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BREAKING: Expert Declares Vote Must Be Audited

BREAKING:  Expert Declares Vote Must Be Audited

CDMedia has been informed of comments by an entrepreneur and software executive who founded, has been CEO and President, grown, taken public and sold several computer software-related technology companies to such purchasers as Citicorp and Equifax.  He lives in St. Louis.  

With regard to Hammer and Scorecard or the Dominion election software used in thirty states, he said that altering software to make the vote count anyway you want, such as changing every tenth vote, would be very easy to do and very undetectable by the users.  He said there must be an audit of the vote count comparing the paper copy of the votes with the software generated votes.  

He also noted that what happened in Georgia with the Dominion provider coming in and adjusting the software the night before the election without the election officials understanding what they were doing, is of major concern. 

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