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    MSM Disinfo Grows As COVID Conspiracy Unravels, Gates Manipulation Revealed

    May 22, 2020
    Bill Gates. Image: YouTube

    Consider: if an entity (or a league of entities) wanted to spread a bioweapon, it might:

    1. release a highly contagious, long dormant-cycle virus just before peak holiday travel season,
    2. allow, and even encourage infected persons to travel internationally,
    3. put lockdown and ban travel to and from from the outbreak site within the country of origin,
    4. not notify global health authorities until carriers had spread to hundreds of countries,
    5. then downplay the contagious properties of the virus to the media
    6. while hoarding tools and materials needed to fight it,
    7. then ship faulty material to infected countries in need,
    8. then blame the entire pandemic on others.

    That is exactly how China, the WHO, and increasingly, the CDC, have approached COVID-19.

    The CDC is beginning to look like it needs a big dose of its own medicine. Perhaps it should take the form of Risperdal or Haldol, medications typically given to multiple personality disorder patients. Anything to get a more consistent message out of the agency.

    On Wednesday, they released updated guidance, claiming that the risk of catching the coronavirus from surfaces is much lower now than previously reported. Wiping down packages with disinfectant is probably overkill.


    The message is being hailed as "a relief" and "great news." We're five months into this outbreak (8 months if you're from Wuhan!) and the experts are just figuring out basic contagion properties of the virus?

    The CDC, a once-vaunted agency, has felt its way through the COVID-19 breakout like a blindfolded kid in a house of horrors, claiming variously that face masks are ineffective, that they are only for medical use, that any mask might help, then strongly urging wearing N95 masks.

    Similarly, guidance on transmissibility has varied widely from source to source. No human-to-human transmission (WHO), extensive contact with an infected person is required, life as usual (De Blasio), mandating admittance of recently COVID+ individuals into nursing homes won't kill anyone (various Democrat governors).

    Nursing home COVID-19 deaths account for 80% of all deaths from the virus in Minnesota, 66% in Pennsylvania, nearly 60% in Massachusetts. There have been over 30,000 deaths in nursing homes, accounting for more than a third of the total US death toll.

    Don't Call It A Conspiracy "Theory"

    As CDMedia's own Taylor Day once said, "It's not a conspiracy theory...it's just a conspiracy." She was referring to Obama/CIA/FBI spying scandal also known as Obamagate, but the same holds true here.

    To avoid the discovery of what the CCP and WHO are engaged in, a tremendous effort has been made to hide the truth. Media channels created solely to push one angle of a narrative, articles galore featuring anonymous sources making unconfirmed claims, new scare tactics, and statistics shamelessly manipulated.

    CDMedia has reported extensively on the origins of the virus, but what was done to divide the country along party lines? Beyond the hydroxychloroquine battle. Beyond bad modeling that called for millions of deaths.

    Let's look at how specific lies have been created and perpetuated.

    Bogus COVID Death Count

    Death: it is the single most reliable statistic in determining the danger of the virus, and it has has been ruined.

    On May 10, no less a personage than Dr. Deborah Birx declared, "There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust." Further, she estimated that the death toll of the coronavirus may be 25% too high. That was almost two weeks ago. The efforts since to boost the death toll have only grown, and thus the fear of the people.

    All of the above might reasonably contribute to a sense of trust in Birx at exactly the moment the mask is falling off of Fauci. Before accepting the good cop/bad cop routine, consider that Birx and Bill Gates are linked professionally, and that's usually a harbinger. More on that in a moment.


    In the meantime, several states are in the early throes of legal battles over how they classify deaths caused by or related to COVID-19. Colorado has been under particular scrutiny, as has New York, but the assumptions, incomplete data, and politically motivated stories continue to mount.

    The public will almost certainly never know the true death count.

    Mass Media's Misleading Methods

    I. Kim Couldn't Breathe No More

    The number of maddening attacks from the left on anything that isn't full throated anti-Trump only grows. Some recent examples:

    CBS News in Detroit reports that a Wisconsin woman who has taken hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for 19 years contracted the coronavirus. She took the drug for her lupus condition. Several articles have noted the lack of lupus patients contracting the virus, attributing the dearth to HCQ being the treatment of choice for lupus.

    That's an inconvenient truth for the left.

    Sounds like a bubble the left would love to pop. Alas, the local reporter remains anonymous, as you can see in the link, a good first indication of fake news. The woman who allegedly contracted the virus, "Kim," gave only her first name and refused to be photographed, further weakening her claim. From the article:

    Kim said she tested positive for COVID-19.

    "I couldn’t breathe no more.”

    "When they gave the diagnosis, I felt like it was a death sentence. I was like, ‘I’m going to die,'” she said. “I’m like, ‘How can I be sick? How? I’m on the hydroxychloroquine.’ They were like, ‘Well, nobody’s ever said that was the cure or that was going to keep you safe’ and it definitely did not.”

