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    February 27, 2022
    Image by Pavljenko

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    There’s a way out of the crisis. These may be the only viable solutions to preserve the integrity of Ukraine, meaning its keeping territory not already taken during the 2014 incursion into Donbas, when Obama-Biden literally did nothing. Arguably, these won’t preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty in whole to determine its future course. Ukraine’s participation in NATO is not in its future. However, Ukraine will preserve its cities. 

    Given what we know, Ukraine’s forces cannot defeat the massive Russian encirclement. 

    This means, an enforceable treaty will be necessary with an international peacekeeping force kept on Ukrainian territory until this problem settles itself out.

    1. Ukraine will be free to join the European Union – the EU being essentially a trading and business arrangement with legal, cultural, and political overtones and advantages reserved to its members. In other words, Ukraine’s business, political and cultural affairs going forward, as well as open travel, work arrangements, commerce and banking between EU nations, will be looking westward.
    2. Ukraine cannot formally join NATO – which is a military and security alliance standing in the way of Russian territorial expansion. Not joining NATO also satisfies Russia’s security needs, once Russia gained the neutral buffer territory it’s been demanding for a long time. It would prevent NATO’s proximity to, and encirclement of, Russia. It is the core reason for the crisis. As well, it ends Russian ambitions for hegemony over territories that formerly served only Russian interests during the Cold War. Russia’s demands that NATO not encircle it further in the Baltic region will probably be part of this formula – but the west will never agree to it. Meaning, neutralizing NATO’s role in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will not be on the table. Russia invading these nations would trigger an all out world war. In fact, in part of any deal, the Scandinavian nations joining NATO that is, may be on the table.

    These may be the only viable solutions at this time, with some modifications yet to be proposed. These are rational and natural compromises that leave neither Ukraine, nor Russia, fully satisfied. But neither fully aggrieved. Both can save face. These provide neither nation full control over their futures on Ukrainian territory. But they can leave that nation secure, neutral, and peaceful to prosper and develop. They leave Ukraine with its territorial integrity intact, as well as its ability to do business and grow, to defend itself, and to secure itself as a sovereign state. 

    These are not perfect solutions or what some would argue an acceptable compromise for Ukraine. 

    It is what is.

    At this point it is imperative for all the actors to accommodate each other quickly, to prevent death and destruction in Ukraine, the disintegration of NATO in the west, and the invasion of the Balkan states. For war at this point cannot be won by a Ukraine that is not protected by the NATO alliance. And if Ukraine fell, so will the NATO alliance, given Western Europe’s fecklessness and dependency on Russian energy

    The situation of European vulnerability and dependence being the direct result of the Obama-Kerry-Clinton-Biden climate policy that has shut down Donald Trump’s having freed up American energy. Consequently, their decisions and ideology has ended America’s ability to supply western Europe with cheap North American oil and gas. 



    As for the Russians, there’s a carrot, and not a stick, being offered. The Russians have a lot to gain. Some of the sanctions will be lifted immediately after their withdrawing from the battlefield. I would not recommend lifting all the sanctions.

    From my vantage point there is no other solution then what I proposed above. I believe it is doable and should be obvious to anyone. The world community will agree to terms. 

    The bottom line: The security needs of all the nations, NATO, Allies, and Russia, need to be understood and addressed.

    As it were, no other solution is logically, politically, or militarily, viable. Or advantageous.

    The caveat? 

    Time is of the essence and the opportunity can vanish in a few days - if not sooner.


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    Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.
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    We'll have to wait and see what happens. At the moment, the war does not go well and Gerasimov, the Chief of the Russian General Staff has been fired. Shoigu maybe up next. The troops were lied to and many are surrendering. Others are abandoning equipment when they run out of fuel when no more is coming. Supply convoys have been hit hard.

    With further support on supply of weapons and ammo coming from the west, things do not bode well for the Russians. The sanctions that have been placed on Russia will isolate her, and people like Putin that have assets in the west are on the verge of losing them. Canada has frozen Russian assets and will give them to Ukraine as part of a reparations package.


    Add that numerous US-funded biolabs are installed in Ukraine. This Russia invasion of Ukraine is yet another glaring failure posted to Biden's account.


    There is one very open secret: there were no US biolabs in Ukraine. That there were was is simply a conspiracy theory with no foundation.


    The biolabs have been proven to exist you propagandist shill. Why did the media claim there areno biolabs one day then change to maybe there are a couple and now they fully admit there are many in the country. Do you fn live under a rock? The cities in question being bombed all have what in common smart guy? They all have biolabs in them. This is not an invasion and No they did not run out of gas you lemming idiot. This is a strategic military operation to take out specific people (azov Battalion) and bioweapons and other deep state targets that threaten Putins borders. If they wanted to actually invade Ukraine this would be over by now and you would have mass destruction and loss of many innocent people. This is not a war with Ukraine. Its a cleaning of the scum that is running the Ukraine and Putin is not targeting civilians contrary to what the fake news is trying to peddle.


    Russia is kicking so much ass there supply lines can't keep up and there running out of gas. Stop watching US/EU propaganda and find 3rd party info. I've seen the video of the valiant 13 on Snake Island where everyone is told they said F You. But I've seen them on a bus after they surrendered. There's a video of a Russian APC running over a car. It's actually Ukrainian running over the car. Russia hasn't even brought out the good stuff yet and they just put in the Chechens and moving the Thermobaric weapons in

    Jerry Mander

    Bri, does Putin pay you well for this stuff?


    That's hilarious. You obviously have little knowledge of military history. Russia has always had a poor logistical tail. They never solved the problem. Look at the group that entered Ukraine and headed towards Konotop. They ran out of gas by the time they got to Konotop. That is not far at all. they aren't moving all that fast. The troops were also trying to scavenge food in Konotop.

    The locals asked them if they wanted a tow back to Russia. the whole thing is turning into a fiasco.

    Jerry Mander

    The longer this war goes on, the worse it looks for Putin, which is the whole idea behind encouraging him to attack Ukraine. The Globalists want him gone, because he shares with Trump the quality of being a nationalist, which is why they got rid of Trump. Nationalism is counter to Globalism.

    Ben Colder

    I am getting to the point that I don't believe much of anything thats coming from the fake news even fox is getting into the fake mode. Whats more I do not believe a word that the Biteme administration is trying to blow us over with every damned one of Biteme ass kissers lie they lie about their lies.We will not know what is going on until the Russian son of a bitch tells us he owns the Ukraine and he has been saying that all along or when he nukes them and I would not put that past this guy he has turned into a madman I think the guy is crazy and if he is he will do anything.


    That plan is appeasement, nothing more.

    One: Russia to return areas taken from the Ukraine in 2008 and 2014.
    Two: Russia out of Ukraine immediately.
    Three: Russia to pay reparations to the Ukraine.
    Four: Ukraine into the EU.
    Five: Ukraine into NATO.
    Six: Sanctions on Belarus and Chechnya for participating in this invasion.

    Only then are sanctions lifted on Russia.


    I would agree with you. I don't think Ukraine will ever be in NATO, tho. All members have to vote yes, and there are a couple that don't want Ukraine in. I can understand that. Ukraine would be a logistics nightmare, and if Russia were really into fighting a war to take Ukraine, the transportation net would already be a shambles.

    i don't anything was taken from Ukraine in 2008. The Russians did invade Georgia in 2008. I would agree that Russia should be required to leave Georgia as well. I would also require a complete change of regime in Moscow through free and fair elections, not those that have been run by the regime.


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