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    Here's What We Know Happened At Lindell's Cyber Symposium

    August 13, 2021
    Here's What We Know Happened At Lindell's Cyber Symposium
    Image by Harland Quarrington

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    CDMedia reported live from the Lindell Cyber Symposium this week and here is what we think happened.

    First, we have no idea if the packet capture data heralded by Mike Lindell for months as proof China hacked the election was real or not. We don't know because we can report the data was never presented to experts at the conference.

    The Lindell team says this is because the data was corrupted by a 'poison pill' which made the data unusable. Col Phil Waldron of the Lindell team said the data Lindell possessed has been turned over to the Federal government per cyber security law requirements. We have been informed that multiple 'agents of influence' were trying to destroy the 'break out room' sessions assembled with cyber experts. Many were allegedly angry the information they expected to receive was not provided in the end, according to the corporate press.

    Lindell said he was attacked physically the night before the last day of the conference. Waldron declared there were agitators and infiltrators at the conference. Lindell's livestream was hacked multiple times at the conference. It has been reported the source for Lindell's work, Dennis Montgomery, suffered a stroke before the conference started. We have no idea if this is true.

    One thing is obvious - someone wanted to stop the Lindell symposium from getting its message out.

    What we do know is there are narratives playing out on both sides and it is impossible to discern whether at this point the data was real or not.

    However, that may in the end be irrelevant due to what WAS presented at the conference that was very real and the corporate media is trying desperately to prevent being disseminated.

    The conference shifted gears early and presented live evidence reportedly received right before the conference started, from Mesa County, CO showing Dominion Voting Systems during its 'update' of machine software, deleted logs and changed data on the election machines. Forensic images were taken before and after the 'update' and cyber experts at the conference said this showed Dominion changing software, attempting to remove evidence of widespread election fraud during the 2020 election. The data is required by Federal law to be kept for 22 months. Experts at the conference declared Dominion is attempting to delete it nationwide.

    This information was probably the most effective data released during the three days and had a profound effect on the legislators in the audience. Many in attendance declared this would require them to push for nationwide full forensic audits of the 2020 election upon their return.

    As it has been since Nov 3rd, the ball is now in the court of state legislatures to fix 2020.

    In the end, Mike Lindell succeeded in getting reportedly 40 million people to watch 3 days of evidence presented showing election fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

    That is a feat in itself.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Yo MaMa

    Democrats aren’t called DESPICABLES for nothing! Their “By Any Means Necessary” tactics to destroy Capitalism, Christianity and The Nuclear Family via their goon squads and Election Fraud put them on a Par with some of America’s worst Global enemies!

    NOT Misinformation

    Steve Z

    On the first evening of the Cyber Symposium, Lindell presented charts for many states, with the certified election results (which may be fraudulent) presented as the "Big Lie", followed by other results presented as "The Truth", allegedly what the real results would have been before foreign hackers "flipped" votes from Trump to Biden online.

    I wrote down Lindell's numbers for 10 states (NH, AZ, WI, MI, SD, PA, TX, MN, OH, NC), and found an interesting trend. In all 10 states, the total (Biden + Trump) votes did not change between "The Big Lie" and "The Truth", meaning that an equal number of votes was allegedly subtracted from Trump and added to Biden by the hackers. The number of "flipped" votes was a nearly constant percentage of the total (Biden + Trump) votes in all states (4.191% in NH, 4.197% in SD, and between 4.204% and 4.206% in the other 8 states).

    If these "flipped" votes were actually the sum of many "packet captures" of votes "flipped" in each county by foreign hackers, this would require an extraordinary degree of coordination between the hackers, unless they had all been gathered into a room prior to the election and given a general instruction "go flip 4.2% of the votes in every state". Or they could have been given the instruction to flip whatever ratio would be needed to give Biden a victory in PA, WI, and MI (which would flip the 2016 results), although GA and AZ have the closest percentage margins in the "official" certified results. It is not clear why the hackers would attempt the same flip in clearly "red" SD and OH, especially since SD only counts for 3 electoral votes and would have little effect on the overall results.