    Kim said even though she took precautions when leaving the house for the grocery store, she thought she would be safe because of what President Donald Trump has said about the drug.

    Trump has repeatedly advocated hydroxychloroquine for possible treatment or prevention of COVID-19. On Monday, he revealed he had been taking the drug “for about a week and a half.”

    “You’re not safe taking that medication at all. [Hydroxychloroquine] is not going to prevent anything. You can still get coronavirus,” she said. “It kind of makes me mad that [Trump] thinks it’s going to do that and is telling the whole world it’s going to do that.”

    A few things stand out here. The smallest one first: Kim says, "I'm on the hydroxychloroquine". If you had taken a drug for 19 years, would you call it "the Aleve" or "the Motrin"? Maybe "the HCQ," but "the hydroxychloroquine"? It rings false.

    Much more importantly, no proof is given that Kim had coronavirus. Her doctor's supposed response to her shock at the alleged diagnosis is ham-handed. "Well, nobody’s ever said that was the cure or that was going to keep you safe."

    The fact that President Trump is mentioned three times in the short article undergirds my argument. This isn't about Kim, it's about getting an article onto the internet that refutes the idea that HCQ is effective against COVID-19. It's ammunition for a lefty. Never mind that no one claimed HCQ was 100% effective as treatment or prophylaxis.

    There's no way to verify anything in the article, and I suspect that's by design.

    II. Fighting the Deplorables...Like CDMedia

    Speaking of ammunition for the left...in the course of researching COVID disinformation, I came across the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD). This harmless sounding group is concerned with saving the world from fake news, at least by its definition. Its website, isdglobal.org., busily conflates conservative issues with hatred and fake news. Racy headlines from the likes of Time, the New York Times, and Politico are splashed on the homepage.

    So what?

    Well, the devil is in the research details. This is a site designed to increase, in its own words, "understanding [of]...the rising tide of polarisation, hate and extremism of all forms."

    Founded in 2006, ISD is now the leading global ‘think and do’ tank dedicated to understanding and innovating real-world responses to the rising tide of polarisation, hate and extremism of all forms. We combine anthropological research, expertise in international extremist movements and an advanced digital analysis capability that tracks hate, disinformation and extremism online...


    No. After reading their scientific studies about hate, it becomes clear what the site is about. Its writers take conservative ideas, paint them in the worst terms, and then apply a nominally scientific approach to quantify where and how (hateful!) information is disseminated, and who consumes it.

    Statistics, charts and graphs, findings, methodology briefs--it's all looks very professional. Until one scratches the surface. In a May 12 report titled "Far-Right Exploitation of COVID-19", researchers seek to unmask the alt-media sites that engage in "hateful disinformation campaigns."

    ISD researchers found that 34 known disinformation-hosting websites gathered the staggeringly high
    volume of 80 million interactions on public Facebook between January and April, 2020. For context, in the
    same time period, posts linking to the WHO’s website received 6.2 million interactions, with the website of the
    US Center for Disease Control (CDC) receiving 6.4 million interactions through posts on public Facebook.
    Our analysis – which revealed hundreds of thousands of far right posts around COVID-19 and millions of
    engagements with known disinformation sites – provides an important evidence base for understanding
    how extremist groups, disinformation actors and fringe medical communities are working to exploit the
    pandemic online, and highlights a marked increase in conversations within far right circles about so called ‘elites’ including Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rothschilds and Jeff Bezos and false information
    about their role in the creation or spread of the virus.

    --ISD (emphasis added)

    The gall to suggest that Gates, Soros, the Rothschilds, and Bezos are "so-called elites" is instantly disqualifying. To suggest that none of them are involved in using COVID-19 to advance their naked agenda is a poor choice for the (again) unnamed author. It's a mistake for another reason, because a quick search for the funders of ISD reveals none other than Microsoft and Soros' progressive megafund, Open Society Foundations. Not to mention Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

    It's almost as if the "so-called elites" paid for an official-sounding propaganda machine to create studies about hate, while simultaneously insulating the wealthiest men in the world from criticism over their ghastly roles in the COVID pandemic. It would be funny if people weren't dying by the hundreds of thousands in a bid to track and trace the entire globe.

    Among the 34 news sites the study uncovered as the leading purveyors of hatred and COVID disinfo:

    • American Thinker
    • ZeroHedge
    • The Epoch Times
    • Rush Limbaugh

    Those are all excellent news sources. Yes, ZeroHedge has an agenda and veers into doomsaying at times. Rush sometimes paints with a broad brush. But if those were a person's only four sources of news, he would be quite well informed. Frankly, I'm disappointed CDMedia didn't make their list. We shall endeavor to try harder.

    Not-so-fun fact: Partners in Health, chosen to do contact tracing for Massachusetts, is funded by George Soros and Bill Gates, and Chelsea Clinton sits on its board. Their desire for control of the global population has never been more clear. Such irony. By forcing us to wear masks, theirs are removed.

