• Tennessee Mass Shooting Demands Deep Dive Into Root Causes

    April 7, 2023
    The Transgender Domestic Terrorists

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    A community, families and the public at large were rocked, yet again, by a senseless mass shooting resulting from what appears to be another “mentally ill” individual being treated by some cocktail of prescription drugs, likely Black Box drugs with serious side effects including irrational acts of violence.  We won’t know for certain until medical records are released….and they MUST BE RELEASED for the welfare and safety of the public.

    The search warrant captured files (see below) that certainly indicate some treatment.  The public must be informed to understand the implications of these "treatments" and how they impact the human mind and public safety.  In order to develop and implement effective laws and science based mental health solutions, the search warrant evidence must be fully released.  As Sheila Matthews, of AbleChild.org and many others have proved for decades, it is the drug induced impairment that puts public safety at risk.  Time after time, when medical records are provided, it is clear that the violent act was committed by an individual on (or improperly monitored while trying to come off) prescription drugs commonly prescribed for ADHD, depression, anxiety and many other described mental health illnesses.

    Nikolas Cruz was on Concerta, a black box drug, starting at the age of 7….the highest dose at 54 mg!  Florida’s Behavioral Health Vendor, Henderson, treated Cruz.  His  treatment was a cocktail of at least 6 different psychiatric drugs prior to the horrific mass shooting at Parkland Elementary.  Henderson Behavioral Health deemed him not a threat to himself or others via using the Pearson Violence Assessment tool.  Obviously that was a complete failure. 

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    Just imagine if our leaders heeded the warning about Concerta in 2005 when the WSJ reported on related adversities and horrors from that and other Black Box drugs.  How many public safety tragedies might have been prevented?  Also note Tucker Carlson's recent report of just one ADHD drug, Adderall, reaching over 41 Million prescriptions in America!

    Just as we learned with alcohol and drunk driving, it is the drug induced/exacerbated IMPAIRMENT that triggers such tragedies. (Mothers did not ban cars, nor should the Second Amendment be the target from these tragedies.  The potential root cause drug induced mental impairment must be addressed.)

    Black Box drugs SHOULD require a very complete and thorough understanding of adverse side effects through proper informed consent. Parents have advised for decades that their children, pushed by schools and the medical community to take drugs like Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, Paxil and others for the “observed” (there is no blood test, brain scans, or other diagnostic to diagnose the condition called ADHD), have not been properly advised of adversities or even off ramps from these very dangerous drugs. 

    In addition to ADHD prescriptions, often very young children are put on other mind altering drugs including Zoloft, Cymbalta, Prozac and others. All have fine print inserts that are rarely, if ever, discussed with patients or guardians of children.

    We see a particularly high percentage of such drugs in Foster children who are medically regulated by the State! Every state has a Pharma influenced Behavioral Health Commission reporting directly to the State Governors. (These Commissions have tremendous influence on both policy and treatments.) That was exactly the case with Nikolas Cruz in Florida, who received his treatment from Henderson, Florida’s State Behavioral Health Commission selected agency.  Henderson is almost 80% funded by the State of Florida.

    It is well past time to look at root causes of violent acts and skyrocketing suicide in children, Veterans and others who take record prescriptions of mind altering Black Box drugs in America.  It is time for laws and regulations, informed consent practices and media’s Pharma advertising and vast Pharma sponsorship to change.  Anything less will result in more public harm, more broken communities, more grieving families.

    AbleChild.org sued the State of Connecticut for Sandy Hook Shooter's mental health records on behalf of the public. Please watch the interview below with Sheila Matthews,  Ablechild's cofounder, an expert in drug induced public safety hazards. Also read the recent article in American Thinker and consider the recent Nashville tragedy.

    There are increasingly other sources of truth, as well. Research them. Ask yourself why medical records are not released when public safety is at risk (which nullifies the HIPAA privacy argument - there is no privacy when you commit a crime and your treatment is a contributing factor).  What influence and responsibility does Pharma have in this tragedy? In order for the public to effect change, the treating psychiatrist and medical records must be released.


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Johnny Kay

    I suggest that the March 27, 2023 Nashville Covenant Christian School event was a hoax attack -- an attack carried out by the government in which everything is staged and no one is killed (as opposed to a false-flag attack -- an attack carried out by the government in which there are real casualties).

