult followers in Guyana several decades ago by drinking Kool-Aid laced with poison. The followers went to their deaths knowing the information he was spreading was false, similar to the GA Election Board 'drinking the false Dominion Kool-Aid'. The image is a public usable image of the Kool-Aid saga. Believe us, most people get the image and have declared it hilarious. Not sure how old you are but most people who read and are knowledgeable about history get it for sure. Thank you for the comment.

    Leslie Anne

    My county election official in GA insists that the paper ballots contained printed names of the candidates and indicated which were checked off, in addition to the QR codes. She says the paper ballot recount counted those votes, which matched the machine count. I cannot recall whether my ballot had the actual names. Did anyone ask about that? Supposedly voters could see if their votes were recorded correctly before inserting into the machine.


    The rest of us would also like to know.

    J Brown

    You’re asking if any of your readers know someone who can decipher the QR code’s. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. He invented them ,and is trying to get involved in the voter fraud situation, although it appears that no one will allow him to.

    Rose Fallon

    I know this is ‘after the fact’ , but , since Election Day, I’ve wondered why all the poll workers/ballot counters in the swing states are Democrats?


    The pole workers are Democrats because counting votes is how you win. There was no possible way they were going to win without cheating. Even that did not work so the Dominion machines had to kick into overdrive. Everyone saw it. The final hurdle was to make sure the SCOTUS did not hear the case because the evidence could not be exposed to the light of day. Americans cannot handle the truth. Neither can the world. One more vote was needed. The High Court was as worthless as the Roman Senate. Like the FBI and the DOJ they will never regain the public's trust.


    After the 2016 election, I learned that my brother, who was quite retarded and lived in a group home, had been registered to vote and had voted. He was taken along with 2 busloads (about 30 people) of others, some at the activity center. My brother could neither read nor write beyond his name; many of the others were not only illiterate but could not utter a coherent sentence. I learned this in a quarterly meeting with the state social workers. When I questioned the legality of this the social worker replied "...these people have a right to vote." I asked him how he had voted and he had no idea what I was asking. When I described the machine and asked how he knew which buttons to push, he replied "she pushed them for me." I'm sure we can guess how he voted.

    He passed away 3 years ago and I checked to see if he had voted in 2020 and he was no longer registered, so at least that part had worked.

    Just prior to the 2020 election I saw some screen shots of GA voter registration rolls (no names, just addresses), with some highlighted where multiple people showed the same address. In about 1/2 hour, I personally looked a number of these on Google Earth. There were 6 people whose 'residential address' was a Kroger store. Several more showed an auto parts store as home, and a couple lived at what was shown as a vacant lot.

    So, Stacy abrams did what she promised: "..' lie, cheat and steal or whtever it takes to win."

    Amuzed Traveler

    While I believe there is widespread evidence of vote fraud, much of the information presented here falls under the “if true” caveat.

    Somehow somewhere this all needs to be adjudicated in a court of law. Even if we have to hire Judge Judy to do it.

    Eric Andersson

    From 2019: Why electronic voting is still a bad idea.



    This joke will not end while Dominion continues to rule elections.

    Take another sip

    Who is drinking said Kool Aid? My vote is that the QAnon believers that traffic here are the ones that have self-poisoned.


    Take another sip - did you read flyfisher above? Why would this person lie? Why would 1000s of pole workers lie? You might want to look into it, unless of course you just don't care. By the way, QAnon believes in fighting corruption and pedophilia and in no way promotes violence...why would anyone see that as a negative, unless of course they just don't care to know.

    Alexx Strogan

    The questions were ignored.. Later, the “chat” function was turned off.

    Wow, I find this EXTREMELY disturbing as well as outrages. However, it is yet another example of the level of contempt with which these "elites" view their constituents. If you truly were at this meeting, I hope you are putting this on blast everywhere.


    President Trump= JUSTICE
    Great America 🇺🇸♥🇰🇷
    JUSTICE or death(from Korea Christian🇰🇷)

    Jon Luers

    For the fraud to succeed, I think the individual BMDs had to record accurately, but the same unequal weighting algorithm had to be applied in the counting systems for the recount as originally. And then the real massive fraud was the piles of unsigned, un-creased, duplicated "mail-in" ballots.

    Daniel Melton

    Were I in a position of authority, all who participated in the "vote counts" would be languishing in jail cells until an honest audit could be performed, then charged as appropriate.
    Those who will divulge the perpetrators and facilitators of this fraud could see leniency, but only after convictions of the principles.


    Really, what's it gonna take?? I don't think anything will convince you, no matter what. You'll find an angle, or make one in order to make the election result look illegitimate. I thought the whiny extreme leftists were bad back in 2016. You all got them blown away!
    You've got 100's of little worker bees counting the ballots by hand. Not good enough. You've got both a Republican SoS and Republican governor certifying the hand audit. Not good enough. Nothing is going to make you happy until that number of votes counted equals a Trump win.


    Actually just following the law will be enough.


    You wanted a hand counted audit, so they gave it to you. But the results didn't come out in your favor after the audit, so that wasn't good enough. So you had to find a different angle to make this look illegitimate. I swear, they would let you hand count them yourself, and you'd still deny the results somehow or someway if the results didn't come out in your favor. When is it gonna end???
    A Republican SoS and Republican governor of Georgia, both of whom you know voted Trump, certified the hand audit, certified the machine count. Your team lost fair and square, so stop blaming the refs.

    Frank Davis

    It's been obvious for several years that Raffensperger must go.


    It really made no difference who voted or how they voted. The Dominion equipment used made sure of the outcome even before the votes were counted . Look into the history of Dominion and you will find the software used by Dominion was developed by our own CIA back in the sixties. at that time they used or tested it in other countries and had great success. Developed by the CIA and defense contractor Booze Allen under some deal it was later turned over to Diebold Co. This voting equipment and updated versions has been around for several years and used by several companies over the years. If you follow the upper management names in these companies you will see the same names running them. Bottom line is that currently there are 28 states in the United States that have this equipment/software installed and are using. The US is not alone using this voting system there are still several other countries that have been using it for several years. One of the most notable is the European Union Parliament which in MHO used it to override or quell any legislative objections from the EU member states sound familiar. Do your own investigation it is all on the web.


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