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Guest post by Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org

As evidence of 2020 election fraud, errors and irregularities continues to mount, many in the national "fake" news media have constantly been forced to revise their false dialogue. Since the election, their claims have been softened from "there is no evidence of election fraud" to "there is no widespread evidence of election fraud" to "there is no widespread evidence of election fraud that could alter the presidential race results". All of these claims are false and here are enough facts to prove it:

The 2nd interim Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel (OSC) report, compiled for the Wisconsin Assembly by Michael Gableman, the former Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice, tells the story of how the 2020 election was stolen with a bribery scheme. The Gableman Report determined that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan spent $330 million to establish the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) which they staffed with policy director David Plouffe, the former Barrack Obama campaign manager who authored a book entitled "A Citizens Guide to Beating Donald Trump". The bribes were given to counties, primarily in battleground states in exchange for:

* Implementing partisan get out the vote efforts,

* Installing unsecure drop boxes for ballot traffickers and,

* Accepting complimentary technical resources to run county voting systems.

Counties accepting money were obligated to return it if they did not follow the guidelines, therefore, those counties illegally subordinated their election operations to a bribery scheme run at the discretion of Zuckerberg's CTCL. Zuckerberg also gave another $70 million to David Becker's Center for Election Innovation Research (CEIR) which attempted to block all of the OSC's discovery requests for its election investigation. Becker had previously been fired by the U.S. Dept. of Justice for an intense, inflammatory anti-Republican bias prior to forming CEIR.

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In Wisconsin, the legislature gave its 10 electoral votes to Joe Biden based on a 20,682 popular vote margin without resolving these examples of widespread fraud and illegalities documented by the Gableman report and the Wisconsin Center for Election Justice:

* Over 200,000 ballots were placed into drop boxes that the Wisconsin Supreme Court confirmed are illegal;

* The Legislative Audit Bureau found that 57,000 voters who registered at the time they voted on Election Day could not be verified as required by law [pg22];

* The nursing home population of 92,000 was inflated to a 100% turnout in 66 homes in three of the largest counties. The total injection of invalid ballots from nursing homes was likely more than enough invalid ballots to exceed the 20,682 margin of victory;

* The Racine County Sheriff recommended charges against the Wisconsin Election Commission members (WEC) for nursing home fraud;

* Michael Spitzer Rubenstein, a CTCL partner from the National Vote at Home Institute, was allowed to establish a secret hidden Wi-Fi network access to control Green Bay's ES&S voting system remotely;

* CTCL partisan political operatives were illegally given Fast Identity Online keys (FIDO) for read-write access to the Wisconsin voter registration system;

* Milwaukee Co. Elections Commission head Clair Woodall-Vogg gave CTCL's Rubenstein daily updates from the Wisconsin voter database until Rubenstein informed her that he obtained (illegal) real time access. One such update would cost any member of the public $1,250;

* WEC head Meagan Wolfe has prevented removal of 20,000 unqualified voter roll entries for individuals who have been issued incompetency orders.

* There are 7 million voter roll entries for Wisconsin's 5 million citizens and under 4 million eligible voters including 556,000 entries for people over the age of 104.

* A 4:07am Email on Nov, 4th, the day after the election, from the Election Group's Ryan Chew, a CTCL partner, confirmed the steal of the Wisconsin election: "Damn, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3:00 am. I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting."


In Arizona, the legislature gave 11 electoral voters to Joe Biden based on the original 10,154 popular vote margin without resolving these examples of widespread fraud and illegalities identified by the State Senate authorized Maricopa County audit:

* The audit determined over 50,000 illegal ballots were cast based on a variety of reasons;

* 9,041 more ballots were processed than sent to voters.

