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    White House Issues New Guidelines For Life With Chinavirus

    March 16, 2020
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    Social Distancing USA
    Flattening the curve in the USA

    The White House held a press conference on Monday where they announced a new nationwide guidance for slowing the growth of Chinavirus (COVID-19) in America. President Trump lead off the presser by holding up a document outlining specific steps the White House Task Force had developed to "flatten the curve" of infection.

    "Hopefully it is going to be a best case, not a worst-case. That is what we are working for."

    President Donald Trump

    The new guidelines are stricter than earlier recommendations and seemed to mirror the growing magnitude of the Chinavirus's impact on the nations of the world. They are to go into effect for the next 15 days and include the following:

    • Americans should not gather in groups of more than 10 people.
    • Home schooling should be adopted for most students
    • Avoid social visits to family and friends
    • Travel only when absolutely necessary
    • Those who test positive for the virus should self quarantine
    • All people living with an infected person should also self quarantine

    In short there is a strong push at the Federal level to convince people to engage in extreme social distancing because this disease is very contagious. The 15 day period is an preliminary time frame and might well be expanded as test results come in and the spread of COVID-19 is monitored. The weekend internet rumor of a nationwide quarantine was dismissed but highly infected regions of the country or "hot spots" might face mandatory quarantine in the future.

    The Stock Market had been down all day based on the projected slowdown in the economy due to closing and cancelation of businesses. When asked how long the new guidelines might be in effect Trump replied, “people are talking about July, August, something like that.” That timeline caught almost everyone by surprise and the financial markets dropped another 1,000 points during the press conference.

    “My focus is really on getting rid of this problem, this virus problem. Once we do that, everything else is gonna fall into place,”



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