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    What Is Happening In Cuba? What We Know. What We Suspect. What We Hope.

    July 22, 2021

    An exiled Cuban dissident’s interpretation of Sunday, July 11th, 2021

    Exiliados cubanos de diferentes generaciones recorrieron la céntrica Calle 8 en Miami, Florida, en apoyo a las protestas sucedidas el domingo 11 de julio de 2021. 

    Guest post by Liz Arza

    Editor's note - all of the videos and images can be found on Telegram, or Rumble

    What We know.

    History was made on Sunday, July 11th 2021. For the first time in 62 years of dictatorship,
    Cubans in over 60 municipalities took to the streets to protest the Communist regime and
    demand their freedom from the oppressive criminal group that has enslaved, starved, abused
    and murdered its own people since its foundation. It was a spontaneous miracle. Exiled Cubans
    all over the world watched in awe and disbelief.

    We think the first protest erupted in Holguin, Fidel Castro’s birthplace, in the middle of the
    night during a blackout, following confrontations with the police (See Video 1)*. By 1:00PM,
    the world awoke to the fact that protests were erupting all over the island. Some of the first
    cities we learned about were Palma Soriano, San Antonio de los Baños, la Habana, Alquizar,
    Santiago de Cuba, Güines, Matanzas – it was like watching stars come out to illuminate a very
    dark sky (See Videos 2 – 7, Image 1).

    As exiled spectators, we cried. We cheered. We hugged our loved ones. We took to the streets
    ourselves in solidarity. We pleaded with our local politicians. And we glued ourselves to Cuban
    Youtubers’ channels. Alain Paparazzi has 2.2 million views for his 12 hour long live coverage
    where he played videos coming from the island.

    The first videos of the day were beautiful: troves of people with Cuban flags, American flags,
    and signs reading “patria y vida” and “libertad,” chanting “Diaz-Canel singao” and “oye policia
    pinga” (See Videos 8 – 9).
    There were other more civilized chants. The two I have highlighted
    include profanities and are therefore being ignored by most news coverage. However crude,
    these chants are illustrative of the protesters’ frustration and courage. I could attempt to
    interpret them for you but the connotative anger would be lost in translation. Suffice it to say,
    these chants are direct affronts to the current dictator and his goons. Those words are enough
    to get you arrested, tortured and killed in Cuba.

    Our enthusiasm was abruptly muted as the videos and images from the island changed. Here is
    the nightmare response we have witnessed from communist regime –
    During an emergency press conference, Dictator Diaz Canel declared that the streets of Cuba
    belong to the communists. He told the communist citizenry to take to the streets and confront
    the protesters.

    We saw videos of communists chanting “pin pon fuera abajo la gusanera” and people
    violently confronting each other (See Video 10).
    The chant translates to “down with the
    worms.” Fidel Castro gave dissidents that epithet. He also christened us “escoria” or trash,
    “parasitos” or parasites, “podridos” or rotten. We wear all those names as badges of honor.

    The videos coming from the island showed an extraordinary amount of police and military
    presence (See Video 11).
    Trucks and busses transported massive numbers of law enforcement
    officers (See Video 12). We saw officers dressed in civilian clothes unload from trucks (See
    Video 13). Notice that the Cuban people are mostly in flip flops or bare feet in most videos.
    Now notice the combat boots these supposed civilians are wearing as they march with their
    canes (See Image 2).

    We saw large numbers of las Boinas Negras or the Black Berets (See Video 14). They are a
    special force, learned in martial arts. We fear them because we know the cold-blooded
    atrocities they are capable of. We also saw las Boinas Rojas or Red Berets; these are military
    captains and generals. We saw that the officers were using dogs, knuckles, batons, bats, and
    firearms (See Image 3). We saw officers in strange, black armor (See Image 4).

    We know the Cuban citizenry does not have arms or any weapons with which to defend
    themselves. We know they are malnourished. We know they don’t even have proper shoes to
    run away in. We knew abuses were imminent. And we were right.

    We saw police officers fire gunshots indiscriminately (See Video 15). We witnessed people
    shot (See Videos 16 – 19).

    We saw our people throwing rocks to defend themselves, and officers throwing rocks too
    (See Videos 20 – 22).
    The courage of Cuban people really amazes me in these videos. They are
    literally fighting bullets with rocks. And when they cannot find natural rocks, they are breaking
    up sidewalks to create some.