* 4,463 people who voted in Maricopa County did not live there;

* 2,592 extra ballots were inserted into the results during duplication of damaged ballots;

* 4,463 people voted in Maricopa County although they did not live there;

* 1,551 more ballots were cast than voters who voted;

* A signature presence detection analysis performed by Dr. Shiva Ayydurai found that 4,499 ballot envelopes that were accepted did not have the presence of a signature;

* The signature presence detection also identified 17,126 duplicate ballot envelopes were received and processed by the county;

* The audit found that 284,412 digital ballot images necessary to tabulate results are missing or corrupted;

* Logs show the election database was purged on Feb 2 at 5:14 pm the evening before a Pro V&V audit was scheduled to start and a video shows a contractor accessing the server exactly at that time;

* Over a million election files were deleted from various election data devices before the Arizona audit could begin;

* A CyFir forensic report found that an election adjudication workstation had a redundant, bootable hard drive containing extraneous non-related data from three different states;

* A subsequent forensic ballot analysis revealed numerous severe irregularities impacting far more votes than the original 10,154 vote presidential margin and to concluded that the election should have never been certified. The audit hearing and comprehensive reports below document many additional irregularities:

* Audit Hearing;

* Summary Chart;

* Executive Summary and Recommendations;

* Operations and Methodology;

* Audit Result Details;

* Analysis of Maricopa Co. False Claims


In Georgia, the legislature gave its 16 electoral votes to Joe Biden based on an 11,779 popular vote margin without resolving these examples of widespread fraud and irregularities documented on the Legal, Events and Press Release tabs of VoterGA.org:

* Six sworn affidavits of Fulton Co. counterfeit ballots (10s of thousands est.);

* 17,724 more Fulton Co. votes than in person recount ballot images required to tabulate votes;

* Drop box video surveillance representing 181,507 ballots destroyed in 102 counties;

* Improper Chain of Custody forms for 107,000 ballots statewide (355,000 estimated missing);

* 86,860 voters in 2020 have false registration dates prior to 2017 but were not on 2017 history file;

* Over 1.7 million original ballot images are lost or destroyed in 70 counties despite state and federal law;

* A VoterGA study found that none of 523,000 Fulton Co. 2020 ballot images used to tabulate the election results could be authenticated and most were electronically altered prior to certification;

* The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee 2020 Election Report found that: "The oral testimonies of witnesses on December 3, 2020, and subsequently, the written testimonies submitted by many others, provide ample evidence that the 2020 Georgia General Election was so compromised by systemic irregularities and voter fraud that it should not be certified";

* On a Nov. 4th NBC today interview, the morning after the election, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger acknowledged that President Donald Trump had an insurmountable 103,750 vote lead with only 2% of 4.7 million votes (about 94,000) left to finish counting that day;

* After stating "We don't guess" about the election results, SOS Raffensperger instead allowed another 200,000 phantom ballots to be entered into the results during the three days after the election and he certified 4.998 million votes.


In Pennsylvania, the legislature gave its 20 electoral voters to Joe Biden based on an 80,555 popular vote margin without resolving these examples of widespread fraud and illegalities documented on the Resources, Reports/Media and County Info tabs at Audit the Vote PA:

* The 2020 election was certified with 700,000 more votes than voters who voted in the election;

* There are still 120,000 more votes than voters who voted in the 2020 election;

* True the Vote Geo tracking data found that there were roughly 1,000 ballot traffickers operating in Philadelphia County;

* True the Vote geo tracking projections estimate that the ballot traffickers injected 200,000 ballots into the Philadelphia election results through unsecure drop boxes;

* The Pennsylvania Supreme Court illegally allowed mail-in ballots to be received up to three days after the election;

* Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar instructed counties not to verify signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes;

* Dozens of CTCL operatives and highly partisan organizations have read-write access to add voters to Pennsylvania's voter registration system to add voter records;

* Certified results for counties did not match canvassing findings 36-78% of the time when the basic questions were asked: "Did you vote in 2020?", "How many people are registered to vote at your address?" and "How many of those living here voted that you are aware of?"

