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UPDATE 5/7/20 1338 EST: Vimeo has taken down the video…we have uploaded another Youtube version, no idea how long it will last…

This video has been banned from Youtube. The question is why?


Prior to the completion of the full-length documentary we’ll be releasing a series of vignettes. The first installment features renowned scientist, Judy Mikovits PHD, writes

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pc_PHAGE May 7, 2020 at 4:48 am

CD Media, thanks for doing what amounts to a public service.
The potential for Totalitarianism is becoming greater because the Left owns most of the Softpower and most of the government.
Trump is like the boy with his finger in the dyke.
He is the ONLY one.
There doesn’t seem to be any successor.–in my mind.
Several days ago Nolte[?] of Breitbart wrote a story about Harvard Law School Professor Jack Goldsmith and Univ. of Arizona Law professor Andrew Keane Woods.
They wrote an article in Atlantic[?] about why freedom of speech should be taken away.
Nolte, of Breitbart, wrote a review but I could not find reference to it anywhere on Breitbart=[censored?]
***Perhaps CD Media could look into it in depth?***
This is the kind of Theoretical Basis the Left needs for their Cultural Communism.
There are many current and recent college grads who would be susceptible to these evil arguments.
Just like the anti-war boomers were susceptible to the Frankfurt School.
The Boomers already had hate in their hearts for their WWII fathers and thus white society.
We haven’t heard the last of Goldsmith and Woods.

CDMediaNetwork May 7, 2020 at 12:14 pm

Thank you, we are somewhat overwhelmed, but will take a look. Ty for the kind words also, please spread the word about, bookmark the sites, visit often, sign up for the newsletters. Much appreciated. We exist to fight the corrupt media narrative.


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