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    September 23, 2020
    Joe And Hunter Biden Met With Russian Energy Execs Within Weeks Of Crimean Annexation...The Question Is...Why?

    This story is developing...

    KYIV -- The Pechersk District Court of Kyiv dismissed the claim of Ukrainian gas holding company Burisma against People's Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Derkach. The court decision says that representatives of Burisma demanded a refutation of the information they paid $ 900,000 to ex-Vice President Joe Biden for lobbying activities, and to his son Hunter Biden, along with Alexander Kwasniewski, Alan Apter and Devon Archer, $ 16 , 5 million.

    “Burisma admitted that it had given a bribe to Joe Biden. As expected, Burisma lost. ( in fact - gave a bribe) 900 thousand dollars for lobbying to former US Vice President Joe Biden, " wrote Derkatch on his Facebook page.

    "The court separately noted: Burisma in its statement actually does not dispute the facts of payments - only their size. That is, it agrees that it paid Biden and his son, but does not agree that these are the amounts. The fight against international democraturation continues. - follow the announcement ", - said Andriy Derkach.

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    Here are local media reports.

    You can read over 60 articles of CDMedia's extensive coverage into Biden/DNC/Deep State corruption in Ukraine here.

    Below is a statement from former prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Shokin was fired by the Ukrainian government after pressure by then Vice President Joe Biden. Shokin was investigating Biden's son, Hunter Biden, at the time.




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    Can a person (Joe Biden), legally be paid a lobbying fee, when they hold the office of Vice PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED States?
    What do I know?
    I think they have a different set of law books for the Democrat administration office holders, whether elected or appointed.


    Well, at LEAST now that the corruption is verified the DOJ will address the Bidens. Pffffft! I'm joking, of course. Democrats that high up the chain can murder someone with absolute impunity, let alone accept bribes! Barr is too busy NOT prosecuting the insurrectionists in the FBI to worry about Biden's family corruption.


    If this scandal involved the Trump family it would be front page news around the world, every day. But Democrats are above the law. This is a classic example of that.


    Lol, so did Biden pay taxes on it? Or is he going to jail like manafort?


    DOJ Hello?? Hello??? Hello??? Another Democrat presidential candidate gets off scot-free while the Republican president is held to accusations and complete lies for the same criminal acts.



    Wait till DJT's opening statement at the debate. He will ask Joe about this right at the start and Joe will lose the 1/2 ounce of sanity left in that completely feeble mind and melt down. No bullying needed by DJT - Joe will be the bully from the start.


    Meanwhile, his mind deteriorates at an ever-increasing pace.

    Joe admitted in no uncertain terms he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in foreign aid
    from Ukraine unless the prosecutor looking into his and Hunter’s dubious dealings in Ukraine
    was fired, and he bragged about it on video.

    I’ve read that the US has an extradition treaty with Ukraine. Maybe.

    But, and this is MOST important of all things to note: Orange Man Bad.


    Did Joe Biden declare it on his taxes?
    Did Joe Biden Register as a Foreign Agent?
    Both shut and closed cases that have yes/no answers.
    But if asked Joe will answer quite truthfully, "I have no recollection of that at all" using Hillary's well used line.


    Not only will the leftist media refuse to ask Joe about this (until the demon party directs them to so they can spew scripted talking points), they will not even report this.

    Nabi Rasch

    Dems have committed so many crimes and of so intricate a nature that Barr and associates are frozen in their tracks---can't figure out where to begin.


    We all know Biden will never be President even if the Dems win the election. The Dems know it too.Something weill play out, he will be removed and someone will be the last minute replacement. My bet? Hillry. She has been prepped and ready. That will be the october surprise.

    Q? I hope you make something BIG happen for the Republicans in October because - like it or not - if Hillary steps in, many moderates will switch.


    I hope your noting waiting for anything of merit to be done about this.
    I'm still waiting to see the pantsuit assassin behind bars.

    Flannigan McGaffigan

    Obama was aware of the conflict of interest created when Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of corrupt Ukrainian fossil fuel company Burisma and DID NOTHIONG.

    But let’s accuse Trump of Russian collusion!


    If Joe Biden were to actually face prosecution he would be let off because of mental incompetence while simultaneously running for President of The United States.

    John Doe

    Fortunately for the Biden's, none of this is considered illegal, when the fact are against any Democrat, Democrat donor or employee!


    We must remember that AG Barr's father hired Epstein to be a professor in college. Barr is not ALL IN for Trump's agenda.


    Name a crime Joe Biden could have committed that would prevent Dems from voting for him. I'll wait.

    rickey ricardo

    Corruption and crimes are the Democrats whole reason for existence


    arrest, try, execute, joe biden, little fetus hunter n pelosi, chuck schumer, clintons, obamas.....do it with legal approval before the citizens of america take the situation into their own hands. It will be too late then.


    Ole Dirty Chi-Com Joe is Busted...!!! Hang him..and don't for get the Family..!!

    Also what about Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the rest?

    prester khan

    These are well and good, but unless you can point to the actual payments it won't amount to a hill of beans.

    Christian Sweeny

    U.S, Constitution. Article II, Section 4. The president, vice president and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. End of Quote.
    Joe Biden did not simply confess, in public, to the crime of bribery/extortion, he bragged about it. There was no compulsion to confess involved. He was not under arrest at the time, yet he had the right to remain silent. He hubristically waived his right to remain silent. What can he now say?
    Did the Congress that authorized the Foreign Aid to the Ukraine also authorize or empower Joe Biden to withhold or threaten to with-hold the aid if the then President of the Ukraine, now hiding in Russia, did not fire the Chief Prosecutor, Victor Sorkin? Did the President of the United States, Barack Obama, authorize or empower Joe Biden withhold this foreign aid unless the President of the Ukraine fired the Chief Prosecutor?
    This is, apparently, an act of extortion and/or bribery committed by the Vice President, Joe Biden, while acting under color of authority.
    Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have both been indicted on criminal charges, and charged, in a Court in the Ukraine. Now, apparently, the corrupt officers of Burisma have also admitted in Court that they bribed Hunter Biden and Joe Biden to commit this crime. Documentation of the bribe offered and subsequent payment were submitted to the Court. The exact amount of the Bribe received is under dispute. I hope it wasn't bit-coin.

    Mensa Graham

    So we have Kamala Harris for president?


    I only hope I live long enough to see a democrat put in jail for their never-ending crimes.

    Mad Celt

    You forget there's two sets of laws in this country. Biden isn't bound by the ones which bind peons and serfs like us.


    Yet a phone call asking was enough for the left to impeach. Yet somehow Quid Pro joe gets the nomination?


    Kamels-ha Harris is a sleep-around-ho who is where she is today only because she slept her way up the political ladder. Just ask Willie Brown.


    American legalese is dense and opaque [as it is meant to be].
    Some Ukrainian trying to write in that genre is too much.
    Shokin's prose is torturous and not quite intelligible to me.
    Mr. Todd, as a wordsmith, I wish you could have made a short paraphrase which would have explained to me what I struggled through!!


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