    We witnessed beatings (See Videos 23 – 28). We witnessed arrests (Videos 29 – 31). We know
    that once the regime arrests someone, there is a high probability that person will never be seen

    We saw police officers drag children by their four limbs and take them away from their
    parents and from their homes in the middle of the night.
    We do not know what they plan on
    doing with the abducted children (See Videos 32 – 35, Image 5).

    We heard from the family of a man who was beaten to death. His teeth and eyes were
    knocked out of his head (See Videos 36 - 37).

    We know the government is mass arresting people. 14 y Medio reported there have been over
    5,000 arrests or detentions.

    We know people are disappearing. The Reporte de Centro de Denuncia FDP has a count of 338
    missing people as of 3PM on July 15th 2021.

    As night fell on Sunday the 11th, we received word that officers were going door to door,
    searching houses for makeshift weapons, and taking men and young boys into custody.

    We saw a video of such a search. A family was inside their home with their three children when
    officers arrived and demanded to be let inside. The wife is seen holding one of her two-yearolds, while his twin brother stands close by. The family also has a 12-year-old son. She pleads
    with the officers to leave for the sake of her children.

    The officers knock down the doors and rampage through the house. They grab the husband to
    forcibly arrest him. They shoot him and carry him away. The wife sees how her bleeding
    husband is thrown in a truck with about a hundred other men. A pool of her husband’s blood is
    seen on the floor of her house. The family has now confirmed the death of the father, 36-yearold Diubis Laurencio Tejeda. He had peacefully participated in the Cardenas, Matanzas protest
    (See Videos 38 - 40).

    We know the internet and electricity was shut off. We know that even though they have
    begun to turn the internet back on, people do not have the data or “megas” to view all the
    content that has been posted online. We know the videos and images are being taken down.
    That is why we are screen recording now.

    Amidst all the violence, terror and death, dictator Diaz Canel has the audacity to tell the Cuban
    people that the videos we are seeing online are of protests in Egypt. And Venezuelan
    communist leader Diosdado Cabello has the nerve to say the videos of the protests in Cuba are
    not real; instead, they are Italian fans celebrating the Euro Cup.

    What We Suspect.

    We suspect Sunday, July 11th, 2021 was the first of some very dark days awaiting Cuba, darker
    than what Cubans already know – a limit we thought impossible to surpass.

    We suspect there are people in Cuba who do not know there was an island-wide protest.

    We suspect the Cuban regime is receiving aid from its allies, likely in the form of soldiers, law
    enforcement officers, weapons and ammunitions, and money. And we suspect they plan to
    show the Cuban people, an unarmed, malnourished people, great use of force.

    We suspect they will use the children they are abducting for something reprehensible.

    We suspect they are torturing and assassinating the people they are arresting at the protests
    or going house-to-house and rounding up
    . We know there are not enough jail cells for all the

    We suspect Venezuela. We suspect Mexico. Both a Venezuelan plane and a Mexican air force
    plane have landed in Cuba. We suspect Nicaragua. We suspect Bolivia. Brazil. Colombia.
    Canada. We suspect all countries in the hemisphere that have ever engaged Communist Cuba.
    We suspect China. Russia. North Korea. Iran. Vietnam. And all the other world communist

    We suspect the Biden-Harris administration will not help the Cuban people, but they may help
    the communist regime. What else can we expect when we know the Obama-Biden
    administration not only aided the communist regime, but also dined and watched baseball
    games with Raul Castro and Miguel Diaz Canel?

    Plus, the Biden-Harris administration has had the gall to say the Cuban people took to the
    streets, risking arrest, abuse and death, over COVID-19 and vaccines. That was a statement of
    misinformation, originating from the Communist regime, which the Biden-Harris administration
    chose to parrot. Cubans in Miami have chanted “Biden es communista” or “Biden is a
    communist” in our solidarity protests (See Video 41).

    We suspect Canada and Mexico will not help. The United Kingdom will not help. The European
    Union will not help. None of their leaders have steadfastly denounced the widespread violence
    and mass murder. No one has even mentioned humanitarian intervention.