* Senator Doug Mastriano, Chairman of the Inter-Governmental Operations Committee initiated a sample forensic audit in three counties before Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Korman removed him from his chairmanship


In Michigan, the legislature gave its 16 electoral votes to Joe Biden based on a 154,188 popular vote margin without resolving these examples of widespread fraud and illegalities documented by Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity Michigan election integrity sources:

* A surveillance video shows a truck arriving in the TFC Convention Center at 3:30 am on the morning after election day with 61 bins of ballots estimated to contain over 18,000 ballots, 16,000 of which are still unsourced;

* Later that day after the election, Wayne County election workers covered windows so observers would be unable to see votes being counted and they went on to give Biden a 332,000-vote margin, over double the statewide margin of 154,188;

* The Wayne Co. election board refused to certify the election results because of the number of mail-in ballots received exceeded the number of applications sent by over 203,000 but reversed themselves after the Republican members who objected received death threats;

* The Wayne Co. election board certified their results on the condition that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson perform an audit that was never conducted;

* A letter from the chair of the Senate Elections Committee to Senate colleagues acknowledged there are 800,000 ineligible voters on the Michigan voter rolls.

* In Antrim County, the Dominion voting system made a 7,060-vote swap from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. It is not possible that the vote swap can be solely attributed to "human error";

* Antrim County clerk Sheryl Guy admitted in a March 4, 2021, commission meeting to deleting voting system files that were necessary to conduct an audit but Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson falsely claimed an audit was conducted anyway.

* Multiple forensic reports established through a lawsuit found a failure to apply current security updates as well as unsecure, generic User IDs and passwords;

* A forensic report from the Allied Security Operation Group (ASOG) found:

* The Dominion system had a 68% ballot processing error rate,

* System log files had been deleted,

* Redundant election projects that could be used for nefarious purposes,

* A Cyber Ninjas forensic report found uncertified SQL server database software installed on the elections server;

* A CyFir forensic report found wireless profiles and drivers were activated to use the native wireless chip set on the election management server motherboard when the Dominion system was installed;

* Cybersecurity expert Jim Penrose found a wireless chip set installed on ES&S scanners despite vendor claims their systems have no wireless connectivity;

* An affidavit from ASOG head Russell Ramsland states that 289,000 more ballots than possible were processed in a 2 ½ hour period on Election Night in four Precinct/Townships. This indicates mass electronic insertion of votes that may have offset the 154,000 Presidential vote margin;


In reality, the entire 2020 Presidential election outcome was decided by secret counts in five counties of five battleground states, each riddled with the corruption previously described. Specifically, fraud and illegalities committed in Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania, Wayne Co. Michigan, Milwaukee Co. Wisconsin, Fulton Co. Georgia and Maricopa Co. Arizona determined the 2020 Presidential election.

A Georgia Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee and the Arizona audits flatly insist elections in their states should not have been certified. The Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel Report also urged the legislature to consider decertification while documenting overwhelming evidence of fraud. Thus, President Joe Biden did not earn the 37 electoral votes awarded to him by those legislatures. In reality, Biden's true total of electoral votes earned was not 306 but 269, less than the 270 needed for election. Thus, Joe Biden was not honestly and fairly elected as President of the United States.

It is further clear all cheating that occurred in the five battleground states was conducted to prevent President Donald Trump from being re-elected. Given the massive amount of fraud and illegalities committed against the President in these states and their razor thin margins of victory, it is almost without doubt President Donald Trump justly deserved for the 37 electoral votes from these states to be added to his reported total of 232. At best that makes the real electoral count deadlocked at 269. In that case, the Presidential Election should have been decided by the state delegations of the U.S. House, each state having one vote according to the 12th Amendmen of the U.S. Constitution.

In addition, the Wayne Co. Election Board refused to certify their election results until some of its members received death threats. Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Inter-Governmental Operations Committee attempted to audit the state's highly controversial election results and procedures before the Senate President Pro Tempore removed the committee chairman to stop the audit that would have exposed the corruption. This analysis provides convincing evidence that the massive fraud and illegalities committed in those states indicates that President Biden did not earn the 36 electoral votes awarded to him by their legislatures. Given that the fraud and illegalities were committed expressly to prevent President Trump from winning those states, it is highly likely that properly certified, audited and transparent election results would find that the real electoral margin is: Trump-305, Biden-233.

