FLASHBACK: The Deep State Washing Of Corrupt Former Ukrainian Central Bank Chief's Reputation To Hide Poroshenko Corruption

By L Todd Wood
April 17, 2022
The Deep State Washing Of Corrupt Former Ukrainian Central Bank Chief's Reputation To Hide Poroshenko Corruption
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Those of us analyzing the Deep State and corrupt media attacks against President Trump over the last three years have become quite adept at spotting a false narrative being portrayed by the Soros machine in the Western press.

One in particular has stood out lately -- the whitewashing of the reputation of corrupt former Ukrainian central bank chief, Valeriya Gontareva.

CD Media recently wrote extensively about her self-serving dealings while running the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Gontareva resigned from her position at the bank two years ago and has fled to London, offered a job by the Soros machine at the London School of Economics, a plum position for one who did their work well for the corrupt Deep State apparatus. Her departure has been followed by a well-oiled propaganda effort to make her look like the victim, not the people of Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund where she helped loot hundreds of millions of dollars according to our sources within the Ukrainian intelligence services.

CD Media will soon be releasing more detailed information on multiple fraud schemes allegedly run by Gontareva while in charge of NBU, obtained via leaks from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor's Office, who as we reported earlier, has issued multiple requests for her to testify in person, which she has refused.

The campaign to canonize Gontevera in the press has been extensive, elaborate, well planned and executed.

Just last week, a fine example of this propaganda effort materialized in the form of an invitation from U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, representative from Ohio's 9th District to Gontareva to deliver a speech in Washington, D.C. The letter dripped with stunning and brave adjectives for Saint Gontareva.

U.S. government funded and Soros apparatchik infested Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has been effusive with praise for Gontareva as has the American mainstream legacy media, replete with crying talking heads over her alleged abuse at the hands of 'evil oligarchs' (we're not vouching for Ukrainian oligarchs whose behavior has been horrific, just pointing out the usefulness of the meme for Gontareva).

When the Soros media, the Democratic Party, the State Department and other government agencies all push the same narrative at the same time, you know it's time to look under the hood for what really is going on.

Gontavera's house in Kyiv was torched recently by a Molotov cocktail and the press has used this incident of proof of her bravery. In reality, our intelligence sources tell us that Gontavera arranged for a friend of her son's to burn the dwelling.

"Our house near Kyiv in the village of Horenychi has just been burned down. They threw a Molotov cocktail through the fence. The house completely burned out," Gontareva told Interfax-Ukraine news agency on September 17. "Firefighters could not even put it out. This is a complete and final outrage! I don't know where to turn, the terror continues!!!"  Gontavera declared to anyone who would listen.

There was also a supposed hit and run involving Gontavera walking on the street in London. This incident is also suspect.

As with the Democrats in the U.S. focusing on Trump impeachment before prosecutors Barr and Durham come out with information and indictments relating to the Deep State coup against POTUS, the campaign for Gontavera seems eerily similar in purpose.

CD Media will release more detailed information on corruption at NBU shortly.


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