    We suspect the UN will not help. Historically, they are always the last to respond in genocides,
    war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    For those wondering why the Cuban people took to the streets to protest the
    Communist regime, here’s why –

    They have nothing to eat. Carnicerias or butcher shops in Cuba only have bones and fat for
    people (See Images 6 - 8). There’s no rice. There’s no bread. There’s no fish. There’s no milk.
    There’s nothing for people to eat.

    There are no food shortages in regime-owned restaurants or hotels, however. But the Cuban
    citizenry cannot go to these restaurants or hotels and order a meal for him/herself. Those are
    only for tourists. Yet Cuban exiles can go on regime-run websites and order cooked meals to be
    delivered to their families from the regime-owned restaurants.

    Now if you don’t have family in exile who put their self-respect and dignity aside and spend
    their dollars or euros at regime-run enterprises, there is nothing for you to eat. Though the
    exile community is large, there are A LOT of people in Cuba with no family or friends abroad.

    Their homes are collapsing on them. There’s no infrastructure program for the citizenry. No
    safety regulations. Houses in Cuba are all at least 62 years old, with most of them over 100
    years old. No materials with which to fix your house. No tools. No time since people must
    preoccupy themselves all day with finding something to eat.

    They have lost their fear. Cubans are chanting “no tenemos miedo,” “we are not afraid” in the
    protests (See Video 42). There is a reason why they have to vociferously declare this. Consider
    that you do not hear first world protesters having to declare this. The Cuba communist regime
    has run a terror campaign against its own people for 62 years.

    They have aired mass dissident assassinations on TV. They drop-in at people’s homes and
    threaten to kill or actually do kill their family. They have shot down planes from the sky. They
    have sunk ships. They have murdered children. By proclaiming “no tenemos miedo,” Cubans
    are taking their power back from the terrorist regime and denouncing six decades of terror.

    For those wondering why an island-wide protest had never occurred before,
    here’s why –

    Cell phones and internet are a brand-new commodity in Cuba. The Cuban people have had
    access to cellphones and internet for less than ten years. In 2020, the Cuban
    telecommunications company ETECSA announced 6.661 million people had cell phones and
    4.421 million had internet access on their cell phones. Cuba’s population is 11.3 million.
    Therefore, less than 40 percent of the population has internet access on their phone.

    And please don’t think that those with internet access are able to surf the web all day. No,
    Cubans pay for their gigabytes and minutes, per use (See Image 9). Those with family in exile
    have their phones “recargados” or recharged from abroad. When they run out of gigabytes and
    minutes, the phones just function as cameras. And of course, access to websites is monitored
    and controlled by the regime.

    Nonetheless, internet and social media access has undoubtedly emboldened Cubans and
    helped them organize.

    People feared Fidel Castro and his goons – for good reason. Diaz Canel does not arouse the
    same fear.
    Communist Cubans respected Fidel Castro. Communist Cubans do not have the
    same respect for Diaz Canel. It has always been a failing government, unwanted by the majority
    of the population but now people are desperate and fearless enough to say it out loud.

    What We Hope.

    A little-known fact – during the American Revolution when the Continental Army’s coffers were
    empty, affluent Cuban ladies from la Habana and Matanzas took off their jewels and raised 1.2
    million pounds sterling to feed, clothe, and pay the salaries of General George Washington’s
    army. They did it knowing the low credit worthiness of France and the U.S. colonies at the time.
    They did it because they believed the American colonies deserved freedom.

    We hope America not only proclaims Cuba deserves freedom as many politicians are doing
    today. We hope America acts to ensure Cuba’s success just as the ladies from la Habana and
    Matanzas acted during the American Revolution.

    We hope we are wrong about the Biden-Harris Administration, the countries in our
    hemisphere, European countries and the UN. We hope the international community
    acknowledges the severity of the communist regime’s abuses. We hope there is international
    collaboration to help the Cuban people.

    We hope world governments and corporations come together to provide the Cuban people
    with unlimited access to the internet.

    We hope the international community confers Cuba humanitarian intervention.

    We hope the Cuban military stands down. The active Cuban soldiers are all seventeen- to
    twenty-year-old boys, forced into service. We hope Cuban law enforcement officers stand
    down. We hope Communist party leaders stand down. We hope they do not stand for the
    arbitrary arrests, torture, and murder of their fellow countrymen.