The election fraud and illegalities outlined in this report have been the basis for multiple lawsuits. But cowardly judges have refused to review concrete evidence and ordered corrupt political dismissals instead of making honorable judicial decisions. For example, in Texas v. Pennsylvania et al, a majority of U.S. Supreme Court judges falsely found that: "Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections". This erroneous conclusion ignores reality that a federal election was compromised by corruption that disenfranchised half of America's voters including Texas residents whose Constitutional rights the state of Texas sought to uphold.

Such political decisions fuel the fake news media's "big lie" claiming there is no evidence of fraud that would change the outcome of the Presidential election. The evidence previously described exposes this treasonous lie that threatens to divide and destroy America. It stems from well-known, extreme media political bias against Donald Trump and it exudes an evil greater than the cheating itself.

Garland Favorito,

Co-founder VoterGA

IO Episode 99 - Interview with Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org

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Information Operation Host L Todd Wood speaks again with Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org on the complete corruption of GA Secretary of State Raffensperger, the Federal Government, and the judiciary in Georgia elections.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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IO Episode 74 - Interview With Garland Favorito Of VoterGA.org

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Host L Todd Wood speaks with Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org, a favorite guest, on the continued massive political corruption in the great state of Georgia. The GOP stinks to high heaven across the state.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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IO Episode 71 - Interview With GA Secretary of State Candidate David Belle Isle

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Host L Todd Wood speaks with GA Secretary of State Candidate David Belle Isle on his race against incumbent Brad Raffensperger. What is wrong with GA elections?

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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GA’s Governor Is Hiding Something, There’s A Coverup

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Vernon Jones calls out GA Governor Brian Kemp.

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Secretary Of State, Attorney General Oppose Freedom Of Choice For GA Voters

GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Attorney General Chris Carr
Raffensperger image by Nydia Tisdale

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This article is another addition to the Georgia Election Integrity Series

It wasn’t enough for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Attorney General Chris Carr to place the state on record as opposing election transparencyThat happened when they filed their April 2nd amicus brief attempting to stop the Fulton County ballot inspection. We explained that back in the 7th and 10th installments of our Georgia Election Integrity Series. This month, Secretary Raffensperger and Attorney General Carr put the state on record as opposing freedom of choice for Georgia voters.  On  September 17th, they appealed a recent U.S. District Court decision that reduces Georgia’s severe restrictions imposed on independent and third-party candidates who wish to have their name placed on a ballot to run for public office.


Georgia has long been ranked by watchdogs like Ballot Access News as having the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country for independents and third parties. For example, those U. S. Congressional or Georgia General Assembly candidates who want to run for office must obtain signatures from 5% of the registered voters in their district just to get their name placed on a ballot. That requirement is roughly ten times more restrictive than the national average of all other states combined. No third-partycandidate has ever met that requirement since 1943 when the Georgia ballot access laws were passed.

News articles from that World War II year quoting Secretary of State John B. Wilson show that that the ballot access laws wereadmittedly implemented to prevent Communists from having their name on the ballots. Thus, the intent was never to prevent ballot overcrowding or ballot confusion as modern-day Secretaries of State have claimed.

On September 3rd, U.S. District Court Judge Leigh Martin May ended what may be the worst ballot restrictions in the country by granting a Summary Judgement motion brought by Libertarian candidates in a case known as Cowen et al v. Raffensperger. Judge May reduced the 5% requirement to 1% of the registered voters thus, bringing Georgia’s ballot access laws more into line with other states. The decision promises to provide Georgia voters with more qualified candidates on the ballot and more freedom of choice especially since about half of Georgia’s General Assembly races are uncontested.


