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    CDMedia Initiates Formal Media Inquiry With Fort Bliss Over Soldier Saying She Will Shoot Americans

    August 27, 2021

    Commanding General's Office Tells CDM They Will 'Wake Up The Chief Of Staff'

    Screenshot TikTok

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    UPDATE: 0940 EST - CDM confronted the Department of Defense Public Affairs office and is waiting on a response.


    This story is developing...

    CDMedia has filed a formal media inquiry with Fort Bliss over a TikTok video showing a female enlisted soldier declaring she will 'point her weapon at Americans' if they do not obey her orders to 'get in your house'. She declared 'you will become the enemy'.

    You can see the video below.

    Fort Bliss informed CDMedia the Command is 'tracking the situation' and investigating, the Command realizes this is a national story, and declared they will keep CDM updated with any developments.

    We also called the Commanding General's office and were told they have received four calls already this morning and with now media attention they will 'wake up the Chief of Staff'.

    CDM will keep our readers up to date on this shocking story.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Brent B

    She needs a dishonorable discharge.


    Awesome. Thank you for doing what reporters are supposed to do...


    This woman needs to go. She serves no one with that attitude. Thank you for bringing this kind of person to light. If she is not discharged, something is badly wrong!

    Dug Danger

    Someone should advise Sgt Bronson that if they take to the streets and point weapons at American citizens. They will not only become the enemy of the state, they will/are outnumbered by a 100-1 ratio.


    Calm down people she speaking as if Marshall Law were enacted. I suggests you heed her advise.


    Rose: We can always tell the Chicom trolls because they can't speak English or spell.


    Rose, She's not authorized to speak these words, especially while in uniform

    American Patriot

    Ummm. no. If a US Soldier who is sworn to UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION thinks they are going to point weapons at American citizens, especially veterans, they have another think coming.

    Aliel The Heretic

    She's a bull dike lesbian. Other than a verbal warning, she won't receive punishment in the woke army.

    Souls cry

    She's under General Milley what do we expect? Milley cultivates this commie garbage.


    Woke soldier says she’ll shoot Americans who disobey her if martial law is declared. She must not realize how many of us veterans have the same training and won’t be on her side……

    She also posted a video bragging about reporting and having then President Trump’s post deleted by FB. You may want to look into that as well since it may fall under USMCJ since in reality POTUS is the Superior.

    Springer Rider

    there is no such thing as marshal law.

    Isaac Lawson

    She know something we don't?


    This is the problem with empowered people!


    I just called the Fort Bliss Commanding General Hotline. Citizens must make their opinions known. We can’t sit back anymore.

    Jury Nullification

    Only a fool would think or even risk that she is alone in her thinking. Soldier and law enforcement stole guns from citizens during Hurrican Katrina. Did it once then you can count on the possibility it will happen again despite any assurances or safeguards. Assurances and safeguards are made by liars and enforced by liars. You've been warned.


    Is that Charles Bronson?


    On the bright side at least she is being honest about where the military stands and it isn’t with the American public.


    Perhaps his granddaughter? I doubt because this twit has a 'tough guy' attitude that doesnt purport to understand either her sworn oath or the Constitution. Especially the second amendment.
    'Behind evey blade of grass' !!


    I believe the term she (they-?) would be looking at would be “extreme prejudice”....

    Paul Fournier

    Bring it on bitch.

    Johnny Quest

    Martial Law not Marshall Law. Good grief. Another product of the modern edukashun system

    Charles McDill

    How funny; first of all she wanted to be a man and missed; now she’s going to die try to be a Gestapo.


    This brain dead unprofessional amateur. Is a disgusting disgraceful excuse of a solider period. The results of a woke sell out military leadership. Who let in people like this who should never be in the military in the first place.
    A warning to you boot. Point a weapon at me and you will died in a heartbeat.

    Jon Vic

    My 12 year old would drop her before she could get her muzzle raised.


    Good luck with that... ill be sure to shit on your grave after a citizen takes you out immediately

    John Lanni

    Ask her if she ever heard of the term "Friendly Fire"


    Being a devil's advocate here-and I say this knowing she could be capable of doing just what she's saying-but-this vid is edited...those words could have come from her mouth but in what context? Just sayin'...be careful...let's see the unedited version, right?