    We hope the countries who are aiding the regime are brought to justice.

    Exiled Cubans hope we are afforded the opportunity to join the battle, to help our countrymen,
    to fight for our country’s freedom. We are already seeing the US Coast Guard apprehending the
    private boats of Cuban immigrants and Cuban-Americans who are anxious to help our people.
    We know a beaten down, starved, unarmed population cannot on its own take down the evil
    monster that is the Cuban communist regime. We hope the international community sees this
    and helps us.

    We hope the efforts of exiles to bring awareness to what is happening in Cuba saves lives. We
    hope the communist regime steps down. We hope Cuba is freed. We hope we can set foot in
    our country again. We hope we can hug and kiss our families again.

    • You will notice that in some of the videos, two female voices can be heard commenting. That
      is my mom and me. It was unintentional. I could have rerecorded and provided you with clean
      audio versions. However, I have decided to leave the authentic, uncensored commentary so
      those of you who speak Spanish can hear the genuine reactions of exiled Cubans. Please know
      most videos do not require Spanish knowledge to understand them.

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    CDM Staff

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    Louise Barnes

    This is heartbreaking ! I believe every word, as I have read about communists and how cruel they are.
    What is sad is that Biden is president, and Mayorkas, his Department of Homeland Security has told the Cubans to not attempt to flee to the USA. He said the journey is dangerous and that they will be turned away. Yet Biden is allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to come in through our southern border. If only Trump were president, I know he would help them. At least there is some publicity on Fox News. Sean Hannitty broadcast live from Miami. Florida yesterday, and showed all of the Cuban Americans protesting in support of the Cuban People. One woman said "The only vaccine we need is freedom!"

    Please keep us informed.

    Liz Arza

    Thank you for your comment, Louise. I really appreciate your interest in staying informed and your concern. And I agree with you - if only Trump was President...

    The Searchers

    Expect soldiers from Venezuela, Guatamala, Russia and China to protect the Cuban regime against Cubans.
    Communism is martial law, there is no difference between the police and the military. Any place that Communism is threatened, the military is on the scene to go to war against the people in their own country. That is the revolution.

    Liz Arza

    You are 100% correct, @The Searchers. And in Cuba's case, it's not war because the people had their weapons and firearms taken away from them decades ago. It's ideological genocide.


    By the end of 2022, America will be equal to Cuba (though we are close now) in all aspects. Mail-in balloting ensures that no Republican will ever hold office again. The dems, with the assistance of CCP has it all planned. Our family is ready for the darkest of days coming.

    ronald J kozlowski

    WOW, that was deep. Great vision of what is really happening. SAD but humans do human. That said don,t expect any help from this .hit show. Up next Formosa.

    Richard Stacy

    "Cubans in over 60 municipalities took to the streets to protest the Communist regime". Reflect on that. That's allot of Cubans willing to risk all for freedom. This is a big deal that will not go away.

    Lon Spector

    Cuba is becoming great again while we are becoming like Cuba circa 1959.


    The democRats and rino establishment will do nothing to help Cuba because they agree with communism and want the same for the former USA. The central and south American countries will not help Cuba because they know that if they side with freedom, liberty and independance for the Cuban people and communism wins out in the end, they would be crushed for aiding with the people. Europe and Canada will not help Cuba because they are weak and fake and just go along with whatever their communist masters China Russia and Iran tell them to go along with. The Freedom , liberty , independace and rights promised in the constitution of the former USA do not fit at all with the Cuban style communist dictatorship that is sooooo desired by the democRats, rino establishment and propaganda media and they will do everything they can to ignore suppress and destroy any and everything they can to ensure communist dictatorship in as many parts of the world as possible

    Francisco Machado

    Spring of 1960 was the last time I was in Cuba. There has been an intensive ongoing coup attempt in the U.S. by the progressives. Cuba is an example - and a warning - of what they will do if they can seize total power, and there is obviously nothing they will not do to achieve their goal. Truth and probity are anathema, only demanded of the opposition that stand in their way. Balkanizing the people into isolated special interest groups and antagonizing them against each other prevents them from unifying against the totalitarians. Control the media. Divide and conquer. Generate fear, uncertainty, confusion, dependence on the government. It has worked time after time.


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