You would expect acceptance of the decision from a Secretary of State or Attorney General who claims to be “Upholding the Constitution,”,  “Defending all Georgians,” and “Fighting injustice”. However, two weeks later, they appealed the court’s decision that permanently enjoined Raffensperger from enforcing the requirement. That plea will now be heard by the 11th CircuitCourt of Appeals. 

But it gets worse. The Secretary of State and Attorney General not only appealed the U.S. District Court decision to provide more freedom of choice for Georgia voters, they actually filed an emergency motion to immediately stop the decisionRaffensperger and Carr asked the U.S. District Court to stay the decision to permanently enjoin Raffensperger from enforcing the 5% restriction so that Raffensperger can continue imposing what is likely the most restrictive ballot access requirement in the country on Georgia voters and candidates.

The U.S. District Court decision has no impact on Secretary of State’s procedures and significantly lessens the signature verification efforts of the counties. Obviously, there is no “emergency”. But Carr’s “emergency motion” makes the laughable claim that Raffensperger would be “irreparably harmed” by republishing the new requirements if the number of petition signatures required for a candidate to have ballot access is reduced from 5% of registered voters to 1%. 


The Cowen v. Raffensperger pleadings are one more example of how Brad Raffensperger and Chris Carr are working in tandem to undermine election integrity and transparency in Georgia. Carr was not truly obligated to appeal the court’s decision to provide more freedom of choice for Georgia voters. He was not obligated to file an “emergency” stay in an attempt to delay the new order from being implemented when there was no real emergency. He was not obligated to falsely claim the Secretary of State would be “irreparably harmed” by an order that had no significant impact on him. 

Carr was also not obligated to file an amicus brief with provably false claims in the Fulton Co. ballot inspection case since Raffensperger was not a party to the case.  In addition, Carr signed the settlement agreement Raffensperger entered into that circumvented Georgia law by allowing signatures on ballot envelopes to be matched to applications instead of the signature on file. That change reduced the signature rejection rate by roughly 90% in Fulton County alone from about 3.5% to about .3% for the 147,000 mail-in ballots cast.

Raffensperger is so unpopular now he may decide against running for re-election next year. But Carr, who could face one of two strong Democratic Party candidates, is still unopposed in the Republican primary even after getting roundly booed at the Republican state convention. Republican counties have passed resolutions opposing him and the Constitution Party of Georgia has already gotten thousands of signatures on their “vote no confidence petition”.

Raffensperger and Carr have relied almost exclusively on Carr’s Assistant Attorney General, Charlene McGowan, to write, sign orargue the deceitful pleadings. Recently, McGowan has added another deceitful brief in the VoterGA lawsuit to ban the Dominion voting system in Georgia. That suit was filed on grounds the U.S. District Court has already found the system’s unverifiability to be in violation of multiple Georgia statutes. We will similarly analyze that brief in an upcoming installment of our Georgia Election Integrity Series.

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Breaking: GA Judge Amero Dismisses VoterGA Voter Fraud Case Without Hearing


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This story is developing...

Judge Amero of Henry County, GA has dismissed the Fulton County - VoterGA election fraud, ballot inspection case without the Nov 15th hearing that was scheduled. Reports are the decision was based on 'no standing'.

“All citizens of Georgia have a right to know whether or not counterfeit ballots were injected into the Fulton Co. election results, how many were injected, where they came from and how we can prevent it from happening again in future elections. It is not adequate for any organization to secretly tell us there are no counterfeit ballots and refuse to let the public inspect them. We prepared diligently to present concrete evidence of our allegations and refute other false claims at the scheduled Nov 15th hearing," said Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org.

Favorito told CDMedia this morning the dismissal will be appealed on multiple grounds.

You can read Judge Amero's order here.

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CDMedia/Georgia Record/Big Data Poll – Republicans Lead Democrats On Generic Ballot In Georgia


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All results from the CDMedia/Georgia Record/Big Data September 24, 2021 poll will be posted here in stages.

