Burisma’s Only The Beginning! Biden’s Quid Pro Quo Sellout Of America
Infamous 'Black Ledger' from Ukraine

CDMedia has brought you the reporting of George Elliason, an American reporter living in Donbass, East Ukraine, as we believe it is instructive as to what is happening in this country, as we see the media, the DNC, Federal agencies, all in bed in their attempts to change American society. We will continue to bring you select parts of Elliason's work. Today Elliason wrote a piece detailing the military-grade technology that is being used against the American people, developed and put into practice by a defense contractor called SCL. Below are select parts of Elliason's article which we believe are eye-opening.

Also, Elliason uses the word 'nationalism' to describe the totalitarianism we are seeing. We believe a better word is 'fascism', the desire to outlaw any thought that opposes the preferred narrative of reality. So, we have inserted 'fascism' when we think appropriate.

We at CDMedia believe that 'American nationalism' can be a good thing -- a preference for the Founder's principles of governance.


This is where the bar is set. If the DNC leadership and Joe Biden had a shred of decency or understanding of the national interest (reason of state) among them, both Biden and the DNC would bow out of the 2020 election so traitors to the Constitution, companies, lobbies, and people could be investigated and prosecuted.

Now, if you’re a Democrat reading this, you have two choices. You can read the following with all the skepticism you can muster and I welcome that. Then go into 2020 elections based on your conclusions. Or you can ignore it and burn the country down. Your choice.

What you’re about to read is a system breakdown of the horror show going on today in the US. This will fully explain how the now fully developed political division, riots, and media were engineered to roll out a new type of government based on raw integral nationalism [fascism] by the DNC and its backers.

The prize isn’t the destruction of Donald Trump, that’s the means to the end. For the contractors behind this, winning means a no-bid contract that essentially retires 17 Intel agencies, controls all foreign policy for their paying clients, and puts them in an unquestionable position of controlling national and world events from that moment on because all they need to do is scale-up… a little bit.

At the end of the day, trillions of dollars are at stake for the people behind this information operation.

One of the most effective weapons of war ever devised has been unleashed on the US population because it’s coupled with a permanent regime change strategy designed to tear the psyche of an entire country.

The idea that Stanley McChrystal would consider openly bringing tools used to combat ISIS into the US election to support Joe Biden and not be repudiated by the DNC should spin your head if you’re a Democrat. McChrystal is open about just how important the 2020 election is…to him and people like him. At the same time, both he and the Democratic Party are telling you, if they want your opinion…they’ll feed it to you.

Your opinion as a Democratic Party member means as much to them as an ISIS terrorist they are about to drone.

[Elliason reports that McChrystal and his technology are not the real players in this game, but a defense contractor named SCL]

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In Willie’s new book Mindf*ck: Mindfuck — Inside Cambridge Analytica’s Plot to Break the World he describes how nations worldwide are currently being manipulated into a new order. For CA’s program to work, it needs to change the foundation of a society and their first job is to create chaos first. According to Willie, CA’s primary goal is the US.

Willie’s tool doesn’t come close to the above. SCL-CA’s other system which will be shown below is what he is describing. 

That said, Clinton campaign Diaspora outreach(es) through Alexandra Chalupa was working with CA’s parent company SCL-IOTA Global in Ukraine and across Europe at the same time they were helping SCL developing and test driving the REAL thing in Ukraine from the beginning of the conflict forward.

IOTA Global, the company that developed this as a process, was the only company in this field that carried military licensing to operate. IOTA personnel ran SCL-Defense. Since IOTA folded, SCL is now the proprietary company with IOTAs tool and methodology.

The tool and programming development including the political side go hand in hand. If you only understand one side without the other, you never grasp the impact of what’s been unleashed in the US.

The tool works by instilling a hard nationalist [fascist] view on supporters and gathers as many fence-sitters as possible under it. When accompanied by the SCL programming or strategic whole nation IO plan it becomes the across the board sifter and decider of what values the client nationalism [fascism] holds and hardens even moderate followers into a keyword-based category 5 hurricane of emotional overload.

