Dekalb County, GA's Secret 25M Voter Registration Application Order Could Be For Illegal Alien Invasion And Permanent Democrat Rule

By CD Media Staff
April 7, 2021

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Earlier this year, CDMedia was provided with receipts found in a trash receptacle outside of Dekalb County, GA election facilities, which showed an order on Nov 11, 2020 for 25M voter registration applications in a county of less than one million. The documents were found discarded the day after the inauguration of Joe Biden on Jan 20th of this year.

CDMedia attempted to verify the transaction by calling Dekalb County election officials and filing an open records request. You can see information on these actions here. The effort was met with refusal to answer, stonewalling, and referrals to 'private entities' (Democratic operatives) for answers.

Many have suggested the receipt was a mistake, that the number simply cannot be true. We suggest the stonewalling by the county gives credence to the document's authenticity.

In addition, recent actions by the Biden administration in allowing and enabling a massive migrant invasion across our southern border suggests a motive -- permanent rule by the so-called Democratic Party.

It is obvious the Biden (really Obama/Jarret/Rice) strategy is to flood the country with illegal aliens who will provide a voting block that will elect Democrats forever in swing states like Georgia, cementing socialism in America.

It is also obvious the current developments in our nation have been planned by the cabal for years and we are only in the beginning stages. Nothing is being done that is not being meticulously orchestrated.

Georgia has become the epicenter of election fraud in the United States, Dekalb and Fulton counties specifically.

We suggest the document below may be nothing less than proof the Biden White House wants millions upon millions of migrants to settle in the swing states that were stolen during the coup last November.

We await answers from our open records request from Dekalb County, currently stalled by that other well-thought-out subversive activity - the CCP virus.

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