    Even if the detailed "packet captures" were not presented at the Cyber Symposium, the Maricopa County forensic audit could be used to either corroborate or debunk Lindell's theory. The "official" certified results for Maricopa Country are Biden 1,040,774, Trump 995,665, for a total of 2,036,439 votes between them. If foreign hackers flipped 4.2% of the votes (85,530 votes) from Trump to Biden, the pre-flipped results would be Trump 1,081,195 and Biden 955,764, or Trump winning Maricopa County by over 125,000 votes.

    There could have been fraud in Maricopa County not due to foreign hackers (such as passing ballots through the scanners multiple times, fake mail-in ballots without envelopes or folds, ballots from illegal aliens or people living out-of-state, or rejected ballots due to bleed-through from Sharpies) which would have also favored Biden. If the forensic audit shows that Trump won Maricopa County by 125,000 votes or more, this would tend to corroborate Lindell's theory, but if the audit shows either Biden winning or Trump winning by much less than 125,000 votes, this would cast doubt on Lindell's "foreign hackers flipped 4.2%" theory.


    Steve Z: Actually that was the point – that the information was based on an algorithm? Look at Dr. Frank’s data.

    Michael P. Shipley

    I wonder if the pcaps was just a ruse to get people to see the REAL evidence. The hacking of the election machines.

    Michael P. Shipley

    This is exactly what I was worried bout. Fake pcaps. How did LIndell know for sure that the pcats were real? There are programs to make fake pcaps for testing purposes. Either he's a victim of wishful thinking, or he just used pcaps to get experts to come to see the real evidence of the hard drives being sabotaged.


    If it helped to get people to wake up and take a look at their states voting total then so be it.


    The cyber symposium did demonstrate the cyber fraud. However, the election of 2020 suffered more than just cyber fraud. Although the symposium appeared a bit clumsy at times, one only to pay attention and work through the delving of the data, which was demonstrated. Now, I am not so sure I trust Ron Code Monkey, as he seemed to be more window dressing than informative. At least to me. My question for Lindell is where did he get the complete totals for each state? He may have stated how the numbers were gathered and I missed it, so I apologize ahead of the answer.

    Another question is why are so many SoS' hiding information that belongs to the citizens? Federal records are to be kept for 22 months, why are they being purged and who will be accountable for the deceit?


    There is more evidence that was not presented. We are not going to play the down cards until the enemy is snared.


    I was very disappointed watching this symposium. It was a mess. These are cyber experts and they could not put on a clear and concise presentation. I feel badly for Mike Lindell who is the greatest American hero in the last 150 years. They need to find a audit friendly state, perhaps Texas that will turn over there modems and can be matched up with Lindell's packet captures. I do hope that they secured these captures.

    Bill Smith

    VERY BAD PEOPLE are in control of the levers of Power in the United States of America.
    I see no possible way that they will give up this power or have it taken away from them.
    Strengthen the things that remain in your families. May God help you.


    Yes, that is the bottom line. And they will not give it up. But it can be taken from them. I actually thought the Symposium did very well fending off the barrage of cyber and kinetic attacks I assumed would be coming at them. OAN did well, also, among others. With forensic audits and analyses like those of Dr. Frank and the final powerful lecture by the lawyer - I forget his name - at the very end, and Col. Waldron's short film not to mention the excellent defensive strategies he put in place before the Symposium started, like an anticipated Civil War battleground, packet captures are just icing on the cake and will keep the geeks, pro and con, chattering amongst themselves for months. What disturbs me most now is that there is no transparency about the whole event. In other words, everyone is acting like the Democrats did and are doing in regard to January 6th. For example, if Lindell suffered a felony assault, was it not the right of Gov. Noem and the AG of SD to make inquiries and/or arrests, whether Waldron and Lindell wanted them or not? Exactly how was Lindell assaulted? That would go far in explaining who did it, i.e. professional or activist rabble. It is this type of closing ranks and doors that keep the levers of power in the USA in the hands of these very evil and determined people. With so many ordinary people displaying great courage as legislators or County Clerks or signers of affidavits in regard to voter fraud hearings, why do the organizers, pundits, "big shots" of the Symposium do the same thing as the Dems in TX or on CNN: Hide and tell us nothing?


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