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Germany Releases Witness Against Biden From Prison, Refuses To Extradite To Ukraine

Germany Releases Witness Against Biden From Prison, Refuses To Extradite To Ukraine

Ukrainian oligarch Aleksander Onyshchenko was released from a German prison yesterday after an Oldenburg court refused to extradite him to Ukraine to face corruption charges. Onyshchenko was arrested in November of last year on his way to testify in the United States on Biden family corruption during the impeachment sham against President Trump. The German prosecutor had subpoenaed him in another case and he was detained at Ukraine’s request upon arrival to testify in a separate matter.

CDMedia has interviewed Onyshchenko in person last year in Dusseldorf, and via Skype from his prison cell in April, where he laid out numerous Biden corruption schemes and provided documentation that Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden received millions in illegal payouts from the Burisma group of companies, essentially describing how the former vice president sold his office for profit to foreign organized crime.

Onyshchenko told CDMedia he has much more evidence against the presidential candidate to provide to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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“The court established the abolition of the arrest and release from custody. This is the first. And the second is to refuse extradition. I feel good. Hello and best wishes to everyone,” Onyshchenko told Ukrainian news outlet Strana.

Onyshchenko also suggested Ukraine dissolve the anti-corruption bodies that worked for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 American presidential election and are allegedly infested with Soros operatives.

“By the way, I propose to begin the dissolution of anti-corruption bodies [like National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU)]. They began to take bribes that are hurting the country like the plague.” Sources have suggested NABU was an unconstitutional body set up to actually stop investigation into American Deep State activities in Ukraine. We have reported how the organization ceased investigations into the Burisma scandal in late 2019. NABU also released the infamous ‘black ledger’ which detailed alleged Paul Manafort corruption in Ukraine. We reported at the time the document was likely false and was recently proved to be fraudulent.

Onyshchenko fled Ukraine in 2016 after releasing corruption information on former Ukrainian President Poroshenko. NABU then filed corruption charges against him in return. He alleges these charges were political. He also alleges the Soros-backed group had him arrested in Ukraine so he could not testify in the U.S. regarding American Deep State activities in Ukraine during the Obama administration.

In related news, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine summoned former President Poroshenko for interrogation on May 29 in the case of wiretapping his conversation with Biden, announced the press service.

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