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    Patreon Freezes CDMedia Funds 55 Days Prior To Election Over Reporting On Biden Criminal Activity

    September 9, 2020
    Patreon Freezes CDMedia Funds 55 Days Prior To Election Over Reporting On Biden Criminal Activity

    Patreon, the massive creator patronage site, has frozen CDMedia funds less than 60 days prior to the 2020 presidential election due to reporting on Biden criminal activity and exposure of the Deep State Information Operation being conducted against the American people.

    This comes of the heels of PayPal also freezing funds, as well as de-platforming on Twitter and a shutdown of our advertising account at CJ Affiliate, one of the largest online advertising providers.

    CDMedia is user-funded and depends on contributions from readers who want real news and not fake garbage.

    CDMedia is obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here!

    CDMedia has reported extensively on Deep State manipulation of the American people with military-grade psychological warfare techniques, Biden crime family money laundering in Ukraine, Deep State money laundering in Ukraine, and much more.

    We need your help! Dig, whatever you can do prior to the election! If you've donated before, please donate again! This is a critical time! We need to keep the pressure on to help save the republic!

    You can read our investigative work here. There are over 50 articles on Biden corruption in Ukraine, in addition to more on the Information Operation being conducted by the Deep State on the American people prior to the election.

    I think we're over the target judging by Silicon Valley's reaction, don't you?



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    James Johnson

    I sent you a few dollars but it appears it is still going thru PayPal. i used a credit card to I hope that takes it thru. but please ditch PayPal, Patreon altogether.

    […] September 9, 2020September 9, 2020 Botrax Patreon Freezes CDMedia Funds 55 Days Prior To Election Over Reporting On Biden Criminal Activity […]


    Tell me where to safely donate and I will!


    You continued to use services the rest of us left in solidarity with our ilk and now that they've come for you it's time to join the team? Saving my sympathies for those that fight for what's right rather than those that fight for nothing but themselves.


    James Johnson: We are working on it!


    Jeff: You obviously don't read our material with your snarky, uninformed comment. We have crypto available for contribution on the site and have been active in working alternatives. Tell us which electronic platform has APIs for website integration like PayPal and we'll use it. Until then, I would refrain from commenting because you don't know obviously what you are talking about.

    In fact Jeff, we've built a new global media company to confront the corrupt media as an alternative...what have you done?


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