Sources Say News To Break In GA On Election Fraud

May 14, 2021

Still No Chain Of Custody Documents Provided For 355k Mail-In Ballots In Georgia Put In Drop Boxes

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This story is developing...

Sources who have been instrumental and critical to previous stories on election fraud in GA, have told CDMedia news will soon break confirming massive election fraud in the Peach State last November, and in January during the U.S. Senate runoff.

We believe behind the scenes analysis of election data has been ongoing. There is a hearing on May 21st to report results of the inspection of ballot images in Fulton County in the Favorito case, and to possibly request an examination of the ballots themselves.

Former Overstock CEO and election fraud fighter Patrick Byrne just posted this on his Telegram channel. However, sources tell CDMedia more is coming.

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3 comments on “Sources Say News To Break In GA On Election Fraud”

  1. It would be much better if Patrick Byrne just posted on Telegram instead of requiring people to join an additional login to his own "locals" website...This is annoying and time consuming....too many logins...we just want the news

  2. There is no remedy in the Constitution for a fraudulent election, we are stuck with Biden/Harris till 2024. We can, however, go after the persons who committed the fraud.


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