    III. Cheech & Chong Are Like, COVID-Immune, Man!

    Have you heard? The Canadians have it figured out: smoking pot might cure the virus. In an example of muddying the bong water, The National Research Council of Canada and CanSino Biologics Inc. are collaborating to find a cannabidiol-based vaccine for COVID-19.

    Sounds far out, right? This is an example of highlighting a ridiculous study in mass media to cast aspersion on other treatments. HCQ is in the fight of its 70-year existence, facing off against smug, vastly powerful foes such as the NIH and Dr. Fauci. The more unscientific ideas there are in the media ether, the more ridiculous every idea sounds when spouted by someone not wearing a lab coat.

    Pot jokes aside, this proposed vaccine contains the infamous HEK293 cell lines, derived from the cells of electively aborted children. Reader, before you scream "oh no, it IS fake news!", bear with me, for I know this is the exact kind of item that turns people off.

    It's real.

    You can do a search of your own. Search "HEK293 cell lines." Or start here. The cell line was begun in 1973 with embryonic kidney tissue from aborted children. It's very useful to scientists in creating different vaccines, several of which are in trial for COVID-19.

    What you should know: if a vaccine is produced and mandated by any government, one should ask if it contains HEK293 cell lines if one is fussy about having medicine derived from an aborted child injected into their veins.

    IV. The Deep Dive: Lauren Brown Exposes Bill Gates

    If you're ready for a deeper rabbit hole, here it goes. Again, the indefatigable Lauren Brown is on the case, this time uncovering Bill Gates' influence in mass media. He's essentially a talent agent, a product placement executive, and so much more. I put this at the end of the article, dear reader, for fear that you would've gotten lost in it and never come back.

    Click the tweet below, or this link. It's truly frightening, the depth and detail of power this "so-called elite" has to shape our choices and opinions.



    Court Anderson

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    Vaccination has saved millions of people’s lives, however HEK293 probably was obtained or used without ethical consent, so the article does raise an important point about medical ethics and people shouldn’t be obliged to be subjected to human derived materials, especially if obtained without ethical consent from a donor.
    As far as news sources, this is likely an informative article.
    I don’t know about Tiananmen Square photos except they are censored in communist China. Tiananmen Square was known as the Democracy movement and was short lived.
    Collaborators with the Chinese Communist regime are in some ways culpable, although there is apparently so much money to be made that they don’t ask questions.
    It’s easier to portray Trump as a racist when he talks about Communist China than to as questions of the Chinese Communist who don’t have to answer any questions in their own country and eliminate or “disappear” anyone who does.
    Few take our Republic and it’s freedoms seriously, but are all too willing to use them for their own ends.

    Jerry G

    The CDC has been corrupted ever since the Clinton administration sought to make gun ownership a disease.

    Black Sheep

    There's a big anti-vaccination crowd that believes it causes autism. Since almost everyone gets vaccinated, why aren't we all autistic? More likely autism is do to some other and much rarer cause, and very possibly is related to pollution generated by modern technology. Vaccines have wiped out diseases like Smallpox that killed millions of people and I get my yearly flu shot every year, and have been vaccinated against a host of other nasty diseases with no problem, along with most of us. Vaccinations prevent the spread of diseases, which is why ones we wiped out walk among us again, because of all those unvaccinated illegal aliens. I wouldn't trust anything that Bill Gates had a hand in, true enough. But that's because Gates is an evil little man anyway.
    As for this HK293 cell line, so? The very first vaccine in the world came from human cells. If your problem is only that it came from an aborted fetus, perhaps you should save your virtue signaling for a different audience.

    There's no question that this newest plague was deliberately sent out into the world by the Chicoms as an act of war. That part is indisputable. It remains to be seen what the world's response will be.

    Black Sheep

    "is DUE to". I really need to proofread before hitting the Send button.

    Sir Cumference

    Why is it that when some nerd like Bill Gates, or anyone else for that matter, becomes filthy rich that they are now an expert on everything and everyone should listen to what they have to say?


    The best way to commit genocide against a population would be through a mandated vaccine that is adulterated with something that would not show up in tests, like a Mad Cow prion. It would take years to debilitate and kill the population and nothing could be done after everyone was infected. You wouldn't even know who did it.


    Because the truly ignorant admire him for his wealth he stole from many, many others and got away with it. To them he's a genius. I've personally met him an he's no genius.

    […] in general, and especially those that dispense health advice. The WHO has been exposed as a puppet of both China and Bill Gates, and an enemy of truth: it suspended its hydroxychloroquine trial yesterday, claiming the drug […]

    […] in general, and especially those that dispense health advice. The WHO has been exposed as a puppet of both China and Bill Gates, and an enemy of truth: it suspended its hydroxychloroquine trial yesterday, claiming the drug […]


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