UPDATE: Judge In Fulton County, GA Hearing Prevents Scanning Of Actual Ballots...Until Images Reviewed First

By CD Media Staff
April 13, 2021
Still No Chain Of Custody Documents Provided For 355k Mail-In Ballots In Georgia Put In Drop Boxes

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This story is developing...more information will be released as obtained

UPDATE 1038 EST - Judge saying if after looking at images if everyone can narrow plans within 30 days. He gave them 5 days to produce electronic files.

Update 1035 EST - They just severed case.

UPDATE 1030 EST - Plaintiff attorney Harding more effective than attorney Cheeley. He is making argument that we just want to see how many, if any, counterfeit ballots. They want the ballot images ALSO so they can see if there are images that are duplicates.

UPDATE 1025 EST -- Plaintiffs just asked to sever cases. Petitioners to be given the images only right now.

Attorney Harding represents the other plaintiff.

Fulton County now objecting to "biased" former poll managers and any out of state experts.

Secretary of State believes images are enough.


CDMedia is monitoring the hearing in Henry County, GA between Fulton County election officials and, which is pushing for access to actual ballots used on Nov 3rd as witnesses testified under oath that thousands of ballots were counterfeit, not creased, and had not been mailed.

It looks like Judge Brian J Amero, Henry County Superior Court is going to rule that VoterGA can only scan images of the ballots and not the actual ballots themselves, and therefore VoterGA will not be able to detect the counterfeit ballots.

From our reporter:

VoterGA arguing that if images were machine created and if ballots were used multiple times.

Tabulation is not the point of VoterGA case therefore SoS and FC arguments are not relevant.

Jovan Pulitzer says the microscopic artifacts left by folding or the printing can be seen in his process.

VoterGA attorney made a good analogy. Photocopy of a counterfeit 100 bill to determine if counterfeit is ridiculous.

Judge buying argument that step 1 is to look only at images and only after reviewing those would he rule on getting actual ballots.

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