    Re-examine the photographs and videos; re-read the interviews and police accounts; ask yourself why in the videos of the police arriving there are no wounded persons and no ambulances; why when the police walk around the building there are no bodies and no blood; why the bodycam video and security camera video were released so quickly; ask who the man to the right of the police officer in the final scene was; ask why that man was shouting out instructions to the officer and concluding with “. . . opportunity”; ask why several professional actors -- including Melissa Joan Hart -- just happened to be in the area and “helped evacuate the students”; ask why the “shooter” is wearing one brand of athletic shoes when he’s walking through the building, and a different brand when he's lying on the floor after being “shot”; etc., etc.

    Here are the 18 characteristics of a hoax attack. Let's see how many have already occurred or will occur in connection with this latest "mass shooting" -- the March 27, 2023 Nashville Covenant Christian School event:

    1. Immediate identification of the alleged gunman;

    2. Coordinated speeches by politicians, entertainers, and news celebrities immediately after the “shooting” demanding more gun control;

    3. Coordinated speeches by politicians, entertainers, and news celebrities immediately after the “shooting” demanding more censorship of “hate speech”;

    4. Interviews with strangely calm “relatives” of the “victims” that quickly turn into emotional pleas for more gun control;

    5. A “manifesto” by the “shooter” promoting ideas that the international corporate elite wants to discredit;

    6. Recently-created social media accounts by the “shooter” containing posts and photographs promoting ideas that the international corporate elite wants to discredit;

    7. A cute victim who becomes the face of the “tragedy”;

    8. A designated hero who rushes at or tackles the “shooter”; fearlessly leads people to safety; or shields his wife, child, or girlfriend from the “shooter”;

    9. Perfectly lit and composed photographs of people fleeing from the “shooter” or hiding from the “shooter”;

    10. Prayer circles, flower drops, and candlelight vigils for the “victims” within hours of the “shooting”;

    11. Extreme discrepancies among eyewitness accounts that cannot be reconciled -- vast differences in the number of shooters, number of shots fired, length of time of the shooting, length of time before the arrival of the police, length of time before the shooting stopped after the arrival of the police, etc.;

    12. Statements from family members of the “shooter” within a day or two of the “shooting” supporting the official narrative in its entirety -- accepting without question the guilt of their son/grandson/nephew, condemning his actions, and denouncing the ideology of his “manifesto”;

    12. Statements from family members of the “shooter” within a day or two of the “shooting” supporting the official narrative in its entirety -- accepting without question the guilt of their son/grandson/nephew/daughter, condemning their actions, and denouncing the ideology of their “manifesto”;

    13. Awkward, inconsistent updates on the medical status of the “victims” by doctors and hospital spokesmen;

    14. Interviews with “gravely injured” victims who recover in a few days, show virtually no signs of injury, and almost immediately start talking about gun control;

    15. Strangely festive “remembrances” or “memorials” to the “victims” featuring “butterfly releases” or “dove releases”;

    16. Reports that there was an "active shooter drill" scheduled near the location of the “shooting” around the time of the event;

    17. Witnesses who -- by amazing coincidence -- were also present at a previous “mass shooting event”; and

    18. When the script calls for the “shooter” to be captured, the “shooter” is apprehended without incident and makes a complete confession.

    We need to wake up and realize that the starting point for knowing the truth about anything is to believe the opposite of what the government and the corporate media tell us.

    Michele Sarkisian

    Thank you for reporting on this. The public Must demand medical records and connect the dots on psychotic drugs behind extreme violence. Dangerous black box Prescription drugs are out of control in America and informed consent is virtually non existent. Public safety is at risk! Where are leaders and where are investigative journalists and why are they so beholden to Pharma?

    Sheila Gallo

    Thank you so much for this article. AbleChild's work is dedicated to a solution for these mass shootings. The mental health records, psychiatric drugs, and toxicology reports must be released to protect the public. The public's right to know outweighs any possible reason to hold back this information.

    While there are many who believe these shootings are staged, and certainly are entitled to their opinion in a free society; it is AbleChild's opinion this diverts from our mission which is seeking the documents that are being withheld by the State and Federal government. Thank you again for having the courage to discuss this topic.

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