New York Times Felt Need To Tell You - Bribe To Stop Investigation Into Hunter Biden Has Nothing To Do With Joe Or Hunter Biden

June 13, 2020

Move Along Now, This Isn't The Corrupt Presidential Candidate You're Looking For

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As President Trump likes to say, 'the failing New York Times' just got even weirder. The 'Paper of Record' felt the need to tell American voters the bribe bust yesterday in Ukraine [first reported in the West by CDMedia], where $6 million was meant to stop the investigation into Burisma's actions, including hiring Hunter Biden to buy Joe Biden's influence for Ukrainian organized crime, was no big deal. In other words, the bribery scandal meant to stop the investigation into Hunter Biden had nothing to do with Hunter or Joe Biden.

The New York Times must think you are really stupid.

Their 'reporting' also tells you the NYT is must a mouthpiece for the DNC and the Deep State (as if there was any doubt).

CDMedia has long reported on what is going on in Ukraine as the Biden crime family's activities come to light more and more. Below is a smattering of our coverage. You can see all of our investigative reporting here.

In short, the American Deep State is well entrenched in Ukraine, laundering American aid money for themselves for years. They also were knee-deep in meddling in the 2016 American presidential election for Hillary Clinton.

Artem Sytnyk, the Director of the Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption Bureau is in bed with this cabal. He bragged about his support for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and the audio tapes were released last year. The NYT relies on this guy's testimony to say the bribe attempt unearthed yesterday had 'nothing to do with Hunter Biden'.

The entire investigation into Burisma has to do with organized crime buying political influence...from Joe Biden, using Hunter Biden as the vehicle.

It is easy to spot state-owned media outlets parroting what their leaders want you to hear. For instance, if Russian state news agency TASS wants you to believe something, even if obviously untrue, they will just print what they want you to believe, and damn any reasoning or facts. Something like, "Russia has no troops in Syria" will confirm for the smart reader that guess what? Russia has troops in Syria.

It looks like the NYT has been reading their mail.

As the old John Wayne saying goes, "Life's tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid."

Don't be stupid. Don't read the New York Times.



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