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    Foreign Election Interference #3: The Ownership Structure Behind Dominion...Linked To Smartmatic In Barbados

    December 29, 2020

    CDMedia has been posting information provided by a well-placed White House source regarding foreign interference in the U.S. general election on Nov 3rd. This is the third release.

    Foreign Election Interference #2: Dominion Sent Information Election Night To 5 Countries, Frankfurt Saw 30% Spike Election Night

    BREAKING: White House Has Extensive Evidence Of Foreign Interference In Nov 3rd Election…Example 1: Nevada SoS Sent Voter Information To Pakistani Intelligence

    Staple Street Partners

    • Owns Dominion Voting Systems
    • 9/25/19 – Dominion Voting Systems based in Toronto entered into a Security Agreement with HSBC Bank, assigning all intellectual property and assets including Trademarks, Patents and Software (see attached).
    • 10/8/20 - $400,000,000 from UBS Securities a Chinese managed subsidiary of UBSGlobal AG (see attached).
    • CEO/Chairman of the Board Hootan Yaghoobzadeh, close former associate of SaddamHussein and the Saudi Bin Laden Group. Previously worked at the Carlyle Group andCerberus Capital Management.
    • Dominion shares an address with Smartmatic in Barbados (see attached)
    • Dominion data is seen going to their headquarters in Serbia and Toronto.
    1. The following link analysis was gathered through open source methodologies and easily verifiable.
    2. As Dominion and Smartmatic makes claims that they are not connected in any way, not only are they connected but their business registration was in the same building on a foreign island to obfuscate their business dealings.



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    Dominion Certificates

    Dominion can be seen using open source methodology that the SSL certificates from *.dominionvoting.com were registered on the 24th of July 2019. This SSL certificate were used multiple times from locations ranging from Canada, Serbia, and the United States. These images verify that Dominion systems were connected to foreign systems across the globe. Also seen is that the SSL certificate is used for the email server that was the same for the secure HTTP connections.

    443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256: 8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9cpage6image49045008page6image49259872page6image49257376page6image49257792page6image49257168page6image49258000page7image49071120

    All share:

    443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256: 8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9page7image49085680page7image49084224page7image49082976

    Email ip address

    Serbian ip address

    Dominion site

    Cloudflare link

    Canadian ip address

    Denver ip address

    Page: 1/1 Results: 7 Time: 155ms (webmail.dominionvoting.com)
    BEANFIELD (21949) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    *.dominionvoting.com, dominionvoting.com 443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256:8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9c

    SERBIA-BROADBAND-AS Serbia BroadBand-Srpske Kablovske mreze d.o.o. (31042) Kac, Vojvodina, Serbia
    *.dominionvoting.com, dominionvoting.com

    443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256: 8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9c204.132.219.214

    CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST (209) United States 443/https

    *.dominionvoting.com, dominionvoting.com 443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256:8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9c

    CLOUDFLARENET (13335) United States
    443/https, 80/http, 8080/http
    Direct IP access not allowed | Cloudflare *.dominionvoting.com, dominionvoting.com 443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256: 8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9c

    CLOUDFLARENET (13335) United States
    443/https, 80/http, 8080/http
    Direct IP access not allowed | Cloudflare *.dominionvoting.com, dominionvoting.com 443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256: 8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9c (206-223-190-85.beanfield.net)

    BEANFIELD (21949) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    22/ssh, 443/https
    *.dominionvoting.com, dominionvoting.com 443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256:8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9c (204-132-121-11.dia.static.qwest.net) 

    CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST (209) Denver, Colorado, United States 21/ftp, 22/ssh, 443/https, 80/http
    DVS Fileshare *.dominionvoting.com, dominionvoting.com 443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.fingerprint_sha256:8f73a14d5f0fc10ebfa3086a99b9e7a550e822c71d762e627b73d12e5f1b8b9c



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Here's the tragic truth. Our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law no longer exist. Therefore facts and evidence no longer matter. From the Supreme Court on down, the ruling has already been made. Biden is President-elect, meaning, Obama's 3rd term will commence in January. Sydney Powell and General Flynn are now being denigrated and considered "illegal", even by most Republicans. Judicial Watch will be shunned and silenced.
    Who wins the Senate races in Georgia is irrelevant because McConnell has already gone over to the other side. He won his election which was the only objective he had.

    Buster Scruggs the San Saba Songbird

    nice work, CDM

    Eric Schrader

    I'm so glad the FBI did all this investigation of election fraud and came up with this bombshell information. Did I say FBI? No, no, it was the private sector that dug up all this stuff.

    Voxi Pop

    This article is EXCELLENT work Impressive!


    Jan6 DC Election Showdown.Pence's Powerplay/
    Greenwald: Classic Fascism Looms Under Biden-Corps & State Merge/
    ATT Now NSA/
    IRS Targets Remaining Small Businesses/
    BLM Donors Cry Missing $/
    1.5B Masks Will Pollute Oceans/
    2nd Passports Skyrocket


    This is the most serious thing to happen to our country since Pearl Harbor. This is nothing but a coup planned by democrats and world " leaders" to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It's also obvious to me and others that this covid was not an accident. I believe it was deliberate by China. There is a planned war against our country and we are losing and will lose if Trump is dumped oin favor of that treasonous, corruipt, lying bastard Biden.

    Paul Terhaar

    Live by the sword die be the sword. Hmmm, what is the punishment for treason. Get the firing squad practiced up!


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