Republicans lead Democrats statewide on the Generic Ballot in Georgia ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, according to a new CD Media Georgia Record Big Data Poll. If the elections for the U.S. House of Representatives were held today, voters in the Peach State would back the Republican candidate over the Democratic candidate by roughly 5 points, 43.7% to 38.7%.

Unaffiliated voters backed Republicans by about 3 points, 30.3% to 26.7%, though more than 1 in 3 (34.1%) remain undecided. Nine-percent (8.9%) chose someone else. Third Party voters are leaning toward Republicans by 5 points, 17.5% to 12.8%, with more than half (56.2%) undecided. Fourteen-percent (13.5%) say they would vote for someone else. Combined, Democrats trail Republicans among non-two-party voters by 4 points, 28.0% to 24.3%.

“As we saw in the election for U.S. Senate in Georgia, voters are leaning toward the Republican candidate outside the survey sampling error,” Big Data Poll Director Rich Baris said. “But there are key differences in the voting coalitions that result in Republican candidates for the U.S. House running slightly behind their presumptive nominee, Herschel Walker.”

"There are also more undecided voters for the lower chamber than the upper chamber.”
More than 6 in 10 white voters (62.3%) chose the Republican candidate, as did slightly more than 1 in 10 black voters (10.3%). White voters represent slightly more than 6 in 10 voters in the Georgia electorate, while non-white voters combined typically represent just under 4 in 10.

By area, the Democratic candidate leads only among Urban voters, 58.3% to 25.4%, with 13.6% undecided. Republicans dominate among rural voters by more than 40 points, 61.3% to 19.9%. In the suburbs, Republicans hold a slight 2-point lead. 

By region, Democratic candidates for the U.S. House lead only in Atlanta Metro, 54.3% to 30.7%. Republicans lead in the North (48.5% to 31.7%), Central Georgia (51.9% to 26.9%), and the Coast / South (45.5% to 35.1%). The Atlanta Suburbs are just outside of the sampling error with Republicans leading by over 3 points, 44.2% to 40.8%.

Important to note, the survey was conducted before the crisis of the debt ceiling and the failure of the Democratic majority to force the Biden Administration’s infrastructure bill into law. As previously reported, the CD Media Georgia Record Big Data Poll found President Joe Biden’s approval rating deeply underwater in Georgia. Only 41% of voters in Georgia approve of the job Mr. Biden is doing as president, while a solid majority (55%) disapprove.

“There is a well-established, strong relationship between presidential approval rating and party performance in midterm elections,” Mr. Baris added. "History, Democrats were already facing headlines in the U.S. House and the plummeting approval rating for the president is not helping.”

“Mr. Biden’s job performance has become a significant drag on Democratic candidates in Georgia, particularly with truly persuadable voters.”

Only 33% of independents statewide approve of the president’s performance, including only 10% who strongly approve, while 58% disapprove. That includes 39% who strongly disapprove.

Full Interactive Crosstabs & Methodology

The CD Media Georgia Record Big Data Poll for Fall 2021 was conducted by Big Data Poll and interviewed 1,000 registered voters in Georgia via online survey panel from September 18 to September 22, 2021. The sampling error is ± 3.1% at a 95% confidence interval. Results were weighted to represent statewide voter demographics to include age, gender, race and region. Party identification or affiliation—separate from the more static party registration—is impacted by weighting aforementioned variables, but results are NOT weighted for party identification. The partisan breakdown of the survey was 38% Republican, 34% Democratic, and 28% Independent/Other.

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IO Episode 64 - Garland Favorito Of VoterGA - Georgia's 2020 Election Was Illegal And Raffensperger Enabled It

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Host L Todd Wood speaks with Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org - A new election integrity report was sealed by a judge in GA. Georgia's 2020 elections were illegal and SoS Raffensperger enabled the fraud.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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REPORT: GA GOP Covered Up Massive Election Fraud

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David Wilhelm details massive election fraud in Athens, GA.

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