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    BREAKING: National Security Source Reveals Information On COVID-19...Virus Deadly To Asians, Threat Must Be Taken Seriously

    March 2, 2020
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    BREAKING: National Security Source Reveals Information On COVID-19...Virus Deadly To Asians, Threat Must Be Taken Seriously
    Symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the disease seen in the 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak, and is caused by the Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
    Image by Mikael Häggström, M.D. 

    A source within the national security apparatus of the U.S. government has provided to CD Media information on the COVID-19 outbreak and what must be done to control the pandemic. We will post more information as we receive it...

    Origin/What it is 

    • Coronavirus, or also Sars-CoV-2, is a mutation of the well-known SARS virus from the 2002/2003 epidemic
    • Carriers of the SARS virus (a Coronavirus strain) are the Chinese horseshoe bat which are immune to virus itself and obviously do not become ill. 
    • COVID-19 was accidentally/unintentionally carried off and released from labs in Wuhan by technicians
    • The lab techs (likely Patients Zero) spread the virus to several other people, causing the disease to spread rapidly, and have since died.
    • LIFE-THREATENING to Chinese/SE Asians because have different immune systems than Europeans and other races. Thus some peoples are more susceptible and others more resistant to illnesses. 
    • REAL NUMBER of INFECTIONS/DEATHS is MUCH HIGHER in all of China/other affected countries and that the infection is much more widespread because both China and other affected countries are CONCEALING real numbers for POLITICAL/ECONOMIC REASONS.
    • CoVID-19 is MORE DANGEROUS and MUCH WORSE than SARS epidemic 2002/2003, contrary to what scientists/experts and the WHO are initially saying or claimed.
    • There is CURRENTLY NO MEDICATION against CoVID-19 which is a new type of rampantly spreading lung disease. It causes an atypical pneumonia, which can be mild but also fatal (especially to the Chinese/SE Asian peoples)
    • It will possibly become MORE AGGRESSIVE over time and potentially will claim many other victims of various races if not contained.

    Incubation Period/Virulence

    • HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS - can be transmitted from PERSON to PERSON as well through AIR (i.e. breath or via clothing, and possibly food/animals)
    • INCUBATION  period is up to FOUR WEEKS and in some cases up to THREE MONTHS… NOT 2 WEEKS. They are not quarantining the infected or the suspected long enough.
    • Infected people in whom disease has not appeared clinically, REMAIN POTENTIAL CARRIERS the whole time from infection up to the healing of the disease (if it breaks out at all in the person). They are CONTAGIOUS THE WHOLE TIME so can transmit disease to others. 
    • Clinical manifestation depends on the strength and stability of a person’s immune system. If people have immune deficiencies either because of medications or co-morbidities, then Coronavirus becomes dangerous for them and can quickly lead to possible death. 

    Protection/Prevention against CoVID-19

    • Only reliable protection against infection provided by full body-protective suit with independent breathing apparatus (e.g. equipment used during Ebola epidemic)
    • NORMAL BREATHING MASKS (commonly used in SE Asia) are of NO USE because Coronavirus is TOO SMALL that it penetrates these masks. It’s unclear if N95/100 respirator masks are truly effective at this time (limited studies in China do show effectiveness with proper hand hygeine).
    • HERMETIC QUARANTINE of homeward bound travelers from China/affected countries for MUCH LONGER than 2 WEEKS which is FAR TOO SHORT.  
    • HERMETIC means even people who come into contact with suspected cases under quarantine must be protected with full body suit and breathing apparatus and under necessary safety precautions such airlocks, etc. because they can infect themselves, and also spread the virus through their clothing, breath, bodily contact, and possibly through food. 
    • Logical to not bring any nationals of China or neighboring countries where virus has broken out, back to their home countries, until the virus has been completely eliminated in affected countries. 
    • All affected areas should be hermetically sealed off and every entry in restricted areas or affected states, as well as the departure from them, should be prevented. AT THE LEAST, whoever enters a restricted area may no longer leave until virus is no longer active and no more affections/infections can occur.
    • W.H.O. should have responsibly and immediately called Coronavirus a PANDEMIC RISK as soon as the first cases of infections became known and taken appropriate measures (i.e. sealing off affected areas, not allowing entry or departure from country where virus first appeared until it could have been eradicated or became inactive on its own).
    • ALL hospitals, medical centers/facilities, personnel must be prepared to implement the strictest protocols, incl hermetically sealed quarantines for infected or suspected infected for much longer than 2 weeks. 
    • ALL small clinics/private practices, dentists, massage therapists, etc. should consider SUSPENDING services requiring contact with the public which is necessary but likely MANDATORY at some point. 
    • Prepare for living with limited contact with and access to outside resources, people, etc.  

    As applies for all highly contagious diseases:

    AVOID airplanes, ships, mass transportation and crowds whenever feasible. 

    STAY HOME when possible to reduce exposure and risk of infection. 



    CDM Staff

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