    She is "Biden" approved!


    I submitted a FOIA Request to Fort Bliss. They were arrogant and refused to supply the required information. They pawned their obligation off to PAO.

    Brian Quinn

    Love the comments, she's the enemy, she needs to go.


    It ded. Kilt by its own team.

    jack sprat

    She might not be so angry sounding if she had a johnson.

    George C

    I'm an 80 yr. old white man with a Trump flag and they call ME an "extremest"


    @ Ambientman-That is the dumbest thing I have read on here. That puta is an authoritarian bit(h and is threatening to kill people if they don’t follow her orders. Her orders carry no authority and she can go fu(k herself.


    In the early '90's, there was a question on a test at Twentynine Palms, CA military base asking "If commanded, would you shoot at American citizens?". Some concerned soldiers decided to started or join militias because of how alarmed they were at the question (I understand the military has had the question as "research" to gauge soldier sentiment and supposedly last year was the first time the majority said "yes". That's on Democrat's shoulders). I knew a soldier at the time who did. Months later, Diane Sawyer reported on militias and she showed a cover of a militia magazine with the question in bold letters "Would you shot at American citizens?" Then she went on to say that THAT WAS WHAT THE MILITIAS WERE ASKING THEIR MEMBERS TO DO!! When I saw this, my mouth dropped open and I never trusted the MSM again. The militia members wanted to stop the military from doing that which they had asked their troops to do and that's why it was on the cover of one of their magazines, but Diane and 20/20 or whatever show she was on, blatantly lied and slandered militias.


    She should apply to be a Capital cop, they don't even have to warn before they shoot to kill.

    Tielle Tea

    To my mind, the women is not the issue. Her attitude came from somewhere. She didn't create it out of whole cloth. My question is, is this the kind of training our military is getting? We should find out now.

    Thought Criminal

    They mistake American Citizens for Subjects.
    Will they insist on learning the hard way?

    Art madeya

    Take everything you see and hear with a grain of salt !What If Martial law is declared when the massive election fraud is exposed and those who participated in rigging the 2020 election are subsequently charged with treason in military courts . If that happens ,the leftist fake news conspirators will be trying to demonize our Military using stories just like this one . If the thing portrayed in that post is legitimate, it will be dealt with in a swift and professional manner ! Remember that the leftist radicals who hate this country have been undermining Americas greatest institutions for several decades , The Church , Christianity , Police , Boy Scouts , Girl Scouts ,American History , American Family , And just over the last decade they have begun to focus on Patriotism and our Great military institutions! And the platforms that they have been using are the National News media along with our educational institutions. Don’t allow these Communist bastards to continue this bullshit ! Challenge your news media , challenge your leftist college professor, challenge your liberal school teacher who snuggly throws cheap shots at American History , challenge the racism and stereotypes that are being preached in your schools ! Challenge the notion that America is somehow the blame for the social problems at home and the dysfunctional governments abroad !!!! CHALLENGE, CHALLENGE,CHALLENGE, despite what all of these left wing , silver spoon liberal pansies are telling you America 🇺🇸 is still the greatest Nation in History and we must defend this great country of ours !!!!!

    James Mahoney Jr

    Someone should inform her Americans SHOOT BACK


    Americans drop more character in their daily deuce than is found in her entire being.


    She needs to be court matialed and sentenced to many years in Leavenworth.

    Allie Fry

    Wake up the chief of staffs? Are you kidding me?? So that's what's wrong with our nation in Afghanistan now!! Everyone is sleeping at the fucking wheel and getting our soldiers killed!! They don't care unless it has to do with the covid "vaccine"


    Ok, Ok, tuffy thumbs! Ya better have some good MEN backing you up because you point a gun at me or my family and its on and I aint going alone!


    No, it's actually Martial law. But there is such a thing.


    She needs a lesson at pointing things while incarcerated in the US Military Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Confinement and Dishonorable Discharge, Forfeiture of all Pay and Allowances.


    Obviously I don't like your attitude.


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