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    Election Foreign Interference #4: Eric Holder Gets Involved

    December 30, 2020
    Election Foreign Interference #4:  Eric Holder Gets Involved
    Image by DonkeyHotey

    CDMedia has been releasing information on foreign interference in the Nov 3rd U.S. general election obtained from a well-placed White House source. This is the fourth installment in that series.

    BREAKING: White House Has Extensive Evidence Of Foreign Interference In Nov 3rd Election…Example 1: Nevada SoS Sent Voter Information To Pakistani Intelligence

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    Open-Source research reveals a plethora of information in regards to foreign interference in the US election in 2020, including supply chain vulnerabilities, the desire by other nation states to penetrate our elections systems, and questionable foreign ties by principles of certain machine manufacturers. Additionally, actions taken in 2009-2010 by the Obama Justice Department deserve scrutiny.


    In 2010, the Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder, ordered a divestiture in the merger of major voting machine manufacturer Elections Systems and Software and Premier Election Solutions. In summary the terms were:

    Under the terms of the settlement, ES&S must divest all of the intellectual property associated with all versions past, present and in development of the Premier voting equipment systems to another company. ES&S also must divest all Premier tooling and fixed assets, as well as inventory of parts and components. In order to allow the divestiture buyer to better serve disabled voters, ES&S must also grant a fully paid-up, irrevocable, perpetual license to use the AutoMARK, ES&S’s ballot marking device for which Premier had a limited license prior to the acquisition. The buyer of the divestiture assets will have the right to modify and improve both Premier products and the AutoMARK.

    ES&S must sell the divestiture assets to a buyer approved by the department.

    The DOJ indeed approved a vendor. On May 20, 2010, the DOJ under Holder approved the sale of Premier to Dominion Voting Systems. A press release on BusinessWire stated:

    Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. Acquires Premier Election Solutions Assets From ES&S

    Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. today announced that it has acquired from Premier Election Solutions, Inc. (Premier), a wholly owned subsidiary of Election Systems and Software (ES&S), the primary assets of Premier, including all intellectual property, software, firmware and hardware for Premier’s current and legacy optical scan, central scan, and touch screen voting systems, and all versions of the GEMS election management system.

    “We are extremely pleased to conclude this transaction, which will restore much-needed competition to the American voting systems market and will allow Dominion to expand its capabilities and operational footprint to every corner of the United States”

    As part of the transaction, Dominion also acquired an irrevocable, perpetual license for the AutoMark voting terminals used by voters with disabilities, a similar license for the VoteRemote absentee vote-by- mail processing solution, and rights to spare parts, supplies and other resources necessary to support and service these installed systems. In addition, Dominion will acquire a percentage of existing Premier inventory.

    Under terms of the agreement, which was approved by the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and nine state attorneys general, Dominion has secured the right to hire current and former Premier employees and to enter into agreements with Premier dealers experienced in deploying and supporting these systems. In addition, the transaction requires that current Premier customers be provided with the opportunity to assign their existing contracts to Dominion without penalty. As part of the transaction, Dominion granted license rights back to Premier, subject to certain restrictions. The transaction also provides limitations on the ability of ES&S to continue to sell the Premier equipment going forward. Premier voting systems are currently in use in over 1,400 jurisdictions in 33 states and serve nearly 28 million American voters.


    This transaction raised flags for many, including at NIST. A letter written to NIST and catalogued on the official government website spells out the foreign entanglements of Dominion, including the tangible and dangerous connection of Dominion Voting Systems, and Smartmatic given their role in Venezuela, and the fact that the company is foreign owned. You can read more of this letter here, and see an excerpt below. Dominion seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

    Election Foreign Interference #4:  Eric Holder Gets Involved

    Dominion has continued to acquire a massive market share in the United States, while also maintaining foreign ownership. As widely reported, Dominion Machines have been deployed in multiple states, and are used in all of the states where election fraud has been rampant.

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    CDM Staff

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    Some criminalities warrant the death penalty.

    Patricia C. Egan

    Cutting edge reporting. Several true bombshell stories (the words "bomb" and "explosive" are a little overworked in some of your competitors' sites merely confirm one's suspicions. Back during the Obamacare sleight of hand when the Dems passed it illegally and against the will of the people, I wondered what they lnew about the upcoming election that we didn't.

    Now we know: Dominion.


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