The purpose of “Inform and Influence Operations” is not to provide a perspective, opinion, or lay out a policy. It is defined as the ability to make audiences “think and act” in a manner favorable to the mission objectives. This is done through applying perception management techniques which target the audience’s emotions, motives, and reasoning.

These techniques are not geared for debate. It is to overwhelm and change the target psyche.

Using these techniques information sources can be manipulated and those that write, speak, or think counter to the objective are relegated as propaganda, ill informed, or irrelevant. 

Those statements were written by the designer of the 5 point strategic plan or SCL programming in play today. It also shows why no single software is a magic button. The plan demands the active participation of major media and trusted journalists.

Software doesn’t host your favorite news show or write columns in the NYT or Washington Post. Making the plan inclusive media items go viral is what the software does as well as pushing down opposing views.

Nationalism [fascism] is based on emotional responses that can be taught to children.

This hard nationalism [fascism] being put in place is based in US-OUNb political ideology. Each layer of society shares many aspects of socialism with a get out of jail free card based on adherence and activism. The further you climb in society, the fewer laws apply to you. It’s win, win for career criminals.

Whole nation IO is what makes this work.

Target Audience Analysis — the nation-wrecking monster

This is the programming developed by IOTA-Global was developed for warfare and SCL is developing a new lexicon for it under the term Neo-Cortical Warfare.

What you see going on around you are not people making decisions in the sense that they believe the IO material filling the news and social space. This system and programming are geared to tear people’s psyches at the emotional level. This is where you get all the disparate groups to work together plying their fears over policy that doesn’t exist.

Many of the people burning cities today are doing so because of the IO. If you shut off the tap, which in this case is the media working cooperatively with the contractor, in about one month, people will start to normalize. Within two months, the same people throwing Molotov cocktails today will wonder how it happened.

Congressmen and Senators involved in this have a lot to answer for. This is outrageous.

IOTA Global‘s system and Harding’s whole nation plan were already going full steam under the Obama administration on US citizens beginning in 2014 using the weight of MSM for labeling US politicians, publications, and journalists as Russian collaborators in scenarios that only existed on SCL’s account payable sheets. Obama-Biden used this methodology to bury the administration’s crimes in Ukraine in the soft sands of Washington Post and New York Times stories.


According to system designer Cdr (Rtd.) Dr Steve Tatham Ph.D. for The Three Swords Magazine 28/2015,

AT THE heart of TAA is the ability to empirically diagnose the exact groupings that exist within target populations. Knowing these groupings allows them to be ranked and the ranking depends upon the degree of influence they may have in either promoting or mitigating constructive behaviour. The methodology involves the comprehensive study of a social group of people. It examines this group of people across a host of psycho-social research parameters, and it does so in order to determine how best to change that group’s behaviour.

It is not simply research for the sake of greater understanding, but TAA achieves many of the crucial tasks that the planners require. Indeed, when undertaken properly, TAA employs innovative and rigorous primary research, drawing together qualitative, quantitative and other methods. This data is then triangulated with extensive expert elicitation and secondary research.

It builds up a detailed understanding of current behaviour, values, attitudes, beliefs and norms, and examines everything from whether a group feels in control of its life, to who they respect, and what radio stations they listen to.

TAA can be undertaken covertly. Audience groups are not necessarily aware that they are the research subjects and government’s role and/or third parties can be invisible. In short, it is a tried, tested and proven methodology.

When Obama-Biden coupled this tool with the following strategy in 2014, he literally subjugated the US population to SCL’s whims.

Obama-Biden made sure everything you know about any line item event (think Russian collusion, DNC hack...) on an SCL accounts payable sheet is what they decided you know. The entire country has been subjected to the same mind-altering process ISIS is subjected to with only two differences.

ISIS leaders wouldn’t do this to their own people which says a lot considering the use of suicide bombers. You’re not ISIS and it’s impossible Obama-Biden could have ever taken it to this level with them. Otherwise, they would have all hung themselves. But they did do this to their own Party and to America without reservation.

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